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Ask to Join Pokemon: The wind sword (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ghostryder30, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Prologue: "The mysterious Pokemon and the voice"
    Ghetsis looked the wrapped up body of what appears to be a mysterious Pokemon in a white blanket then back at the throne and placed the wrapped up body on the throne. "There you go." Said Ghetsis. "It may be a prison for you, but it also fits you well. I imagine you'll make your self home." As the mysterious Pokemon fell to sleep, in it's dream, a voice and a light shine down on it saying: 'Are you awake?' "Who's there?" Said the mysterious Pokemon and it was standing on a linked throne of what appears to be someone. "Who a-are you?" Said the mysterious Pokemon. The voice then echoed his way to talk to the mysterious Pokemon. 'I'm -----.' Echoed the voice. 'You may not know me, but I think we both share something in common.' "Yeah...We do..." Sobbed the mysterious Pokemon. 'Why are you crying?' Echoed the voice again. "My heart used to be pure." Said the mysterious Pokemon. 'Same with me.' The voice echoed. 'But what happened?' "Ever since Team Plasma and Team Flare rose from the ashes, my heart couldn't handle their power." Said the mysterious Pokemon and began to sob again. "N-now I'll never w-wake up again!" 'Then let's link together.' The voice howled. "Huh?" Asked the mysterious Pokemon. Until the strings of light sewed the mysterious Pokemon's pillar back into whole. 'Now our pure hearts are linked together forever.' Echoed the voice. "Will someone come find me?" Asked the mysterious Pokemon. 'Yes. All we need to do..."Send the message for someone to open the door."' The voice and the mysterious Pokemon said in unison. And the light began to shine all around the pillar.

    Chapter 1: "The moonrise meteor shower"

    Day 1
    Time: 8:55 P.M.
    Location: Mele Mele Island

    It was moonrise in Iki town. Ryder slept in his bed with Circuit by his side and then woke up with Circuit looking at his brother Gold who was still unconscious. He and his buddy then looked out the window to see the night sky. One meteor fell. And then another. And a third meteor. That meant one thing for Ryder. "A meteor shower!" Said Ryder. "Come on, Circuit! Let's follow them!" "Pika! ("Okay!")" Said Circuit. Ryder and Circuit wasted no time while trying not to topple his solar surfer and his mom's upgraded car. Ryder then grabbed his three PokeBalls containing Sugarplum, Melody, and Knucker. Circuit then hopped on top of Ryder's shoulder while Ryder grabbed and hopped on his acro bike, went out of the house, and took off at high speed. In the sleeping streets of Hau'oli City, Ryder and Circuit followed the meteor shower through dark alleyways and open areas. They then got off of the bike, used a bike lock on a nearby bike rack to keep his bike safe, and went on foot. "We can't just stand there all day!" Said Ryder. "We have to go there now!" Ryder ran fast as he could to see the meteor shower, and Circuit followed close to Ryder at his side. Until they were stopped by an alolan Rattata. "We got plenty of time to fight." Said Ryder. The alolan Rattata then began to use Bite on Circuit. "Circuit, know what to do!" Said Ryder. "Pikachu! ("Gottcha!") Said Circuit and used Iron Tail on the alolan Rattata with one direct hit. The alolan Rattata then fainted. But the fight wasn't over yet. A Salandit, a Yungoos, and a Garbodor came out of nowhere blocking Ryder and Circuit's way and threatned them to leave. "Oh, you want a piece of me!?" Challenged Ryder. "Circuit, go get 'em!" "Pika! ("Okay!")" Said Circuit and began battling the three Pokemon until they were beaten. Circuit and Ryder won their short battle and began pressing onward to the harbor. "That showed these guys who's the boss." Said Ryder. "Right, Circuit?" "Pikaa! ("Yup!")" Said Circuit happily. As they reached the harbor, they finally get to see a view of the meteor shower. "Wow!/Piiikaaa! ("Wow!")" Ryder and Circuit said in unison. They watched the meteor shower fall from the sky until they fell asleep. 12 minutes later, Ryder and Circuit woke up again and watched the night sky again just to wonder what else is out there. Ryder soon began to yawn began to lie down again, until four Pokemon trainers came out of nowhere. "Whoa!" Exclaimed Ryder. And he turned around to see only two of his friends . "Give me a break, you guys!" Said Ryder towards JC and Shadow. He then looked at the other two Pokemon trainers. "Who are you two?" Said Ryder. @Cáscara Olas @LunarSilvally
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  2. JC and Shadow just chuckled as did Blue and Sparkx the Eevee siblings. "Apologies Ryder, but we were here the whole time" she answered before looking to the male behind her with a shiny Glaceon. "Oh right, this is Soren our brother and also Shadow's twin and the shiny Glaceon is Icyln his partner....we just recently discovered that we had another sibling just a few days ago and searched to find him and Icyln who is actually Blue and Sparkx sister"she explained. "He doesn't talk very much so only communicates through hand signs...he is not deaf....just doesn't speak....a lot like most people...so bare with him" Shadow said. "Soren, this is Ryder one of our very good friends and Circuit the Pikachu his best friend and ally" she looked to him as Soren fixed his glasses as the only thing different with his hair is the white colored single hair piece that was pointed up above his head. He waved a hello to Ryder as Icyln approached Circuit who was on Ryder's shoulder. "Glace!("Greetings Circuit, I'm Icyln Blue and Sparkx youngest sister") Icyln said giving a gentle smile to the electric type mouse. @Ghostryder30
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  3. Circuit and Ryder fixed their eyes on Soren and Icyln. "Alola." Said Ryder towards Soren. "It's a pleasure to meet you." "Pikachu! ("Hello, Icyln. Nice to meet you.")" Said Circuit happily towards Icyln. SER-M then came out of Ryder's backpack and greeted the other Pokemon trainers. Ryder then looked at the other Pokemon trainer who was also new. "What about you?" Asked Ryder towards the fourth Pokemon trainer. @Cáscara Olas
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  4. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    Dien looked up at Ryder. "I'm Dien." He said quickly without any emotion. He wasn't suspicious of the newcomer but he thought him simple minded. He hadn't seen the horrors of the street or he might just ignore them. "Anyway, why are we here again?" Dien asked to the group but instead of getting an answer a meteorite fell from the sky and landed in the ocean maybe 6 or 7 miles out. It was beautiful. Dien watched as the rock led a trail of glistening light behind it down into the ocean. "Wow" he whispered under his breath with a hint of emotion. Rare for Dien.
    Anillo started introductions with Ryder's Circuit. His rings glowed against the night sky and his black fur almost became invisible against the background. "Um" (Hello) "Breon" (what's your name?). it had already met with the other Pokémon beforehand. @Ghostryder30
  5. Circuit then looked at Anillo and greeted him. "Pikachu! ("Alola! I'm Circuit! What's your name?")" Said Circuit giving a calm happy welcome to Anillo. SER-M then looked Ryder wondering why was he at the harbor. "Master, why are you at the harbor?" Asked SER-M. "And why are looking at the stars at night?" Ryder had plenty of time to answer them. "I'll give you the answers." Said Ryder. "First, I followed the meteor shower so I could get a better view. And second, I've been wondering what do the stars mean. And as far as I can remember about the stars, it is only said..." "That every star is said to be another world." Said a voice. It was Hau, Bonnie, Skyla, and Guzma. "Hau..." Said Ryder. "Yup." Said Hau. "Every single star represents a person, a Pokémon, or a world. Even if they come to a sudden age, they expoled when they die. Or at least...that's what tutu told me." "That's what Hala told you?" Asked Ryder giving Hau a puzzled look. "I don't get it." "In other words, they're just like us, Ryder." Chuckled Hau. "And what does that mean to you?" Said Guzma giving Hau a suspicious look. "You'll find out soon enough, Guzma." Said Skyla. "Fine..." Said Guzma giving out deep sigh. "Hey Ryder, will you please take good care of my big brother for me, please?" Asked Bonnie as she kneeled and opened her hands. "Bonnie, quit using me as a babysitter for hire!" Chckled Ryder while Circuit began to play with the other Pokémon.
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  6. The Wolfa siblings JC and Shadow saw the familiar faces Guzma, Hau, and Skylar they had known for a long time except for Soren who had just recently saw them. Iclyn was the same way as she cocked her head in confusion not to mention a bit shy around new people. Iclyn soon got distracted by the meteorite 7 miles far out. Due to her curiousity with shiny things she leaped off to the harbor to try and get a closer look. Blue was first to notice Icyln run off on her own as she saw her shiny Glaceon sister leap off on her own. "Umbre!("Wait! Icyln! Where are you going!?") The shiny female Umbreon called out as she leaped off to follow her. "Jolt!("Wait up Blue and Icyln!') Sparkx said following in pursuit after her sisters.

    JC was the first to notice her partner Blue leap off after her shiny sibling as did Shadow with Sparkx and Soren with Icyln. Soren used hand signs to follow them quick. "Wait, girls where are you heading to!?" She called out as she ran off after them as Shadow and Soren followed them in pursuit. The Eevee sisters arrived at the end of the harbor as Icyln saw it fall into the water but she couldn't move any further due to the water stopping her. @Ghostryder30 @Cáscara Olas
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  7. Circuit then followed the Eevee siblings and took a look at the water. He thought that she was onto something, but the water has already stopped them. Circuit soon saw the water's reflection of the stary night as the moon shine down upon the harbor. "Pikachuu...! ("This is beautiful...!")" Said Circuit in awe. Ryder then looked at everyone. "How about we do a little Pokemon ace battle?" Said Ryder to his friends. "We'll have to train our Pokemon for more Pokemon battles, right?" "A bold suggestion, master." Agreed SER-M. "I'll be the referee! Alright, all of you will train your Pokemon together with love, compassion, and determination. On my whistle, three, two *BRRRRREEEEEEEP*" SER-M's loud beeping startled Circuit, and the three Pokemon inside their PokeBalls on Ryder's belt. "Sorry." Said SER-M. "That's alright." Said Ryder. "We do need an upgrade for your whistle battery box though."
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  8. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    "Eon" (Anillo is my name, I am an Umbreon) Anillo replied to Circuit. The other Pokémon began to play around. Anillo wasn’t big on playing but he enjoyed watching the other Pokémon this was until Icyln ran toward the ocean. “Umbr” Anillo called to his trainer.

    Dien looked toward Anillo and noticed the Glaceon and the other eeveelutions run off toward the ocean. “Nenu, you’re up” Dien called as he sent out the lily pad Pokémon. “Make sure they don’t try going for a swim in that freezing cold water.” He said and Nenu was off to follow the Pokémon down pier.

    Dien looked to Soren. He didn’t talk but he knew Soren would understand his question. Why is Icyln running off toward the water?
  9. Icyln saw she couldn't investigate further so turned to her sisters and Circuit. "Glaceon....("Sorry....the shiny... rock....caught my attention....so quickly.....let's head back....but yes it is beautiful.....") Iclyn said before nudging the Pikachu to get going. The Eevee sisters headed back to the others as their trainers were were waiting for them at the dock. "Girls.... don't run off like that....without us around...are you trying to worry us...to death..." JC said to them. "Umbre..."("My apologies....JC...it's just...Iclyn ran off so I had to follow her as I was...worried....I might lose...her again...") Blue said lowering her ears a bit. "Jolteon....("Yes...what Blue said....sorry....") Sparkx said ears lowering a bit. "Glaceon....("Sorry Soren.....and JC....and Shadow...") Iclyn said looking up at him but was picked up by Soren as he gently petted her head as an ok. "It's alright girls....I understand..." She answered. The Wolfa and Eevee siblings headed back to the others.

    Soren had seemed to hear Dien's question as he looked to his brother Shadow using hand signs to be able to for him to translate his answer about Icyln. "Dien, Iclyn ran off like that was because of that shiny meteorite....she is....a bit attracted to them..." Shadow translated to him. "Training? Well that doesn't sound like a bad idea...maybe me and my Pokemon can teach you guys better and I am pretty sure Soren could use the training...as he told me himself" she said looking to him as he rubbed his neck from behind being a bit embarrassed but had made hand signs to say it was true. Iclyn, who was sitting next to Anillo Dien's Umbreon. "Glaceon....("I could use it....been have difficulty... training...with the other ice type girls and Frost...I don't know...I could use Blue's help...since she is the most well trained compared to Sparkx....but...I don't want to bother her too much....") Iclyn sighed before looking up at Soren seeing him look down at her and gently petted her head to say it was alright. @Ghostryder30 @Cáscara Olas
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  10. "Sugarplum then popped out of her PokeBall and began to play with Blue, Sparkx, and Icyln in a goofy way before she was dragged by SER-M. "Syyllllveeeeeoooon... ("Why do you always ruin my funtime...")" Grumbled Sugarplum. "We got no time for that!" Said SER-M. "It's time for some training, we have to train hard so we can participate in Lusamine's trial of mastery tomorrow!" "Don't worry." Said Ryder. "I found a few robot parts to build an enforced training bot from the junk yard." Behind Ryder was an enforced training bot, and it looked like the same SECUR-T bots that patrolled the Aether foundation. "Your training starts now..." Said the training bot. "Combat shield...activate." A shield cloak covered the training bot preparing Circuit, Sugarplum, Melody, and Knucker to train their attacks. @LunarSilvally @Cáscara Olas
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  11. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    Dien followed Ryder to the training bot. He had never seen something as hi-tech as this. It was mysterious scary even but also beautiful even with its rusted parts and not so clean exterior. Dien sent out his Pokémon not to train but to see this new device.
    "Ess" (What is it?) Anilo cried. (Espeon)
    "Bre" (It's a technology I think.) Nenu replied. (Lombre)
    "Zzzzz" (It's kinda scary.) Abeja stated. (Cutiefly)
    "Me tang" (Don't worry, I won't let it hurt you." Tante Said protectively. (Metang)
    "Don't worry guys, it's just a training bot and it can't hurt you." Dien said to his Pokémon almost feeling their unease.
    "Zzzzzz" (Training! Yay.) Abeja buzzed before running off to join Ryder's Pokémon in the training.

    Dien lifted his hand to the sheath around his waist. Slowly he brought the blade of the sword hidden within to the tip of his nose. Then without warning he launched forward slicing with the sword and attacking the training bot with all of his power. The swift blade could cut through solid steel when used right but this training bot was taking the hits without a scratch in return. Dien slid his sword back into it's sheath. Panting he wondered what this training bot was made out of. If he could get his hands on it he could create a second sword to use in battle.
    "what is this training bot made from?" Dien asked Ryder. @Ghostryder30
  12. Ryder then looked at Dien who asked him a question. "Well, as far as I know, it was made from a company the Aether foundation adored." Said Ryder. "It had three letters, a B, an N, and an L. Those were the letters I know." Ryder then readied his blaster called 'The Vulcan', and began using his ion attacks on the robot. Fortunately, the robot wasn't hurt by the ion attacks. "Now you must learn when to cooperate with your Pokemon during battle." Said Ryder. "There are three trials Lusamine wants us to do: Skill, Insight, and Spirit. These trials will help us become Pokemon masters of Alola. Now let's continue training." Ryder continued firing on the robot, while Circuit helped Ryder attack the robot using only his Iron Tail move. @Cáscara Olas @LunarSilvally
  13. JC took some interest in the katana Dien was wielding as she walked up to him. "Losing breath so quickly, well I was like that at first but I learned to control my breathing by being in sync with the blade then eventually you will be able to fight with out losing breath for a long period of time. Try controlling your breathing first, and then attack then you will see what I mean" she advised Dien. She looked to Blue. "Maybe it is a good idea to train huh Blue?" She asked the shiny Umbreon. "Umbreon!("Yes, it would be best but we have a full team and training them all...well...") Blue said as she looked at her partner. "Don't worry Blue, the rest of the girls will have that time to train, let's just focus on your training for now" she said. Blue nodded to her partner before facing one of the bots. "Alright Blue, Shadow Ball let's go!" She commanded. "Umbre!("Right!") She said as she leaped forward before leaping in the air using Shadow Ball in the air before using her tail to hit the Shadow Ball to give an extra boost of her attack as it aimed for the both itself.

    Icyln looked up at Soren. "Glaceon....("Soren.... shouldn't we train more....I mean...we could use it....") She said as Soren looked at her nodding to her as he patted her head. Iclyn nodded before moving to stand in front of him. He made his hand sign to Icyln for her to move. "-Icyln....Ice Beam!-") he said to her in his thoughts. "Glaceon!"("Right!") She said as the shiny Glaceon leaped up in the air before opening her mouth until a freezing beam shot out of her mouth towards the bot before landing on the ground. @Ghostryder30 @Cáscara Olas
  14. Ryder and CIrcuit then used a spell serum and activated it on their chest. The first spell serum Ryder and Circuit used was called 'Wayfinder'. "Circuit, let's show them how it's done!" Said Ryder. "Pika! ("Right!")" Said Circuit. And Ryder and Circuit both attacked the robot with their active spell serum. @LunarSilvally @Cáscara Olas

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