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Open Pokemon Stranded

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by WyvernMyth, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. The story-
    Trainers are stranded on a large seemingly never ending island, with no memory of the past or how they got there. They will try to survive long enough to find a way off the island, meanwhile making friends with or catching Pokemon. The goal is to get off the Island, but there will be challenges. Romance is encouraged. Drama is allowed Ex- Betrayal, Cheating, Distrust.

    The link-
  2. Here's a character form!

    Name: Robin Deux
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Robin has blue hair and green eyes. He carries a sword across her back, and is of medium build. Robin has a scar across his nose, as well as one on his left cheek. He usually carries a backpack, but has misplaced it after the incident.
    History: Robin doesn't want to talk about his early past. He traveled around, exploring regions and selling TMs and HMs on the side. There was a recent tragedy in his life.
    Pokemon: Cherry the Plusle, Q the Gallade, and Big Turk the Blastoise.

    So, on a scale from Gilligan's Island to Lost, how crazy is this gonna get? I'm excited!
  3. So, I was wondering if you happen to have room for one more? This really looks interesting and having just recently returned, I hope to get back in the grove of things. Anyways, here's my Bio if you want me.

    Name: Kit Winters
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Kit has Blond hair with blue in his left eye and brown in his right eye due to having heterochromatic eyes (A rare trait in which a person has different eye colors). He wears a blue necklace that was left for him by his missing mother along with blue jeans, a green shirt with a cyan cape that was gifted to him by his father.
    History: Kit is for the most part hesitant in discussing his life back at home since it brings back too many painful memories with his missing mother and his father slowly growing more depressed to the point that he was not able to function without having someone look after him. Kit had his older sister take care of him during his travels as he went off to search for his missing mother along with his partner, Mystic whom was a Natu during that time.
    Pokemon: Frostbite (Snorunt), Mystic (Xatu)
  4. Accepted @jjmyers0199

    Im not sure how crazy it'll get. It depends on the characters. It's a mystery story so who knows what'll happen. @Cardboard Shinobi

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