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Open Pokemon mystery island

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Delivery Pancham, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. This is Mystery Island, you have been brought here by a boat that sunk after you arrived here.

    What items you have:
    Gender of Pokemon:


    Name: Daniel
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Santalune city, Kalos
    Appearance: Brown hair, green jacket, black trousers, white trainers.
    Items: 5 pokeballs, 20 potions, 3 revives
    Pokemon: Sharpedo (male), Infernape (Male), Bellosom (female)
    Nickname(s): Sharpy (Sharpedo), Flame (Infernape), Bello (Bellossom).

    There are bosses on this island and there are dungeons.


    The wind whistled. On one side of the island there lay three Pokemon and one trainer. An Infernape called Flame stood up, or atleast tried. The trainer called Daniel heard Infernape fall onto the hot, crispy sand. The palm trees rustled about. The sun was a lightbulb, lighting up on full power. Water of the ocean slipped in between Daniel's fingers. He stood up and saw the reflection of himself in the blue ocean. His cheek had small marks of where he lay.
  2. Name: Lucy
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Vaniville Town, Kalos
    Appearance: Black hair, black T-shirt, white shorts, silver sneakers, red shoulder bag.
    What items you have: 10 PokeBalls, 2 GreatBalls, 5 Potions, 5 Pecha and 4 Oran Berries
    Pokemon: Foxy (Female Braixen), Rose (Female Eevee), Comet (Male Ninetales), Fang (Male Absol)

    Lucy was sitting under the palm while her Braixen was sitting next to her and her Eevee was laying in Lucy's leap. Lucy's clothes was ripped on some spots because now, she just survived shipwreck and she was now resting on an island. Her Pokemon was trying to comfort her. Lucy was scared because she didn't knew where is she, she was trying to remember how did she get there.

    "Hey, who is that?" Lucy asked when she saw a boy and Infernape who were laying on the sand not far from palm where Lucy was sitting. "Should we help him?" Lucy asked her Pokemon. Her Braixen named Foxy and Eevee named Rose stood up and nodded. Soon Lucy stood up and they all went to spot where boy was laying.
  3. Daniel saw a girl with ripped clothes come near to him. Flame grunted and stood next to Daniel, his other Pokemon were still on the floor. Daniel went to pick up their pokeballs but then realised that they weren't there. He sat down on the sand, Flame copied. Flame burnt the sand around himself. Daniel didn't notice but Flame's burnt sand gave up and Flame fell into a mine under the sand.
  4. "Don't worry I won't hurt you." Lucy said to boy and Infernape. "Who are you?" Lucy asked boy. "How did you get here?"
    Lucy Braixen came closer to flames and went inside flame circle where boy and Infernpe was sitting. Her ears twitched curiously.
  5. Name: Marin
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Mauville City (Hoenn)
    Appearance: Long blond hair, shimmery blue eyes, solid black long sleeve shirt with brown leather jacket, purposely ripped blue jeans. Brown boots.
    Items: 5 Ultra balls (all have Pokemon) 3 revives, 10 hyper potions, and 12 empty Great balls.
    Pokemon: Vaporeon, Blaziken, Zebstrika, Lucario, Zoroark. (no nicknames)


    Marin was sitting on a tree above Lucy and Daniel. She couldn't help overhearing their conversation, being the shady person she is. She had already been on the island 6 days; a different ship sank and she washed up here, but she wasn't particularly scared. Her and her Pokemon were probably stronger than anything or anyone. She still had a spot left open, anyway. She stretched out her other leg, so they were both straight. A piece of bark fell off the tree and hit Lucy on the head.
  6. "Huh? What the...." Lucy said when bark fell on her head. She looked up on a tree whee bark fell on her head and saw a girl sitting on a tree. "Uhm...hi? Who are you?" Lucy asked girl while her Foxy was sitting with a boy and his Infernape. Rose was standing next to Lucy and watching the tree where girl was sitting.
  7. "Sorry about that. I'm Marin." She said apologizing. "My boots made the bark scrape off."
  8. "Oh, it's okay." Lucy said and smiled to Marin. "I'm Lucy, by the way. How do you her here, on island?"
  9. (What do you mean her here?)

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