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PokeTuber Mass Collab (?)

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by BonslyJuice, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Welcome, everyone! This thread is for anyone who is a Youtuber and wants and/or needs to grow their channel through things like collabs. I also ask, as a general rule, that you don't just give out empty subs to people here. We all would rather have 10 subs who watch our videos than 1000 subs, and only 5 or 6 watch a video once in awhile. Thanks!
  2. I also had an idea. If we get enough people, then we can all have one massive pokemon showdown tournament.
  3. Other than Ry, I didn't know who else here had a channel. I'm down for it, if you'd be willing to add me to the collaboration.

    EDIT: If you don't get enough people for a tournament (I'd consider myself "not bad," but not competitive by any stretch), we could still do a PokeMMO run together sometime.
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  4. That sounds like a great idea.

    What’s PokeMMO?
  5. It's a massive multiplayer online game, combining the regions of Kanto, Hoenn, and Unova. Much harder than the original games thanks to the tweaking of the developers, but doable if you have a plan (at least up until you face Wallace and his damn Donald Duck hat). Anyway, I just mentioned it because 8 collaborating people make for a tournament, but only 3 or 4 make for a PokeMMO traveling party.
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  6. That sounds like a definite plan. Is it a download-only game?
  7. I think so, but you'll have to look into it for yourself to see. Er, I don't want to stray too far off topic though, so let me ask you this: what is the primary theme of your channel? I already looked at Ry's so I know his is gaming, and mine is reading Pokemon fanfiction novels. How 'bout you?
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  8. Mine is gaming, but I’d also like to start doing skits.
  9. We could also do a versus series in some form. Randomized, maybe?
  10. I'd love to join in if you guys dont mind, down for any ideas
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  11. I'm kinda out of the loop right now if anyone's made plans yet. Discord apparently doesn't agree with me. Anyway, Obsessionist, do you have a microphone?
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  12. I can get one right away, right now I only record with ma phone, but got paid and get a decent mic soon
  13. I know that feeling. I recorded a lot of my old episodes with just a phone. I don't talk about those often......

    But the Discord channel is pretty helpful. And if people want, we could set up a Google Hangout Group for easier communication if you're having problems with Discord.
  14. im down for whatever guys, count me in
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  15. That's the question, isn't it: whatever WOULD we do? Right now, there is the will to create, and probably some untapped talent. But what's the endgame? I've always admired collaborative videos, such as Ohmwrecker/H20Delirius/Gorrillaphent playing F13, 4PlayerPodcast doing Left4Dead, the Neebs Gaming crew in Ark/GTA5, Markiplier/JackSpeticEye/LordMinion777 doing Prop Hunt, and so on. It looked fun as hell, and those dudes obviously had chemistry. Besides PokeMMO, what could we Pokemon specialists bring to the table that would involve a collab? Who would host, who would set up a schedule for getting online, how would we work out talking without too much interrupting, how could we make it worth watching, etc?

    These are the sorts of questions I think are prudent if we mean to go anywhere beyond just subscribing to one others' channels.
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  16. Well, there's a few options to go towards, the videogames, the card game (booster pack openings have exploded), top 10 lists of sorts, reviews of the shows/movies, tons of other stuffs, we could rotate as to who's channel is the first to host out collab and then go around, The Protato was the one who started the thread so he could be the first, the Ry_burst, then PFN, then lastly me, and if any other poketubers come to the thread, they could be added, I dunno, we have a nice little four horseman type thing here, or, four rapidashes, or, I dunno, someone pick what to do first, VG, TCG, Pokemon show/movies, top tens, or any other idea you guys have.
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  17. I think something that at least Pokemon Fanfiction Novels and I can do is read short, terrible pokemon fanfics exactly how they look (meaning not auto-correcting grammar mistakes in our heads). I’d also be down for a versus series.
  18. Right, now, on the Discord, we've been focusing on helping improve one anothers videos, and combining our efforts, to make our own individual videos better. As for collaborations, things are starting off slow. I know Protato and I are starting a versus, and there are other YouTubers that have been enlisted, and have just been on the Discord chat. This is why, I'm setting up a Google Hangouts chat so you all can be involved with what's going on. I see thus as a group, where we can offer help on one another's videos, and if we need to find a person to collab with, and someone who has the time, we can ask others of the network. So I'm going to need, your emails, @PKMN-Obsessionist and @Pokemon Fanfiction Novels, to get this Google Hangout chat started, as it also helps plan out individual videos.
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  20. So I've got a problem that I can ignore for now, but will eventually come back anyway if Discord continues its trend of replacing Skype. It's an audio problem. I can hear people and they can hear me just fine over Skype. But on Discord, though they can still hear me, I canNOT hear them. The Protato's already tried helping on this, but he's mystified as I am.

    For anyone else using a microphone, do you have any idea why I can hear people on Skype, but not on Discord?
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  21. I also have a channel with the same name as my Pokécharms account. I can give my email as well if you need it. We could maybe do an Ultra Sun/Moon Wormhole Shiny Hunting Race?

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