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Ask to Join Pokemon: Start Of A War (Sign Ups + Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by PokeStop31, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. Ever since a fight occurred.... all of the Pokémon went into a War in the region known as Multpl and soon.... nearly everything became a deserted and dangerous battleground in the burnt forests.... can the Pokémon find a solution to ending or will it continue till the end of time?? find out once we got some Pokémon as characters!

    Before you get started... here's a nice base to help you all get started off before I reveal mine and reveal the rules....

    The Name of your Pokémon:

    The Species of your Pokémon:

    The Gender of the Pokémon:

    Is he/she/it a shiny or a normal plain coloured Pokémon:

    What is their Personality?:

    What is their Backstory?:

    Any Trivia?:

    Now its time for my character.... to be revealed....

    The Name of your Pokémon: Dusk

    The Species of your Pokémon: Dusclops (Currently

    The Gender of the Pokémon: Dusk is a male

    Is he/she/it a shiny or a normal plain coloured Pokémon: Dusk isn't really that different from plain Pokémon so he is more of a plain colored one.

    What is their Personality?: He can be quite serious but he doesn't let anything ruin his survival.... at least most things, Dusk is also usually sometimes quiet.

    What is their Backstory?: Dusk has a quite hard time remembering but he did remember waking up on some soft grass on a cloudy day once the war began.

    Any Trivia?: Dusk has a small scratch on the back of his head that was there ever since he was a Duskull from a injury.

    Now... Rules time!

    No legendries or mythicals since they are too OP in the hands of you. (And apart of the Pokémon RP Rules on Poke Charms)

    No Fanmade Pokémon!!!

    No loving someone else's Character (Unless they are okay with it, your's and theirs are in the same breeding group in actual groups in actual Pokémon)

    We don't allow Mary Sues/Gary Stus like most RPs here...

    No troll characters since this is a serious RP

    Pokémon only... no Humans/Trainers.

    and most importantly... HAVE FUN!!!

    (I will make the roleplay itself once we got enough people)

  2. I cant join this but Dusk is so cool dude
  3. The Name of your Pokémon: Eve

    The Species of your Pokémon: Eevee

    The Gender of the Pokémon: Female

    Is he/she/it a shiny or a normal plain coloured Pokémon: Normal appearance of a Female Partner Eevee.

    What is their Personality?: Bold and a bit hot-headed, and very passionate. She has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. (More in RP.)

    What is their Backstory?: She refuses to tell anyone when asked.

    Any Trivia?: She is unable to evolve for reasons unknown. She is also the only known member of her species that can use elemental moves (AKA the Partner Eevee moves).
  4. Name: Ezra

    Species: Absol

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A normal Absol.

    Personality: He is rather sociable, which is odd, and a nice Absol.

    Backstory: He has twin sisters who were captured at some point, has been looking for them for their safety since.

    Trivia: He has a orange streak of fur right next to his horn.

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