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Open Pokèmon: Shadow Of Alola RolePlay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by KeyStoneGamer, Aug 20, 2018.

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  1. In the Alolan city of Hau'oli, two trainers were battling in the long corridors of the alleyways. "Poison jab, now!" Hazel commanded his loyal Toxicroak. The opposing trainer's Raichu tried to dodge it but no luck - the trainer's Raichu was down!
    "How much power can one Pokèmon have!?" said the beaten stranger.
    Hazel scoffed.
    "Pathetic. Your Pokèmon have no power at all. Now scram." The Raichu trainer ran without a trace.
    "Come on, Toxicroak, there's no need to be here."
    "Croak!" Hazel's Pokèmon cried. And they headed out of the alleyway.

    Hazel sighed. "We traveled around all over the Alola Region to get stronger but I feel that it's pointless, you know?"
    "Toxic..." Toxicroak agreed with Hazel.
    "We've been alone together for so long, what's the point in all of this?"
    "Croak?" Toxicroak questioned him.
    "I guess we should be heading home now." - and with that, they headed towards the ferry terminal, waiting for the next boat to Akala island.
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