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DPPt/HGSS Porygon-z's trading post

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by porygon-z, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. here is a list of what i want:(bold means i really want it)


    Lati twins trading with chimera_fiend
    mew trading with twinky


    regigigas (caught my own :p)

    arceus trading with twinky
    deoxys(any form)


    shiny stones
    moon stones
    dawn stones
    leftovers (you gotta love 'em)
    dome fossil

    what i have


    tm thunder
    tm toxic
    tm energy ball
    practicly all tms that you can get again (for the battle tower ones you may need to wait awhile)
    fire stones X40
    thunder stones X 37
    hard stone X 21
    sun stone X37
    everstone X25
    oval stone X2 ( for those chansey lovers :p ) ( not that many anyways ;) )


    all starters from all 4 gens except for charmander currently
    LOTS of bagons w/ DD and hydro pump
    all fossils but the dome fossil
    any Diamond exclusives

    natures that may be requested: Adament,Jolly, & Modest

    just ask, i just might have an extra :p

    will also take shinies
    i will also do a trade for the sake of trading, but please be reasonable
  2. i have a spare mew. pm me
  3. i could give you the Latis.... however, i would like something good in exchange...
  4. chimera_fiend, i can give you TM 26 (earthquake) and a level 100 Cresselia for your lati twins. is that ok with you?
  5. you got a deal. but, just by curiousity, do you have the ITem: Black Sludge? i would like that too if its ok.
  6. yeah i have ONE, but sure why not. i got no use for it anyway :p
  7. hey, i also have a spare celebi
  8. what do you want for it?
  9. perfect. i'll be online after school. 3:00 Eastern Standard Time ok? i'll be waiting with the Lati twins.
  10. sorry i cant go on at that time because my time is 3 hours behind yours ::) HOWEVER, i can go on friday, about 4:00pm your time (1:00pm for me) because i have a half day of school ;D

    yes i know it can be confusing, but i live in Vancouver ok? :-\
  11. i don't know.... maybe i can. but i have the Latis. don"t worry,. so if i'm not there, Sunday you will have your prize.
  12. forgot to meantion, i have a spare arceus, i cloned my original one
  13. sure, thats fine with me

    EDIT chimera_fiend, i dont know what your FC is... :-X

    [quote author=twinky link=topic=3081.msg39577#msg39577 date=1196968398]
    forgot to meantion, i have a spare arceus, i cloned my original one
    ok, what do you want for it?
  14. actually, i could go online today! i'll be waiting for you.
  15. ok, srry i was gone, watching some tv :p im connected now

    EDIT - since your not on rite now, PM me when your ready
  16. Do you have a Totodile on you? I don't have any legendaries but I have Charmanders with Dragon Dance or Rock Slide. If you don't want that you can have my shiny Swalot. PM when you are ready.
  17. sure i have a totodile, ill take ur shiny swellow, if thats ok with you, of course
    (BTW, i think its adament ;D)
  18. I think you mean Swalot, this.


    Not Swellow. Just wanted to point that out. I'm pretty much ready to trade with.
  19. whoops, my mistake, i was playing on my ds, so i wasnt really paying attention :'(
    i can go on at about 11:00, your time
    EDIT actually, can u go on tommarow?
  20. Yes, I can go on tomorrow. I can wait that long.
  21. ok, just wait a couple of minutes, i just need to breed a adament totodile, i accidentally released mine :'(

    EDIT first, i need to find my DS... :( ok, im done... its also a female ;D

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