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Ask to Join Pokemon Park!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tamazarokon, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Welcome to Pokepark! A place where all pokemon can play together! No humans can interfere with the fun. (Before you post, please ask on the discussion before posting.) Now, Lets get on with the roleplay!

    Ty the piplup was walking through a cave, a light in view. once at the exit of the cave Ty thought "This must be Pokepark. I'm so exited!" he walked out of the cave and walked into the Beach park.
  2. Lee looked around still having fussy vision. 'Where am i?' She though as she felt the sand below her, 'some type of beach?' The Poochyena slowly got get as her vision cleared. She saw a piplup walk out of the cave as Lee ran in that direction. "Excuse me!" She called to the pokemon, "do you know were i am?"
  3. "Oh! um, You're in Pokepark, i thought everybody knew about Pokepark. Ty replied to the confused Poocheyena. "Anyway, whats your name? I'm Ty, nice to meet you!"
  4. "Well not everyone and my name is lee" Lee replied trying to hide her discomfort and suprize. 'Why' She screamed in her head, 'what about my pack? What happened to them?' "How did you get here by the way?" She asked to pokemon curious.
  5. "I came here from the cold mountains, to have some fun! Its almost every Pokemon's dream to visit the famous Pokepark!" Ty replied. "You'll have fun i promise! Bye Lee!" Ty started to walk off.
  6. Eve sat by the lake, Eniro floated close by. "You think it was really a good idea to come here?" Eniro asked, staring into his reflection in the lake. "I belive it was, not many people seem to be active in this place, hopefully no one bothers us here, We'll leave soon, I promise." Eve said, as she twirled and almost bowed into the lake. They sat down soon after, eating a small portion of what they had stolen and packed.
  7. Ty was walking away, and saw a meostic and ageislash by the river. He walked up to them and asked, "Hey, what'chya doing?"
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  8. Lee looked over to the cave the pokemon had come from and saw a light glace it to show a clear wall or somthing. The pokemon let a low wine before looking back to the area. "Best to find another way" She said as ran over to join Ty.
  9. Ty looked over. he saw lee heading his way. "Hey Lee! im trying to introduce my self to this Meostic and Ageislash!" He yelled over to Lee.
  10. "Snacking." The meowstic replied, The aegislash just let the choclate pokepuff sit there infront of it, though. Eve skipped a rock into thhe pond, Almost forgetting the pokemon was behind them. "Anyways, if you would leave us alonee, that would be wonderful." Eniro said, breaking the silence.
  11. "Hey, why do you sound so upset? In Pokepark EVERYBODY has fun!" Ty exclaimed. Ty looked in the duo's bag and saw there wasn't much food. Ty bent over and Pulled a few Pokepuffs out of his bag. "Here, have them, you don't have much." Ty set them on the ground "Well, bye!" Ty said waving.

    After a few moments of walking Ty said, "Man, i'm hungry, and i don't really want any Pokepuffs right now. Wait! We can go to sweet park! Come on Lee! Ty raced off to the sweet Park Portal. Once he got there he hopped right in. Once he was in he saw a litwick staring right at him.
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  12. Lee followed Ty as they went to this "sweet park". The Pokémon paused at the Portal as Ty ran strait in. "I am not going in there!" Lee said as waited for Ty to come back.
  13. Ace had woken up in a cave, as Clyde pushed him over towards the outer area, trying to get him to see the outside world. He yawned and grabbed a grayish material, as it shined in the daylight. A Pichu stood by them, as she wrapped her green scarf around her neck, while she helped the Aron go out of the cave. He ate the material, as it was hard like metal, and it seemed rather delicious for him.

    Clyde grabbed a oran berry from a bush, while noticing a rather strange portal, as he saw a Poochyena that waited nearby. He went to her, while the Aron and Pichu followed behind, as he said to her, "Well, uhh... this is interesting, I've never seen one of these things before. I'm C- Clyde... so what's your n- name?" His body shook like chiming bells, as the fin on his head wiggled along with the slight breeze, while sweat rushed down his face like a waterfall.
  14. Aron finally arrived at the Poké park "so this is it the poke park" Aron exclaimed to him self he sees a Aron pichu and some other poke he has never seen before he diceds to go over and say hi
  15. Kiri the small Espurr was stumbling round in the pokepark, she had been her whole young life and still seemed to find ways to lose herself. She hopped round from place to place, dodging a lot of bigger pokemon as she tried to find some food in a berry bush or something else. Her wide eyes kept scanning around her, looking for food and keeping an eye for movement in case of other pokemon.
  16. Lee looked over to the pokemon talking to him. She showed her teeth in a growel before responding. "I dont know what is but Ty uses it to go somewere called the "sweet park"" Lee said ignoring the queston about her name.
  17. Ty Grabbed some candy and walked out of the portal. "Hey Lee-" Ty started. "AHH!" Ty dropped all the candy he had. he got up and picked up the candy. "Sorry i didn't expect all these pokemon to be here. Ty put a piece of candy in front each pokemon (Including himself and Lee.) and said "Here have it! I have just enough!"
  18. Lee sniffed the thing Ty put in front of her. "What is this?" She asked as she licked the candy, "wow its good!" Lee soon finshed her piece quickly. 'Man my pak leader would love this!' She exclaim rembering how much her leader liked sweets.
  19. Ty Stuffed his candy into his mouth. "This is SO good!" He said. "How about you guys, do you like it? Anyway im Ty and this is Lee. Nice to meet you!"
  20. Spooky sat down in Sweet Park and he was stuffing his face with food, he was happy here. After finishing he looked for more victims to scare half to death. "I wonder if I can find anyone else here?" He asked himself. He then went on to look for other Pokemon.
  21. Ry finally reached the pokepark. When he got there from the Wailord express, He was so happy at when he cheered he slipped in the water. "Heheh.." he said kinda laughing. Then he suddenly remembered that one of his old friends were here. So he walked down to the beach area to meet his friends. "Hi guys!" Ry said cheerly. "Hi Ry!" Stream replied. "Why were u late?"
    "Well..." Ry blushes. "My dad broke his bike right when I was leaving and after I helped him up. Wailord already left..". "At least you did the right thing!" Stream said. "Yea!" Ry cheered.
    "Anyways where's Charbomber?". "He's at the sweet park exploding stuff.." Stream said calmly.
    So Ry walked to sweet park and found Charbomber. "Hi Ol'Pal!" Ry said. "Hey Ry wanna battle?"
    "Ummm ok... but let me get ready first." Ry said as he went to the dojo. Minutes later a battle begun.

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