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Ask to Join Pokemon Performance RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Shikowara, Nov 4, 2019.

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  1. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    I loved watching XY and seeing Serena dance, bake, and have fun with her Pokemon, so I decided to make a roleplay! Just so you guys know, this is my second roleplay that I have made. Anywho, Lets get started!

    Of course this RP will take place in Kalos. We will start in Lumiose city, fyi.


    1. Normal Pokemon RP Rules
    2. You may have up to 2 characters
    3. No cursing/swearing, please!
    4. You can't be younger then 10, but can't be older then 18.
    5. No legendary or or mythical Pokemon.
    6. If you want a shiny, only one per performer.
    (Might add some more later...)

    Character Bio:
    Physical appearance:
    Performance Appearance/Outfit:

    Pokemon Bio (Up to 6):

    Here is my character:

    Name: Nika Winter
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very motivated, funny, and secretive. If she is sad or gets hurt, she will not tell you.
    Physical Appearance: Shoulder length red hair with a braid crown, eyes that are purple that fade into blue, fair skin, stands at 4’6” feet, and has freckles.
    Outfit: A dark blue bobble hat with a white bobble on the top, a magenta flannel scarf, dark blue sweater, white leggings, and black winter boots.
    Performance Appearance/Outfit: She will have the same hair style.

    Other: She loves singing, baking, and climbing trees. Her mom use to be Kalos queen.

    Pokemon Bio:
    Nickname: Leo
    Species: Shinx
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Curious, clumsy, and a trouble maker.

    Nickname: Luke
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Protective, serious, and a little rude.

    Nickname: Kiki
    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Cute, playful, and cowardly.

    If you guys have any questions, just asked!

    Attached Files:

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  2. everything honestly seems interesting to me nowadays so here I goooooooooo
    and I honestly don’t feel like using Luna for this, I use him toooo much lol.

    Name: Sashley Soxter
    Age: 13
    Personality: Sturdy and hard to breakdown.
    Physical Appearance:
    Long twin ponytails that curve in the middle. Her hair is dark brown and has light green eyes.
    Outfit: Normally Wears overall skirts with white short-sleeved skirts.
    Performance Outfit: Her hair will be down with pale blue flowers in her hair.
    Performance dress (just a really long pale yellow dress)
    Admin edit: Remember that we have rules concerning the use of art in the RP forums. Images removed.

    Other: A female if that wasn’t obvious enough. She has a big brother name Luna Soxter.

    Nickname: Melody
    Species: Meganium
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Loves creating things and is sweet.

    Nickname: Kingi
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Fiesty and quick-thinking.

    Nickname: Vall
    Species: Volcarona
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Fiery, caring soul.

    Nickname: Gold
    Species: Golurk
    Gender: Genderless
    Personality: A gentle one even if he’s huge.
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  3. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

  4. I love performance RPs. Here is my character. I might add one or two more pokemon to her. She has done a bit of travelling before in other regions so she might have a few other pokemon that are not with her at all times.

    Name: Luna Stone
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Luna is a very kind person, who does not let anything stand in her way of helping others. Though that is not the case when she is in the mindset of a contest, she can be a bit over competitive with others. Her pokemon have been with her for a long time, so she has come to see them as her friends.
    Physical appearance: Luna has long white hair that is slightly wavey and comes to about her lower back. The color seems to complement her bright blue eyes, and pale skin. Being a vivid runner and swimmer has given Luna a lithe build that goes well with a striking features. She stands around 5'7, which makes her build that much more prominent.
    Outfit: Luna tends to wear a black sweater, that is bit oversized and almost covers her hands fully. She pairs this with a pair of black skinny jeans that are ripped in different places. On her feet is a pair of galaxy print converse with dark purple shoe strings. Around her neck she wears two necklaces. One is a ribbon choker that has a moon and sun symbol attached to it. The other is a heart shaped locket in rose gold. On the inside is a picture of herself and her grandma.
    Performance Appearance/Outfit: For performances, Luna tends to wear a couple of different outfits. One is this sleek and elegant black dress that stops just short of the knee, and looks like it would be good for dancing. She pairs this with a pair of black flats. The dress has some tull that flairs out the skirt from the waist of a dark purple belt. (I will get to the other outfits a bit later. Probably in the rp.)
    Other: Luna is a painter, and tends to keep some canvases and paint with her at all times. She also loves to draw and play a couple of instruments as well. The main one being her violin.

    Nickname: Umbre
    Species: Umbreon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is very kind and loves to protect others. He tends to be the leader of Luna's pokemon seeing as he and Frost were the first ones to come onto Luna's team.

    Nickname: Frost
    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: sweet, but has a bit of fight to her. She will be the one who is always looking to push the other into doing thier best.

    Nickname: Sass
    Species: Mightyena
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is very much the one who is looking for a button to push. She can be a bit reckless when given the chance and will consistently try to run ahead if let out of her pokeball.

    Nickname: Noelle
    Species: Alolan Ninetails
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is very elegant and tends to the one most likely to stay out of the fighting with Sass who is more inclined to push others buttons. On a side note, Noelle is the one who enjoys being in contests the most and loves the attention she gets from them.

    Nickname: Blaze
    Species: Ninetails
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Blaze is the one who loves to fight and quite enjoys being in contest battles where the moves have to look pretty and be effective. He is always getting into a fight with Sass and loves to egg the dark type on.
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  5. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    @EmoKitty21 accepted! Very interesting character, love it~
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  6. oh god another Luna.

    this is gonna be pretty interesting.

    I feel like adding her brother now cough.
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  7. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Ikr? And you may do what ever. (All my ocs have older brothers...)
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  8. lol yes, well here’s Luna couldn’t resist lol (btw I did change Sashley’s age)

    Name: Luna Soxter
    Age: 14
    Personality: a childish person who likes to mess around.
    Physical appearance: Blue eyes, light blue blue pigtailed hair, when his is let down it’s at shoulder level, skinny.
    Outfit: Wears a red hoodie or teal wind jacket with shorts.
    Performance Outfit:
    Other: He’s a male since it could be confusing because of his gender.

    Nickname: Toty
    Species: Feraligatr
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Often amazes the audience with her water moves.

    Nickname: Moon
    Species: Garchomp
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She loves to show off her dragon moves that always look fascinating.

    Nickname: Cryzee
    Species: Cryogonal
    Gender: Genderless
    Personality: Loves creating things with his sculptures.

    Nickname: Confu(sion)
    Species: Sableye
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Loves to prank people.
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  9. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    @soxterluna accepted once you put the personality. Also thats fine if you changed her age. I've never seen a boy with the name Luna before. Cool!
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  10. ah yes forgot bout that.
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  11. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    You think the characters in our profile pictures could be siblings?
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  12. I honestly don’t know lol
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  13. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Can I reserve a spot here? I’ll make a bio soon enough.

    I have some questions though:
    1. Regarding performances, the performers are generally female, hence “Kalos Queen.” Is it possible for my character to be male, or would you prefer them to be female?
    2. What’s your rule on move sets? Do we have a 4-move limit, or as many moves as we want as long as they’re reasonable?
    3. What are your rules on Fakemon?
    4. Is this a journey-based roleplay? And is there a system to which we know who would win each showcase in each city?
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  14. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    @Crimson Sun Yes you may reserve a spot.
    Answers to your questions:
    I would like it if the performers were girls. But you can have a male character, they just can't perform.
    I don't really have a limit on moves, just don't make them over powered.
    No Fakemon please.
    And finally, I guess that would be a good idea, I just don't know how I would make/do it...
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  15. @Kasumi Daiyamondo, Instead of the performers having to be female, why not just change the rules a bit. I tend to have a few male performers that I would love to bring into the RP. Maybe that could be a challenge they face to do what they love.

    You could also have it to were the male performers could perform to compete for Kalos King. They could be like the Kalos Queen title, but more masculine. It would also provide a bit of power dynamic, because after a couple of contest, we could have the men and women compete for the title of Royalty supreme. Which would be a lot of fun and a bit different then all of the characters being female.
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  16. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    I like that!
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  17. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Alrighty then, people can have any gender they want now.
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  18. Hey there! A really cool concept here. I'd love to join with my girl Ruth!

    Name: Ruth Diane Kennedi
    Age: Sixteen.
    Gender: Female.
    Personality: Bubbly, excitable and social: three words to describe the mess of the girl which is Ruth. She's friendly and welcoming, however, makes sure she's not just a doormat: able to stand up for herself and others whenever she wants. The Kennedi daughter is childish and playful, preferring to be a bit more immature than mature- as sometimes she's not fully sure what to say when acting professional. Confidence is one of her main traits: sometimes her downfall, as when she's feeling confident, she can sometimes be seen as a bit too cocky. Overall, she has good intentions, but due to being highly opinionated, can seem otherwise.
    Physical appearance: Ruth is at average height, standing at about 5'3 - perhaps just a bit shorter. Her skin is pale, but covered in a few bruises or cuts in odd places. Her eyes are dark blue, contrasting with her light complexion. She has long, dark brown hair which she usually keeps down.
    Outfit: Usually, Ruth likes to wear pastel coloured, baggy jumpers - mostly light pinks or blues. She will wear black leggings and some random trainers too.
    Performance Appearance/Outfit: Her performance outfit is completely dependent on where she is and what Pokemon is beside her.
    Other: Some fun facts!
    = Ruth grew up on a farm with her uncle, and is proud of it! She looked after her two nephews.
    = She really enjoys dancing and getting attention, hence why she's wanting to try to compete in contests.
    = Whilst being a Pokemon performer would be amazing, she's more doing it for fun! Truly, she wants to work in the breeding aspect or grooming. She's having a break from those two things, wanting to try something new.


    Nickname: Athena
    Species: Monferno.
    Gender: Female.
    Personality: Athena is rather similar to Ruth. The Monferno is keen to impressing her trainer as best she can, enjoying to show off her power wherever she can. She's more of a battler instead of one enjoying to performing. She's a determined Pokemon and is one whose loyal. However, she can often act out against Ruth's wishes, as like her, she's quite opinionated.
    Background: Athena was Ruth's first partner, hatching from an egg that had been abandoned on her uncle's farm. As soon as it hatched, she thought they had a special connection, hence taking her on as her partner.

    Nickname: Theodore
    Species: Glameow
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Theodore is a Pokemon who prefers to keep to himself, away from other trainers, aside from Ruth, and away from other Pokemon. He's a very loyal Pokemon who sticks by his trainer's side no matter what, and trusts in her completely. He loves to be groomed, and enjoys performances as it makes Ruth proud. He can fight when he has to, but prefers to just keep calm. When in company of other Pokemon, if they get too close, he'll mostly hiss, or even strike a paw out at them if too close and he's not keen of them.
    Backstory: Ruth and Athena, as a Chimchar, had been relaxing one day and having a small picnic. That was until the Glameow had came out and swiped some of the food, due to being hungry - recently having been in a fight. Ruth was able to let it join her team by offering it some food that it didn't have to steal.

    Nickname: Lucas, "Luca".
    Species: Buneary
    Gender: Male.
    Personality: Luca is one of her newest team members. He's the shyest member, having a big curiosity yet not having the guts to initiate interactions. He is most familiar with Athena, sticking near her. Ruth wants to get him into contests, but eventually when he's ready for it.
    Backstory: N/A.

    Nickname: Roxanne.
    Species: Furfrou
    Gender: Female.
    Personality: Roxanne is one of her uncle's wife's, Lucienne's, Pokemon that she gave Ruth. Roxanne is a sassy Pokemon who absolutely adores contests. She often guides Ruth and helps her, majorly supporting her. She grooms Roxanne a lot, as there's a lot of different styles - Roxanne enjoying to show this off. She's a mother figure to everyone in the team, however, can put someone into their place [ mostly Athena or Theodore. ]

    Nickname: Lorenzo
    Species: Gogoat
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Lorenzo was a Pokemon that she bonded with whilst on the farm, having been one of her father's Pokemon. He's a bit like Roxanne, often resolving and stopping fights. He's sometimes seen as one of the most strict on the team. Whilst he's good at stopping fights, he often participates in fights with Athena, often after trying to resolve a fight including her. He's her main way of transport.
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  19. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

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  20. cool! does anyone want to roleplay then once the official rp thread is up?
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  21. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Pardon? Isn't she your character?
  22. yeah! i mean like, would anyone wanna rp. sorry!! my wording for certain things aren't really the best, lolol
  23. Are you asking if anyone wants to make another RP with your character Ruth and one of somebody else's?
  24. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Its fine. I haven't made the RP yet, so I'm making it now, I'll tell you once I have posted it.
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  25. changed my post so i think,, it makes a bit more sense. aaa sorry ;;
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  26. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Again, its fine. And yeah, I'm online so why not! I own the RP anywho..
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  27. Can I reserve a spot? My typical performing OC is over the age limit (21), so I can't use her. Unless you'll let me put her in as a side character...?
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  28. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    @EeviumZ why not just lower her age?
  29. She's got MegaEvo perms and her backstory wouldn't accommodate for that. (I probably wouldn't use her for performances anyway, she actually was the existing Kalos Queen.)
    I'll probably just write up someone new.
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  30. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Okie then, I'll save you a spot...(I don't have a limit to rpers rn..)
  31. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name: Crimson Asters

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Crimson is Botha. trainer and performer, but for this roleplay, he’s a performance. Crimson always thinks before taking initiative. He gets scared easily and very insecure of himself, especially being one of the few male performers partaking in Pokemon Showcases. His mood is lifted when he gets praised though. (will be edited to add more)

    Physical Appearance: Literally my profile picture (it was a commission hehe), but if you want a description: Crimson has brunette hair paired with hazel pupils partially covered by prescription glasses. He has an average fit and has a peachy skin tone.

    Outfit: Literally my profile picture (it was a commission hehe), but if you want a description: Crimson is almost rarely seen without some sort of hoodie on. His go-to hoodie though, is the PokeBall designed hoodie where the top half of the jacket is red and the lower half is white, while the sleeve cuffs are black. The lower half of his body has a pair of black khaki pants and his shoes are basic red sneakers. Some accessories are a needed prescription glasses and a brown satchel usually strapped over his shoulders.

    Performance Appearance/Outfit:
    1. Crimson Plaid: This outfit invokes more of a casual feel to it. This outfit contains a black hoodie that is enclosed by a plaid button up, that isn't buttoned, in multiple shades of red. Atop the head is a fedora with the same exact plaid. The bottom half consists of black skinny ripped jeans with some dark brown boots that reaches the top of the ankle. The accessory that come's with the attire is black non-prescription glasses.
    2. Blood Moon: This outfit is more of a casual-fancy attire. The outfit consists of a long-sleeved crimson button up with white collars and studs, paired with black cuff links, that's accommodated with a sleek black tie. His lower half contains a midnight black slacks with a yellow belt loop and feet is wearing black leather boots. Accessories only include a silver crescent moon adorned necklace.
    3. Phoenix Rising: This outfit is more towards the fancy, more regal look. The attire consists of a solid white button up, paired with a white blazer. Clipped onto the color and his shoulders is an ombre cape, that goes from crimson red to honey yellow, from shoulder to lower thighs. The cape reaches at a max to his lower thighs. Draped with the cape are yellow golden chains that loops themselves in front of the chest. There are black shoulder pads that consists of red feathers on them. The cape is lined with a white line, that has intricate lace designs on each corner. For the bottom, it has midnight slacks accommodated with blazing red boots that entrap the sleeve of the slacks within. there's a sharp yellow streak cutting right in the middle of each shoe. Accessories include a metal cartilage earring on the left ear and a golden ring on his right ring finger.

    Luxray (M) - Crimson’s practical parter. Although not his first Pokemon, Luxray is as loyal as they can be, acting as Crimson’s own Ride Pokemon whenever he wanted or needed

    Volcarona (M) - Crimson’s actual first Pokemon. Crimson raised him ever since he was a Larvesta and in a Pokemon egg. His grandparents from overseas are the ones who gave him this egg they had found.

    Froslass (F) - The happy-go lucky Pokemon of the group. Despite her ghostly appearance, she’s the mood maker of the group, quickly revitalizing everyone when needed to do so.

    Sharpedo (M) - The most serious of Crimson’s Pokemon. He’s more of a battler than a performer. Yet, he still pulls off and listens to Crimson when needed to. Generally paired with Froslass to pull off combination as he is literally a fish out of water.

    Cradily (F) - The attention hog of the group, and a practical diva. She loves the attention she receives, hence quite the performer. Think of her as the most graceful of the group despite the slowest.

    Togekiss (F) - The baby of the group. Togekiss is adored by everyone on the team. Child-like but a cute performer
  32. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    @Crimson Sun accepted!
    Also, I added a few more dresses for Nika. I am also gonna make another character.
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  33. oh my I am late to the roleplay a little sorry bout that, had some school cough.
    and I see there are some new people, this should be fun : )
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  34. are you still accepting? I guess it never hurts to make a Bio anyways...
    Character Bio:
    Name: Dolan Larch
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Personality: Very friendly, overconfident, clumsy, loud, forgetful, occasionally awkward, and loves to talk about "the beautiful majestic sea!".
    Physical appearance: 5'10 1/2 ft., 165 pounds, slightly muscular, slightly tan, yellow eyes, electri blue messy hair combed to the right.
    Outfit: black short sleeve wet suit(with a picture of 3 shiny magikarp on it), blue swimtrunks (with a starmie on the side) on top of his wet suit, and wet shoes, brown fingerless leather gloves, waterproof grey watch, and grey goggles with pink lenses(like slowking's jewel, usually worn around neck)
    Performance Appearance/Outfit: Silver and blue striped long sleeved wet suit with red jewels decorating the outfit, black half cape around his waist, a bronze chain wrapped around his waiste as a belt(with an anchor on each side), jeweled wet shoes that match his outfit, same grey goggles with pink lenses(usually worn on forehead), black fingerless leather gloves, and gold rings with pink jewels on each finger(except thumbs)
    Other: He lives in Coumarine City with his dad who is a fisherman/marine biologist. They live on a boat house and have lived there for years. They were originally from Cinnabar island, Kanto ,but they eventually moved after his father wanted to move back to his home town in Kalos. He also has a twin brother named Doran. Doran is more interested in computer programs, and has only ever caught a Rotom. He Idolizes Bill. (These are minor characters and will most likely won't be mentioned much.)

    Pokemon Bio (Up to 6):

    Nickname: Sol
    Species: Slowking(shiny)
    Gender: male
    Personality: Sol is a calm and likes to do things at his pace.

    Nickname: Polti
    Species: Politoed
    Gender: male
    Personality: Polti is very hyper and energetic and loves to jump around.

    Nickname: Ludio
    Species: Ludicolo
    Gender: male
    Personality: Ludio is very loud and likes to dance.

    Nickname: Fazel
    Species: Floatzel
    Gender: male
    Personality: Fazel is very confident and likes to be in the spotlight.

    Nickname: Barabara
    Species: Barbaracle
    Gender: male
    Personality: Barabara is very polite and likes to act tough and cool.

    Nickname: Goldi
    Species: Golisopod
    Gender: male
    Personality: Goldi is a clumsy pokemon that likes to show off.

    I may update the pokemon personality or something else later...
    [Edit1]: I decided to change his hair color to electric blue
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  35. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

  36. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Ive been busy with college, I'm getting a post up today. Sorry about that
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  37. Take your time! Final exams are just around the corner...
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  38. Agh, I've got so many final tests to study for... Science 9 is a monster

    I'll write up my bio when I find time... it's been chaotic lately.
  39. @Kasumi Daiyamondo, Here is my second character. I am still working on a few things for him, but I wanted to get this down so that I have it. I have also changed the age of Luna. I wanted her to be older, but I did not want her to be the only one who was in their late teens.

    Name: Sable
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Sable is very straight forward. He tends to be someone who is honest and tells the truth, though sometimes he will spin it around and tell it in such a way that you would get the wrong impression of the truth. Sable is someone who loves to play music and read. If he does not have a book in hand he has an instrument playing along to some song. Though he may have a tough side, Sable can very kind and will always look to help his friends.
    Physical appearance: Sable has a very youthful appearance. He tends to look a lot younger then actually is. It could be because of his longish hair. His hair comes his shoulders and is very straight. His bangs almost cover one eye. His hair is a bright vivid white that really looks nice against his very pale skin. The most striking feature of Sable's face are his eyes. They are a dark pink that seem to have a fire in them. He does have a few piercings. One on his eyebrow, on his left nostril, and spider bites on his lower right lip. In his ears he has gauges in the lobe, and two rings that are further up on his ear.
    Outfit: He tends to wear a pastel pink beanie that has a cloud like affect with white and pastle blue. On his neck rest a crescent moon choker and a heart shaped locket that is hidden by his shirt. For shirts he tends to wear ligher colors. His favorite shirt is a black sweater that has splashes of pastel colors in the center with the words in a dark but bright pink, "I am a Unicorn, Deal with it". For pants he tends to wear a pair of form fitting black skinny jeans that are ripped along the knees. For shoes he tends to have on a pair of black combat boots that he painted flowers on.
    Performance Appearance/Outfit:

    Nickname: Blaze
    Species: Flareon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Blaze has a bit of a temper. That can ce set off at anytime. Wether it was justified or not. That being said Blaze will stick up for his friends and really loyal to Sable.

    Nickname: Fluff
    Species: Buneary
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Fluff is very playful and can be a bit excitable. Though she loves to battle her real passion is performaning, Fluff loves to be the center of attention.
    Other: Shiny

    Species: Litten
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Litten is very sweet. She loves to cuddle and tends to be somone who would rather be in Sable's lap then on the battle field. Though like the others she loves to perform.

    Nickname: Vision
    Species: Espeon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Vision is a calm and very caring pokemon. She loves to take care of the other pokemon that Sable has. She has a motherly connection to Sable's Togapi

    Species: Togapi
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Togapi is very happy and is content to stay in Sable's arms as they travel the region. He is very cute and sometimes enjoys being in contests.

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