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Pokemon Trading Card Game (GameBoy Version)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Trop003, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. A faithful adaptation of the card game's rulings and structure while adding a story, battle animations, and plenty of people to duel. All on the magnificent system that almost everyone has played, the GameBoy.

    Personally I still play this game to this date and find something new, or some new way to play every time I play.
    You play as a kid with an awesome bandanna who's just started playing the Pokemon TCG. You hear rumors of the ultimate "legendary cards" that the top duelists hold and you rush over to Dr. Mason's lab to learn how to play and get a deck of your very own. Choose carefully between a Grass, Water, or Fire deck as each have their own strengths and weaknesses and head out to collect eight medals that prove you're worthy to challenge the top duelists for the legendary cards. On your way you meet up with your friend and rival, Ronald, and he tells you that he's going to earn those cards first! You'd better stay on your guard because he won't go easy on anyone! As you play be sure to update your deck as you find new strategies and combos to defeat your foes, as you'll be awarded with booster packs every time you win! You can also link up with a friend to Card Pop or Duel, so there's still that thrill to be the best even after the stories all said and done!

    All together I give it a 19/20
    Story: Nothing new, but not out-dated 4/5
    Gameplay: Easy to learn, hard to master 5/5
    Graphics: Very impressive, especially on the GameBoy Color 5/5
    Music: Very catchy and suits the mood of the game 5/5

    Anyone else played this gem and/or still wish for a sequel that's not exclusive to Japan?
  2. Awwww I love this little game! xD

    I break it out every now and then, yeah. Its great ^^ I had a few pretty nice decks too - one was built around using Dragonair, Golduck and Poliwrath's Hyper Beam/etc to remove everyone's energy cards xD
  3. Yup, I had a Dragonair out against the Moltres guy and even it's INCREDIBLY LONG FLASH FIRE ABILITY ANIMATION couldn't stop it!

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