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Ask to Join Pokemon School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sinshi, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Leenina was sitting on the monorail unknowingly with her future classmates looking out the window execitedly watching a flock of Swablu flying around

    "Wow this is beautiful" said one student

    "I can't wait to see the school" said another

    You could barely hear anything over the sound of the students talking over each other. The monorail headed under a dark tunnel where everything was pitch black, but the monorail quickly exited the tunnel Barack into the light

    Leenina sat criss-cross on her seat still amazed by the view but she was interrupted by something even better then the view. Everyone on the train went silent when a ginormous and beautiful building came into view, everyone went to the right side of the monorail there hands braced against the windows. It was the Pokèmon school, you could hear the whispering of the students talking about it.

    "It looks like it has a hundred floors" Leenina whispered to the girl next to her. The girl just nodded and went back to looking at the school. The train entered another tunnel and the students went back into there seats.
  2. Aaron sat in the monorail, heading to his first Pokemon school! "Wonder who will be my friends..." he thought as he got closer to the school. He also wonders if anyone will like him. He just moved here from Unova and he's not sure what to expect. He doesn't know if they speak another language, he's not sure what they eat. While thinking about the school, he saw a pack of birds. He's never seen the Pokemon so they must be new to him. Everyone else on the monorail seemed like they were going to the Pokemon school.
    He looked back at his window, only to see a Wingull at his window. The Wingull saw Aaron, and flew away. "Can't wait to get started at school!" he mumbled to himself.
  3. Zen looks up from the pamphlet he was reading as he notices that everyone had moved to the side of the monorail he was seated on, and were looking outside through the windows. He takes a quick glance through his own window, noticing the big building, and chuckling. So that's what this is about... He thinks to himself as he gets back to reading his pamphlet about the Pokemon School.

    This was Zen's first year here since moving from Hoenn, and he couldn't wait to learn all about the new Pokemon he could learn about here at [insert region name].

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