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Pokemon rp Journey Through all Regions Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by GackGack27, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. GackGack27

    GackGack27 Previously JC499

    This rp is a journey through all 7 current Pokemon regions in the style of the game, except for the leagues which will be in the style of the anime.
  2. GackGack27

    GackGack27 Previously JC499

    First let me start by saying NO Fakemon. We will start in the Kanto region, everyone will select a starter, it can be from any current generation, however only one of each starter will be given out. In each region you can only catch the Pokemon available in that generation (excluding Alolan forms) or one previous to that. Some examples are: You cannot catch a Mareep in Kanto, but you can in any other region. You can catch a Dratini in any generation since that is in the first generation. The only exception to this would be a special event which I will do. A Pokemon can only learn any TMs from the game of which generation you are in. For example Meowth can learn BubbleBeam in Kanto but not in any other region since it can only learn that TM in Red/Blue, but if you don't replace the TM, this can stay with the Pokemon for all the generations. For example you can have a Persian in Sinnoh with BubbleBeam learned in Kanto. No legendaries unless I approve, no megas until the gen. 6 region. I don't mind swearing or mild romance/violence, nothing too extreme though. I think that covers all the rules, I will update if I think of any others.

    Character Bios:
    Starter's name (optional):

    Name: Jack
    Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, always wears a green shirt and tan shorts
    Starter: Meowth (I am only allowing myself to have an untraditional starter because I am the creator)

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