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Ask to Join Pokemon War

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by iVynm, Sep 25, 2016.

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    So hey guys, I haven't been on Pokecharms in a while and I haven't been writing to much since I was last on. So I was hoping this RP would be successful. If you want to join just ask and post your character's sheet and hop right in.

    Now for the rules:
    1. Language is allowed, but keep it to a minimum if possible, and I understand if that's unachievable
    2. Remember this RP takes place in the future, so there is guns and other futuristic devices for humans, but if you choose the human side remember you don't have access to lots of technology.
    3. So with guns there will be violence and death, but please don't make it too graphic.
    4. This is probably the most important rule; NO ONE-LINE ONLY POSTS! I don't want this RP to be shut down, so please follow this rule.

    And here's the storyline:

    A long time ago, when the world was fairly new, Pokemon prospered. They lived in peace and harmony, with almost zero incidents. That is, until the humans showed up. The humans were fascinated with the Pokemon, they were curious about the Pokemons' strange abilities. And one day they took it over the edge, they enslaved the Pokemon, sending them away to be tasked, or even tortured. But one faithful day, the Pokemon revolted, relentlessly attacking the humans, wiping them off the face of the earth one by one. But the humans would not go down without a fight. They fought back with equal force, plunging the world into global darkness. They fought for decades, until one generation decided this war was over. They arranged a peace conference, forcing surrender on each side. That day caused peace between lands that lasted so long, the war was told as a legend to generations to come. Pokemon and Humans lived together in harmony for centuries. But over the past few years, there have been petty attempts to bring back the war like bombings, threats, and even war councils. But one day, the attempts had been proven victorious. That day some mysterious people wandered into major cities and enclosures for Pokemon, like Haven, Celestia, and even the Pokemon capital of the world Elysium, with nukes strapped around their waists. For some unknown reason, people had blown themselves and millions of Pokemon up, all to start up a war that ended 2,000 years ago. The Pokemon blew into a furious rage that killed over three-fourths of the human population. So the humans all went into hiding, some even formed rebellions and fight back against the Pokemon. With resources limited and Pokemon everywhere, the humans are struggling to survive. So with the world turned into a barren wasteland, Pokemon scour the streets in search of the remaining humans, so they can finish what their ancestors had started. The Pokemon War.
  2. The wind howled. Lonely footsteps rang through the abandoned city. An empty can skidded along the floor. Porthold, or Porthold Bastion as the Pokemon now called it. After the attack, almost nothing was left standing. Only small ruins of what were once towering skyscrapers left standing, providing little cover. But because of Tide's advanced stealth technique, it wasn't a problem. He walked along the side of what used to be Main Road, crouching low, and only stopping when necessary. A scream suddenly ripped through the air, followed by a crazed growl and thundering footsteps. Quickly, he dove into the closest building, a former grocery store by the look of it, and ducked behind some boxes secluded next to the door in fear of a pursuer. Almost immediately after, the shape of a Zoroark hobbled in through a crack in the wall. He growled and drooled all while looking around for prey. There was blood on his claws, most likely the blood from his previous victim; the screaming lady. He walked further inside and started sniffing the air. Just as he seemed to have smelled something peculiar, Tide jumped into the air with his sights aimed at the Zoroark's temple. He shot, and it screamed throughout the building. Just as it was about to land, the Zoroark lunged forward with its claws outstretched, forcing the bullet to bounce harmlessly off the floor. The Zoroark grinned and slashed forward only to be met by Tide, and his wailing blades.
  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    The docks of Porthold had not been fully destroyed. Hordes of water type pokemon gathered here, for Octavian had positioned his base here. There was the ruins of an old castle which he had fully rebuild with the help of Machops, Machokes and Machamps and a few Gurdurrs and Conkeldurrs. Octavian positioned a trap door on the floor which led to the water. Next to this there was a stone seat, almost a throne, which he sat on. There were four Forretresses sitting on each tower of the Castle ruins, looking down upon the destroyed land, full of rubble. They looked for intruders but there were none. Octavian went to the trap door and he fell into the water and swam towards the pier. Several Krabbys and a Kingler stood on the remains of the pier. The Kingler before Octavian was large and angry looking but Octavian was scared at all. "Are you Octavian?" The Kingler asked.
    "Yes I am, you better behave yourself, you should know who I am by now!" Octavian grunted.
    "Yes sir! I am new to this area sir!" The Kingler responded.
    "What is your name?"
    "I am called Kin. I just transferred here from the outpost of Lure Town, or the remains of that pesky human town!"
    "Was the job too easy for you?"
    "No it wasn't."
    "Don't answer back! Now look for-"
    Suddenly, a group of humans with guns appeared and started firing at the Krabbys in front of them.
    "The Humans! Attack!" Shouted Octavian
    "Get 'em!" Exclaimed Kin, as he dashed over to the humans, blocking their fire from his massive claw. "All of you shall stop what you are doing and will die!" He then grabbed each of them in his giant claw and crushed them. As they fell to the ground, Octavian smiled.
    "Excellent work!" Octavian applauded. "Kin you can come with me..." He looked upon the fallen Krabbys on the pier. "But first, clean this mess up!"

    At Ironside, Blade looked down at the wasteful Barren which had been created. 'Once there were human warehouses here,' he thought. He went inside and saw the electric pokemon were busy in the factory. A Houndoom was overseeing the creation of new weapons in the more traditional blacksmith. Blade helped sharpen his hands and then got to work with the blacksmiths, groups of fire type and steel type pokemon which accompanied him. He hadn't forged a weapon in so long. A Sandslash ran into the room. "Sir, there's been a raid! Humans have attacked one of the warehouses storing the weapons and taken all of them!" The Sandslash reported.
    Blade grunted. This was like any normal day of his life.
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  4. The blades clashed again and again, with both sides relentlessly attacking in hopes of winning the battle. The Zoroark roared and dove at Tide, with his sights at his throat. Tide sidestepped while holding his blade to block his adversary's fruitless attempts at his life. Tide watched as the Zoroark disappeared into thin air, only to appear two seconds later with a large scythe made of shadow protruding from his hands and slash forward. Tide lunged backwards, pulling out his sniper and shooting forwards, as the Zoroark missed, and screamed as the bullet plunged into its skull.
  5. Flame was a backup soldier because he was so strong. He knows it two, but why did we have this war, thought Flame. Flame had a trainer but no pokemon knew about it. His trainer was hiding somewhere in the pokemon base. Thats why Flame was glad when they said for him to be backup when all other troops were defeated. He cared about his Trainer. Only one other pokemon knew about this and it was Boom, who was a Noivern.
  6. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Blade and the Sandslash hurried to the weapons storage warehouse. They saw a group of humans leaving in a helicopter. Suddenly, a large Crobat and a large Skarmory appeared and followed the hellicopter. "I want intel on the faction of humans who just raided us. Get Zazzy and Metaldrive on them." Blade commanded. Sandslash nodded. The Skarmory and the Crobat followed the Helicopter. Within minutes, a steel wing attack from the skarmory Metaldrive and a sludge bomb from Zazzy took out the helicopter and it fell to the ground.
    "Excellent." Blade said.
    "Why on earth did they have a helicopter?" Sandslash pointed out.
    "Get an agent on that. Find out what make it is and what branch it's from."
  7. A lone Sceptile was perched on top of a skyscraper, his scarf flailing gently in the wind as he looked down at the ruined and partially destroyed city. For a few seconds the grass type Pokémon would remain like this until he heard the scream of a Zoroark. In response he stood up and lifted his head high, looking around for the source of the noise but spotting nothing and figuring that the Pokémon and whatever it was fighting were probably inside. He was about to relax again until he heard the sound of a helicopter getting close.

    When the helicopter passed overhead Spuddy would be inside the skyscraper, slowly making his way down the steps on high alert since he was an enemy to both sides. The only remaining humans fought and hunted Pokémon and the Pokémon army in this area probably weren't happy with him since he had murdered 40 of their troops. He had went into a rage when he took their lives and while he didn't mean too do it, he felt like they deserved it and didn't regret what he had done.

    As he reached the bottom of the building he would sigh lightly and linger in the entrance, his eyes darting and flickering side to side looking for any form of danger, whether it be a Pokémon or a human. He wasn't a monster however. If a human was injured and friendly he would help them and he would do the same for a Pokémon as he did care for both species and wished that the apocalypse never happened.
  8. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Magnemites, Magnetons and a Magnezone examined the helicopter. "It came from Porthold!" The Magnezone told Blade.
    "Everyone, I will set out to go to Porthold and put an end to the humans and their illegal helicopter making!" Blade shouted. He walked off.
  9. Boom was a good friend, and was also owned by the same trainer as Flame. Flame and Boom worked together when they were young and were happy to be caught by the same trainer. Boom patrolled the air but was able to do what he wanted because he was a backup warrior. They protect their trainer together. They grew strong together.
    "Whats up Flame?" Boom asked Flame
    "Nothing much, You?" Flame asked Boom.
    "Nothing much also, just ready for this war to end." Boom replied.
  10. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Blade entered Porthold. The Captain of the outpost furthest out of the city came towards him. This Pellipper had control of a number of Wingulls. "I am Blade."
    "Ah yes! You may go through, but be warned, there are still humans hiding!"
    "Have you seen a helicopter go through here?"
    "Many, but I never engage with them. I saw 'em fly towards that skyscraper" He pointed towards the huge tower in front of them, which was half destroyed.

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