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Pokemon: Shadow Crisis

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Hoenn Master, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Okay, this story is a thing where the pokemon talk and there are no humans. I call it Rescue-Style, but call it whatever you want to. Enough of my rambling, lets get this story started!

    Chapter One: Beginning of the End

    There exists a world other than ours. It is known as The Void. Where all shadows come together to feed the Lord of the Void. Six gold protrusions forming a rib cage looking-thing ran down its long, caterpillar-like body. A golden headpiece surrounded its dragon-like head. Two bat looking wings came out from its back, making it look all that more fearsome. Its six stubby, gold hoofed legs stood on nothing as it slept.

    However, as the pokemon of the land above would learn, today was not like any other. For the first time since the beginning of time, its red eyes snapped open. It let out a ghastly roar and then, it happened. A surge of energy shot outward towards the surface of its realm.

    A lone Breloom walked to his farm on the shore of the continent called Suecra. He sprayed his Spore attacks over the field, fertilizing it. He sighed and sat on a chair overlooking the sea. Today, he would relax on this perfect day.

    RRRUMMMMMBBBLLLLE!! He heard a groaning of rock from underneath him. Suddenly, the ground opened up from the shore inward and fell. "Aaahh! Run! The shore is sinking!" the Breloom said, not sounding a little more than Chicken Little. He ran, the sinking earth not far behind him. He tripped and fell into... nothing?

    As he fell, he saw not the ocean rushing up to greet him, but a black and purple hole that seemed to never end. The ocean didn't rush in to fill the gap, but stood sill and calm. The waves beat against a non-existent cliff. Then, he fell into it.

    A small Shroomish child watched the event unfold. After the crumbling stopped, large, menacing thunderclouds rolled in. Crimson lightning lanced downward towards the ground. Once, it struck the shore, resulting in an odd bending of the very fabric of time and space. It ran in, crying, "Mommy!"

    Down in the Void, the creature watched the destruction of Suecra. But it frowned when the destruction stopped. But, the frown turned to a smile as it realized the source of this saving. "Arceus, you foolish Pokemon," it said in a deep ominous voice. "We both know that you are weak, and I will soon rule." It's gaze shifted straight up. "And without your precious creations, Suecra will fall." It let out a loud, evil laugh that was more of a roar.

    Up above, the edges of Suecra were crumbling, and only Arceus's might kept the continent together. In a surge of desperation, the Alpha Pokemon sent its power forth to contact someone to help. Never would he realize that his only hope was a medium-rank Rescue Team led by a Croagunk.

    EC (End Comment): Alright, I would like comments and advise. Enjoy otherwise!
    P.S. Can you guess who's the Lord of the Void? ;)

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  2. Da' action is coming! Da' action is coming!

    Chapter Two: Giratina Shows his Face

    "Poison Jab!" shouted a Croagunk. His black and orange fingers glowed a sickly pink, and he thrust his hand into a Kadabra's Stomach. The Kadabra felt sick and cold. The Kadabra staggered back two steps backward before collapsing. The referee, Croagunk's partner Sudo, knew his final call.

    "Kadabra is unable to-" He stopped short as he saw the Kadabra shimmer and fade, dissapearing. Uh,oh. A teleport. thought Croagunk. The Kadabra reappeared behind Croagunk and launched a Psybeam. The pink and white attack struck the Poison-Fight Type Pokemon square in the back, sending him rocketing into the arena wall. Now the referee knew his final call. "Croak is unable to battle," he said (with more than a little trace of resent), "Team PSI is the victor."

    An Abra and Mime Jr. let out a cheer as they ran down to meet their leader. On the other side of the stage, the other Rescue Team gathered to comfort Croak. His partners were a Beldum and a Sudowoodo. Beldum hovered next to his leader. "We're sorry about what happened in there," Beldum said in his almost mechanical voice. "It's happened to them too, I'm sure." Beldum turned to Sudo. "Not really." he added quietly.

    Croak sighed. "Well, we're still going to enter the Rescue Cup, right?" he asked. The Rescue Cup was a competition where Rescue Teams gather to battle and see who is the best. It is held in honor of when the brave team Go-Getters ((that's it right?)) saved Suecra. This year, Croak's team was entering the Middle Rank round. Sudo and Beld nodded. "Good. We should rest and come back tomorrow for the games. It is tomorrow."

    Trumpets played as the Rescue Cup started. The teams entered the arena. Pokemon great and tall and strong and... uh, not-so-strong. They all gathered to become known as this years champions. However, this day would be one that all present would never forget.

    Down below, the creature watched the events of the Cup. It could sense great power emanating from one of them. Knowing what that meant, the Renegade Pokemon charged upward towards the surface.

    After the King of Suecra spoke it was time for the beginning fireworks. Charizard, Typhlosion and other Fire-Type pokemon fired Flamethrowers and Wing Attacks and Lava Plumes and many other moves to form dazzling fireworks. Then other Pokemon fire Hyper Beams, Charge Beams, and other moves like those to finish it.

    But then, the Earth creaked and groaned and creaked unnaturally. It split open. Not just split open, it exploded in a shower of black and purple energy. Pokemon scattered every which way as a massive, dragon-caterpillar Pokemon emerged. The king, an Alakazam, gasped at the sight. He was speechless. But one word came out from his mouth with effort: "Giratina...."

    EC: Too late! Gotta eat breakfast before my mom goes berserk. ;D
  3. Kay, it's been a while, but I'm back!

    Chapter Three: Quest for Uxie

    Giratina's cold, dead, red eyes darted around the screaming audience. When he spotted the Alakazam, he hovered near him. "Ah, we meet again, old friend," he said. "You do remember me, correct?"

    Alakazam grimaced and replied, "Unfortunately."

    "Oh, come now. Hasn't that little predicament passed by now?" After seeing Alakazam's face, he sighed. "I guess not. Oh, well. Water under the bridge right? I have come for The Guardian!" Everybody had faces with a mix of horror, fright, and what-the-heckness. Giratina yet again let out a sigh, but he was done being nice. He bared his fangs as he shouted, "Give me the King!!!"

    Everyone in the arena gasped. Not only did this odd creature know the king, but it was going to abduct him if someone didn't act. The king's two guards stepped up, a Gallade and Tyrannitar. "You are not going anywhere with the king, you fiend!" said the Gallade. The Tyrannitar nodded. Giratina let out a massive roar and launched a Shadow Claw at the tower. Alakazam and the other two leaped out of the tower just as it crumbled. Then they acted.

    The Gallade's blade-like arms glowed a shade of black as he launched a Night Slash. Giratina writhed in pain and fired a Dark Pulse at him, sending Gallade rocketing into the arena wall. Tyrannitar Fired a Hyper Beam in Giratina 's direction, but it didn't faze him. "Oh, yeah. Ghost-Type. Heh heh. Let me try this AGAIN!!" he shouted as a sharp stone jutted out from the ground, stabbing Giratina's underside with a Stone Edge. Now he was mad. He vanished in a wisp of purple smoke.

    Alakazam could sense something was very wrong. "Yeah, we got him out!" shouted Gallade, now awake. Suddenly, Alakazam felt strangely cold. "GET DOWN!! NOW!!" he barked. He dove for the ground with many people, excluding an unlucky Lopunny. Suddenly, the wisp returned and shot through the arena, striking all standing. The Lopunny was taken into a non-existent claw as Giratina reformed from the wisp.

    "Hand over the king, or the Queen will perish in the same way as those who now dwell in my lair," Giratina growled. Lopunny tried to shout, but her mouth was kept silent by the grip. Alakazam couldn't let this happen to his Queen. Powered by the feelings he felt, the spoons he held glowed pink and white as he made a cutting gesture with them, firing and "X" of energy known as Psycho Cutter. Giratina vanished under ground into the yawning pit, avoiding the attack. The Scythes struck the stands, sending an avalanche of rubble onto the non-existent barrier, burying the portal.

    Later, the Rescue Cup was canceled. Alakazam had kept Croak's Team back. Now, with all gone, he spoke to them. "You are the Guardian," he said quietly. Croak's whole team gasped. Sudo was going to speak before Alakazam cut him off. "Arceus called to you for help to defeat Giratina and save Suecra."

    "But.. but why?" asked Beld. "Why us, I mean. We're nothing special, just a Silver-Rank Rescue Team."

    "I don't know." Alakazam replied. "But, in any case, you can find that out by asking the most intelligent being in the Universe, Uxie. She will know why you were asked to take on this duty."

    Croak was very confused. "Well, where do we find Uxie?"

    "To the east there is a Library." the Psi pokemon replied. "Not just any library, a library of every moment, nay, every second that has ever happened. Go. To the Library of Wisdom!" He handed Croak a map of Suecra. Croak nodded with his partners and said the one thing he says the best: "It's Go Time!"

    EC: Oh, yeah! I'm Luvin' dis story, mahn!
  4. He threatened to kill her, not use Shadow Force on her. But, anyways, Yays! A reply!

    I'd give you a cookie, but they went bad...

    AL has Answered
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  5. In my opinion, this is a rather good team story. I haven't read most of the other stories here, but this one is currently the best. It's only the 2nd one I've read, though, so yea...

    I sent you a team, but I don't think it's that good right now....
  6. Okay! Back an' ready to write.

    Chapter Four: A Rival's Arrival

    Up in the stands, a transparent figure watched the king talk to Croak's team. When they jumped in surprise, she attempted to get closer. Soon, they were all out the door. She tried to hear where they were going, but they had left. This is interesting, she thought. I'll have to keep an eye on this.

    That same ghoul watched as Croak's team fanned out to search for items. As soon as none were watching, she turned visible. She was purple and pink along the edge of a dress-like thing. On her head seemed to be a which's hat, also purple. "Come on! Team Dreadly, form up!" she said. Two pokemon walked up to her. One looked like a tree covered in snow. It's hand and feet were an evergreen color. The other was almost dragon-like, with sharp claws and a dragon-like head. At the end of its tail was a flame. The leader, a Mismagius, smiled as she said darkly, "I've a mission for you, boys."

    Beld was suppose to get some berries for their journey. He was sure he looked positively ridiculous as a Beldum with a Grocery Sack around its waist. But, what would he hold it with otherwise? He hovered into Market Square, where Berries, and veggies, and much more were sold. As he hovered in, he never saw the Abomasnow watching him. This heat was nothing to the people of Market Square, but Abomasnow love the cold mountains. Abominator watched Beld collect his items.

    Leo, the Charmeleon, was watching Sudo get Orbs that would be required. "Croak said we'd be going through various terrain," the Imitation Pokemon said to himself. "So I'd better bring a Rainy Orb, and some others." Leo watched and mentally recorded all that Sudo said.

    Croak was being followed by the now-transparent Mismagius, or Magus. Croagunk stopped and looked around, then he continued walking. Then he did it again, only seeming to be more nervous. Then, he knew it. He lashed out behind him with a Sucker Punch, striking Magus and sending her rocketing into a cart. "Why are you following me?!" he asked.

    Magus got up painfully. She rubbed her sore head and replied, "The real question is 'How did you know I was following you?'" She was now floating. "Oh, wait. Anticipation Ability." There was no elegance in her floating, but anger in her eyes.

    Croak saw this and shouted, "Team Go Time, assemble!" Beld and Sudo heard him and rushed over. They dropped their items onto the ground. "What's wrong? And... why is there a Mismagius in a Berry cart?" asked Sudo, confused. By now, Leo and Abominator had joined with Magus.

    "Well, my pretty stupids, i guess there's only one way to solve this," she said, already charging up a Magical Leaf.

    EC: My dad got doughnuts. Must... stop... typing.
  7. Chapter Five: To Thunder Plains we Go!

    Chaos had been unleashed. Team Go Time and Team Dreadly had started battling when a Magical Leaf struck Sudo head on. Now it was leader to leader, powerhouse to powerhouse, and brain to brain. In other words: Croak against Magus, Abominator against Sudo, and Beld versus Leo. Croak hardly ducked in time to miss a Psybeam. Croak opened his mouth and fired an orb of mud at Magus, sending her through the air, but a Shadow Ball made her take only a glancing blow. Another Psybeam from Magus sent Croak hurtling into Leo. "Hey, watch it ya' witch!" he shouted, tossing Croak back.

    Leo was having troubles with this Beldum. with its hard, steel body and a solid blow from a Take Down attack, Leo would be the one sent into his partners. Leo hardly dodged one more Take Down from Beld. But this time when Beld hit the ground, a boulder the size of his head hit him right in his chest. Beld would have smiled if he had a mouth.

    Meanwhile, the two powerhouses, Sudo and Abominator, were sending powerful attack after powerful attack at each other. Abominator glowed emerald green as small bits of leaves and roots gathered to his call. Then, he sent his Wood Hammer attack rocketing at Sudo, shattering pavement in its tracks. Sudo dodged and sent himself forward at Abominator with force equivalent to a pile driver. The Double-edge attack hit its mark, felling Abominator.

    With her two partners down and only Croak out, Magus felt pretty bad right about now. Her partners woke up as she said, "Curse you Team Go Time. Team Dreadly, retreat." As she and her team walked away, she shouted, "We'll be back!"

    After sorting out some... okay... a lot of stuff with the authorities, Croak's team set off to the east. Soon they reached their first point in the road to the Library: Thunder Plains. Strange pillars stood all over the plains, obviously ruins. But that was not what caught their attention. It was the giant mountain that stood high above the clouds on the far side of the Plains. the clouds around the summit were pitch black, and the storm obviously terrible. Lightning lanced downward at the mountain, blackening the mountain.

    "Woah," said Croak, obviously frightened at the sight of the mountain. "The map says that this mountain range keeps east Suecra cut off from the rest. The only way to get by it, is to climb it by taking the only cavern through it." Croak gulped before continuing. "Through it and over the top." Although he dreaded thunderstorms, Beld was more than happy to oblige.

    "Okay, let's go!" said the Iron Ball Pokemon, already going forward. He stopped as he realized Croak wasn't following. "C'mon Croak! Wait, you don't look too good. Are you okay?" Croak looked more scared than Beld had ever seen him, even when facing down some Mightyena back in their Bronze-Rank days.

    "I'm frightened by storms," he responded, his voice quavering. This is gonna be a tough journey....

    EC: I love comments and criticism!
    BTW: Try out my other story, Vinnsou Quest!

    Help wanted!
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  8. The last contest wasn't entered, so I win!!

    Chapter Six: The Secret of Spark Foothills

    Team Go-Time wandered through the foothills. Luckily, some odd lighting rod shaped ruins deflected most of the bolts. Even though they still frightened Croak, he still pushed on. However, one thing he didn't expect to happen today was what was going to happen. "Hup hup! C'mon now! It's not that heavy!" said a voice from just over this hill. Team Go-Time rushed over the hill to see an archaeological dig site. Onix, Sandshrew, Hippopotas and more scurried about pushing and carrying pieces of the ruins into small tents. Only two massive lightning rods stood in this valley, one on the left and one on the right. Tents were set up around those.

    A lone Sandslash walked up to Croak. "This is no place to rest!" he said. "Come into one of our tents." They all rushed to the right of the valley, entering the largest tent there. Inside were a Graveler and a Hippowdon. They were all taking tools and tampering with an odd stone. The Sandslash went over to them and whispered. They nodded and the Sandslash turned back. "Okay, they will let you know what we're doing. You've noticed the odd Lightning rods, correct?"

    Beld and the others nodded. "How could we miss those monster ruins?" asked Beld.

    The Ground-types all were shocked. "How'd you know these were ruins?!?" asked the Hippowdon, baring its large teeth.

    "I'm a Beldum. We can sense thing's magnetic fields, and these produce one," explained Beld. "These must have collected so much lightning that they produce a magnetic field of their own." They all stared, amazed at him. Beld would have shrugged, if he could, and said, "Hey, I'm just smart like that."

    So, a decision was reached that Go-Time would help these guys. So, they were all taken to an almost dome-shaped rock. One opening was there, leading into a dark chamber with odd writing. The letters looked as if they were Pokemon. Beld looked as if he'd seen a ghost. He had seen one, but a different kind. A ghost to haunt him from his past. As the rest came in, he had already been reading the writing. What he repeated was incredible. "Disturb not these ruins, or the past will consume all."

    "Beld...," said Croak. He looked at his partner as if he had just grown a second head. "Did you just read that?" The archaeologists looked at the writing as it lit up. The Graveler gasped. "These letters... they're Unown lettering! How do you read that, Beld?!"

    But before the Beldum could answer, the ground shifted from under their feet. Everyone ran out of the chamber as the entire piece of ruins fell inside of a huge fissure. Then they all realized something very disturbing about the fissure. It was a mouth. The hole came up and over the other side of the crack in the earth, making a mouth. Two red eyes snapped open above the mouth. Then, it rose. And rose, and rose, and rose until it was 50 feet tall. It now formed a giant hill as multiple racks from the chamber now formed teeth. It then let out a thunderous roar that, oddly, sounded partially mechanical.

    It stared at an Onix before charging forward and swallowing the unfortunate Rock Snake Pokemon whole. They all stared into its face, hard to do without laying on their back. It let out another roar as it charged forward.

    To be continued...

    EC: Woah. That is awesome.

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