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Open Pokemon Worldwide Travels

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by PyroGaleZX, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. RP

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon, where our heroes will explore the differing regions of the Pokemon World. Beginning in the Kanto where Professor Oak is ready to give out Pokemon to new beginning trainers.

    Note: To apply for this RP you must include your character sheet and final Pokemon Team
    **Not everyone will be accepted as to keep a well sized cast, as well background checks will be done on people trying to apply**

    Furthermore, by applying to this RP you must be prepared to be a dedicated part of it, if you go idle for to long without notice you will be removed from the story (1 week max limit unless otherwise stated)

    -As always review the Pokecharms Rules, every, single, one...
    -Pokemon Teams must be constructed using the current Gen the RP is on, or ones before it, no Pokemon Past a Generation will be allowed.
    -Play an active role in the RP, get involved and keep in contact
    -Trainer on Trainer violence is not going to be allowed unless for comedic purposes, same goes for Trainer on Pokemon Violence (except for antagonists)
    -No. Mary. Sues!


    Hometown & Region:
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