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Open Pokemon SummerCamp - RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by RyanElhander, Jul 31, 2016.


What Should Be The First Camp Contest

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  1. "Heya Trainer, Welcome to Camp Kalos! This camp was founded and built with help of the Kalos Association, And With the support of mainly Kalos' Gym leaders, and even The Champion Herself!. .
    • And The Best Part Is. .You don't Have to be from Kalos In Order to Join.
    • Trainers From ALL Over The World Can Join Anytime they Want.
    • So uh, It's time to go over a few things, before you begin your Adventure.
    • The Kalos Camp is split into teams, For each Type Of Pokemon. .
    For Example

    -Team Fire-
    -Team Water-
    -Team Grass-
    -Team Electric-
    -Team Dark-
    -Team Ghost-
    -Team Fairy-
    -Team Steel-
    -Team Bug-
    -Team Fighting-
    -Team Poison-
    -Team Flying-
    -Team Gound/Rock-
    -Team Fighting-
    -Team Psychic-
    -Team Normal-
    -Team Dragon - [For Skilled Trainers Only]-
    -Team Legendary- [For Expert Trainers, Who Already Have Said Legendary.] -
    • Now this summer camp last's for 45 Days in total. .If you can stay on the leader-boards for the entire summer, You'll become the Pokemon Summer-Camp Champion Leader.
    • So To join you'll need to fill out the Enrollment Sheet.
    • And If You're Over 20 Yrs or Older, It is possible for you to become a Camp-Gym Teacher. . I'll explain more about this after the Enrollment Sheet.

    [Trainer Name]:
    [Reason For Being Here]:
    [What YOU Like To Do On A Daily Basis]:
    [Trainer Card]:

    • That's The Trainer Enrollment.
    • \/ That Right there is the Teacher Enrollment.

    [Teacher Name]:
    [PokeParty/Up To 6 PKMN]
    [Reason For Being Here/Optional]
    [What YOU Like To Do On A Daily Basis]:

    • So Uh, Yeah. .
    • Once You join, Ask the desk-clerk about Bunks. He'll Get you one.

    • So That's It.
    • Good Luck And Have Fun Out-There!

    ~Your Truely.
    Prof Oak.

  2. [Trainer Name]: Ryan Elhander
    [Age/17-20]: 22
    [Gender]: Male
    [Appearance/Optional]: [Clearly Shows It In My Profile Pic And Card, Lmao]
    [Reason For Being Here]: "To help Trainers Improve their bond between their Pokemon. ."
    [What YOU Like To Do On A Daily Basis]: "Gardening Is one, Reading is another. .Well I can't Remember everything."
    [Trainer Card]:


    "The Battles Not Over T'll It's Over. ."
    #2 RyanElhander, Jul 31, 2016
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  3. "Still Waiting. ." He said Impatiently, A Mysterious Man in a Black coat ran over to him. Just Begging For A Job. .Now Ryan knew he couldn't let This guy in. .He couldn't beat a Magikarp in a Poke-battle. .Sad. . "Look sir, I'm not trying to be mean. .But we don't need anymore staff. .I'm sorry." The Black coat Then decided, 'There's not use' So he slowly shifted himself up and out the door. ". . ." After seeing how upset he was, The mother-Goose mode randomly started knocking at the door. "Well. .I guess we could get cha' to do something." The black coat, stopped. And slowly turned around. Giving Ryan that 'tHANK YOU SO MUCH' Smile. . "But first off, What is your name?. ."

    "James. .James E. Conners."

    ((OOC Banner))

    "The Battles Not Over T'll It's Over. ."

  4. [Trainer Name]: Lonnie Sanere
    [Age/17-20]: 19
    [Gender]: Female
    [Appearance/Optional]: Quite tall, long red hair, quite similar to that in trainer card.
    [Reason For Being Here]: "Nothing better to be doing and a desire to get better"
    [What YOU Like To Do On A Daily Basis]: "Hanging with friends, reading alone and long walks on the beach"
    [Trainer Card]:[​IMG]
    #4 alwain, Jul 31, 2016
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  5. [Teacher Name]: Hiruko Xaviere
    [Gender]: Male
    [Pokemon team (since my trainer card wont upload) Raichu (starter, was a Pikachu), Gardevoir, Charizard, Aggron, Arbok, Lapras]
    [Appearance/Optional] (my profile pic)
    [Reason For Being Here/Optional] "I just want to teach kids, how a proffesional pokemon trainer should be like."
    [What YOU Like To Do On A Daily Basis]: "reading, studying. And I like to battle a lot too."
  6. Hiruko walked over to Ryan Elhander. "Um, ia this the Kalos Pokemon Camp? I come from Kanto and I searched for a job here? To be a teacher. I got a mail back that said I was accepted and that I started today." He smiled. "I am Hiruko Xaviere, by the way. Nice to meet you."
  7. Lonnie headed over to the desk clerk, "umm, hello i am here for the thing?" she looked around with a slight nervousness to her "Am i early?"
  8. "Oh uh, You're accepted. ." He said. "Well Uh. .If ya wanna be the teacher then go on ahead. Just meet up with the 2nd Manager. .He's outside, next to the camp Entrance."
  9. [trainer name Grayson]
    [appearance it's on my Pokemon card]
    [reason to be hear to bond with my Pokemon]
    [things I do daily play vidoe games and run

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