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Post any predictions you made in X & Y's pre-release and their outcomes here!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Toastie, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. This is the thread to post any predictions you made in X and Y's pre-release that came true/were hilariously wrong. Posting outcomes for comparison is encouraged.

    Here's my major set of predictions and their outcomes, made back on May 1st. I think the only things that had been revealed at that point were:
    -The 1st Trailer with the starters and Yveltal and Xerneas (types unknown)
    -Sylveon (type unknown)
    -Mega Mewtwo Y (Known back then as its 'Awakened Forme')
    Here are my predictions and their outcomes:

    1. Sylveon's type
    - "I'm going to guess a new type. We're only getting one new eeveelution, and we still don't know its type. The whole point of eeveelutions is that they represent a particular type and it is easily distinguishable from their appearance and name. Also, I'm going to say that its evolution process is tied into that new ''bond' mechanic."

    Correct – new type (Fairy), also correct on it being related to ‘bond’ mechanic (Pokémon-amie).

    2. How many new Pokémon are there?- "I'd say between 100 and 120. Also, a large amount of them will be related to older Pokémon, similar to Gens II and IV."

    Correct on a large number of them being related to older Pokémon. Almost correct on number if Mega Evolutions are included – 97 officially confirmed.

    3. How many old Pokémon will there be?- "I think this region will be heavily reliant on older Pokémon, similar to Sinnoh. Additionally, I think that most of these Pokémon will be from Unova, like with Johto and Gen I Pokémon. Most of the Pokémon we've seen are from Unova, and there is a strong possibility that this region is linked to Unova."

    Correct – Regional Dex has 454 Pokémon, many of them from Unova.

    4. What region is it set in?- "I think it's either based on France or Western Europe, and will be fairly close to Unova (Either following on with Route 24 or Route 101). This is further indicated by the region using Unova's gym symbols."

    Correct that it is based on France and near Unova, although not correct on route numbering.

    5. What will the battle system be like?- "I think the main new mechanic will be the 'bonds' they have been talking about in the trailer and interviews. I'd guess it would involve talking to (or at least interacting) with Pokémon in some way (In Hoenn they talk about a machine that lets you see a Pokémon's dreams [Dream World] and another that lets you talk to Pokémon). I suppose it would work similarly to bonds in Pokémon Conquest."

    Correct on ‘bond’ mechanic involving interaction (Pokémon-amie). Partially correct on comparison with Conquest. Incorrect on it being the main new mechanic.

    6. Xerneas and Yveltal's types- "Assuming there are no new types, I'd suggest Grass/Steel (Nature and Stability/Power) and Dark/Flying (Evil and Anarchism), as I believe they represent Order and Chaos. If there is a new type, then I think that Xerneas will have that type, and that is the reason why we haven't seen the cover legendaries' types yet."

    Correct on Yveltal’s type, correct on Xerneas having the new type.

    7. Can you customise your character?- "I wouldn't be too surprised if there was some basic customisation, even if it was just a pallet swap. It would be easier to do with 3-D models, and the character leaves his glasses behind on the vine swings due to a glitch, which could indicate model swapping. The mirror could be to do with it, but I think that's just part of the beginning of the game."

    Correct on mirror being from beginning of the game, correct on customisation and possibility of model swapping, although it was more extensive than I suggest here.

    8. What's the story?- "Hard to say at this stage, but I'm hoping that we'll have a story more like BW, with some decent characters and a fairly interesting plot. I think genetics will be involved somehow because of Mewtwo's new forme and the DNA helix in the Japanese logos."

    Genetics aren’t involved, although the DNA helix relates to Mega Evolution, which is part of the plot.

    9. Will you be able to walk diagonally?- "I don't think you'll be able to walk diagonally, unfortunately. Game Freak has a lot of experience with a tile-based system and doesn't seem to want to deviate from that. To be honest, I can't see any major problems from diagonal movement, but then I'm not a game designer."

    Incorrect, although I was partially correct that the player is locked to the tile-based system.

    I'm pretty pleased with how my predictions turned out. Some of them are strangely accurate considering how little we knew about the games back then. Anyway, feel free to post your own predictions and their outcomes below, I look forward to seeing them!

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