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DPPt/HGSS pokemon pearl team help needed

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Aero, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. I want to raise my in game team to competitive status by the time i finish the game
    so here goes nothing (literally)
    i have evolution lvls set out, but i don't know what the EV's are

    Bronzor- lvl26

    - (grass)solar beam
    - (psychic)hypnosis
    - (psychic)extrasensory
    - (ghost)confuse ray

    Nature: Sassy

    Starly- lvl26
    - (normal)endeavor
    - (flying)aerial ace
    - (normal)quick attack
    - (flying)wing attack


    Shinx- lvl29
    - (electric)spark
    - (electric)charge
    - (electric)thunder
    - (dark)crunch


    (blizard)prinplup- lvl26
    - (normal)pound
    - (water)bubble beam
    - (water)bubble
    - (flying)peck


    kadabra- lvl26
    - (psychic)teleport
    - (psychic)confusion
    - (normal)disable
    - (psychic)psybeam


    help with anything is needed movesets, items, suggestion of other pokemon-2 more
    (I'm intending on getting rid of kadabra)
  2. First question: Are you only going to stick with these Poke, are are you going to re-breed from some better natures?

    On top, there are some egg moves that might be useful.

    Besides that:

    Bronzong@Leftovers/Lum Berry
    Sassy Nature
    252 HP/86 Atk/80 Def/92 S.Def
    -Gyro Ball
    -Stealth Rock/Explosion/Charge Beam/HP Ice/Light Screen/Reflect

    Sassy Nature and 92 EVs should be able to survive some Fire Attacks from Salamence and Heatran (Not all sets, so watch)
    Max out his poor Base HP stat and with Leftovers, should be able to survive 4 Seismic Tosses.
    86 Attack should let you get close to OHKOing Weavile and Gengar and 2HKOing Tyranitar (Give or take depending on IVs)
    The Lum Berry will work as well. It can take a status once and send one back at the user. Leftovers is preferred since it can recover enough HP to survive 4 Seismic Tosses and recover some HP, aside from the now risky Rest.
    Gyro Ball gets STAB and benefits from his low speed.
    Earthquake give coverage to Gyro Ball and hits the annoying Magnezone.
    Hypnosis is a way to force some switches or shut down some Pokemon.
    The other moves are all fillers.
    Stealth Rock is an obvious choice for Support.
    Explosion can cripple or KO Pokemon, taking them out with himself.
    Charge Beam hits Gyarados, and other Pokemon weak (Notably Starmie who can get rid of Hypnosis with Natural Cure).
    HP Ice is for the ever common Dragons.
    Light Screen and Reflect can help him take more damage and support his teamates.
  3. yeah I'm gonna stick with these pokemon.I don't usually breed for moves or natures on my pokemon until I beat the elite four...

    ...although i probably will replace my kadabra with another pokemon. So if you have any suggestions of what my other two pokemon could be I'll gladly take the suggestions.
  4. That canges some things, but not really.

    And what kind of Pokemon did you want to replace Kadabra? Another Sweeper. or something else.

    Anywho, another Poke:

    Luxray@Choice Band/Choice Scarf/Life Orb
    Adamant Nature
    Either ability is fine
    252 Atk/80 Spd (+4 for every one IV point you are away from 31) or 208 Spd (+4 for every one IV point you are away from 31)/Rest into HP
    -Ice Fang/Crunch
    -Quick Attack/Crunch

    The Speed EVs are for two different situations. The first one with 80 Spd EVs will get you to hit 100 Speed at Level 50, which is enough to outspeed most Swampert. The second set with 208 Speed lets you outspeed some defensive Base 95 Speed Pokemon and Max Speed Neutral Natured base 55 Pokemon.

    Spark gives STAB.
    Return is its strongest attack.
    Ice Fang is bred on, but give great coverage with Spark.
    Crunch has its uses against Ghosts and Psychics.
    Quick Attack ignores Luxray's low base speed and will strike first.

    Just watch that Ice Fang has to be bred on.
  5. thanks for the help does anyone have any suggestions on my other two i am going to keep or two more too add to my team(i am getting rid of kadabra)

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