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Open Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blossoms of Rainbow

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SummerShaymin, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. Once upon a time, there was a giant crystal that captured the light of the sun and moon, creating a branching system of beautiful rainbows that protected and spread happiness wherever they arched over. These rainbows did end, but all-healing flowers grew wherever they did. But enough of that sappy stuff, the world is in danger. An evil entity known as "Evil Entity" because I suck at naming things is planning on corrupting the crystal. A group of Pokémon must team up to stop it. And a human. Because human.

    Form/Example here:
    Name: Amethyst
    Species: Rockruff
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: An average Rockruff, but with purple eyes.
    Personality: Amethyst is kind, smart, and considerate. She will easily throw herself in the way of an attack aimed towards another. In fact, she has very little sense of self worth. She is also somewhat insensitive towards other's feelings, mostly out of ignorance rather than malice.
    Other: Constructs music boxes as a hobby, which she learned how to do from her father.

    1. Follow the Official Pokécharms Rules.
    2. Only 1 former human. If you don't know whether or not there is one yet, read the other posts.
    3. No Fakemon. Sorry.
    4. Don't be overly controlling of the "plot's" direction.
    5. egg

    Amethyst jolted awake, first hearing the fading echoes of the thunderclap that woke her up, then the sudden, firm crash of a falling tree. Initially, she was merely confused as her panic faded away. Then, the sudden, nasty realization hit her that that tree she heard was most likely someone's home. She ran to the door, charging out as it opened up to her shove, determined to help whoever she could. After all, maybe her attempts to help would finally mean something.
  2. (it will be my first MD Rp, lets give on it our Best)
    Name: Hydra
    Species: Deino
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Appearance: normal Deino with a yellow scarf on his leg.
    Personality: He is a strong pokemon but he is fearful when he think that he could battle, always believing that when he will evolve then he will be Brave Zweilous. He really want to have any friends but his scary looking father didn't help much.
    Other: He don't know many things about his Mother only that she broke up with father and left for him his yellow scarf.

    Hydra was terrified when his hause was shaking and before he noticed he was crushed by the elements of his hause ceiling. "Please, somebody help me" he was yelling. "Dad, where are you. Help me, please"
  3. (Alright! Also, you misspelled "house". Not really relevant, but still.)

    Amethyst halted her dash as she came across a short tree with clear signs of inhabitance. It was trembling violently. Using Rock Tomb carefully on both sides of the tree, the summoned rocks would stabilize the tree, but not for long. Hopping on to the lowest branch, with some struggling, she climbed on. Amethyst hopped from branch to branch, nearly tumbling of several times. Eventually making it into the doorway hole, she realized that she had no light source other than an occasional strike of lightning. "Hello? Is anyone there? I've come to help you."
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  4. Name: Burkina Faso
    Species: Houndour
    Age: Between 15 and 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A houndour with red and orange fur instead of the usual black and orange. He also always carries a leather satchel on his back, and an iron thorn.
    Personality: Known to be kind at times, but at the same time, he’s also somewhat cocky and demanding. Burkina Faso likes to explore, but he will sometimes rush off into places without thinking. He also has some anger issues, and will get mad quite easily.


    Off in the distance, the red-furred Houndour sat in a tree, observing the events from below him. His stubby tail swayed behind him while he just watched, not saying a word.... After watching for a little while, the young canine pokemon stood up on the flimsy tree limb he had been watching from, but the moment he did, a snap became audible. Seconds later, the branch detatched itself from the tree, causing the hound to plummet to the ground. “Oof..!”
  5. (Can there only be basic Pokemon? I'm gonna assume so...)

    Name: Pestov
    Species: Taillow
    Age: (I don't know how to gauge the age of a Pokemon, so I'll just say 15? Seems around the general age everybody else is going with.)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: An average Taillow, however with a slightly longer beak and an Orange colored face instead of red. This is a result of his mother being a shiny, however not his father.
    Personality: Inquisitive, observant, and practical; Pestov is very loyal, but by no means reserved. Carrying a blossoming sense of humor, he generally can light up a group of people quickly - despite this attitude occasionally gaining him enemies, or can make him easily mistaken as rash or offensive. Pestov is insatiably hungry for knowledge, and sometimes may dabble in things best left alone.
    Pestov flew in the dark sky, rain slipping off of his sleek dark feathers. The Taillow had been stalking, no - faithfully watching this Rockruff for about two hours. To be fair, he had never seen this species of Pokemon before, it wasn't that he was being creepy: it's just that, as per the usual, his curiosity had gotten the better of him. He had to introduce himself, he was just itching to interact with another Pokemon - the more inwardly social bird had been very isolated for the day, anyways. Though this may not be the best time, he had to do it eventually. Okay, play it cool. Just act casual, alright? You're not a dweeb, you're a perfectly normal Taillow... Pestov reassured himself, putting on his best pokerface. He alighted, landing behind Amethyst. "Hello-" Just then, a particularly close strike of lightning thundered. "OH, SHIT!" He screamed, startled out of his wits.
  6. Hydra was scared, he someone voice then he heard thunders which was making a great Noise. "Dad, where are you. I need help, anybody please help me" he was shouting still he believed that someone was here.
  7. The noises didn’t seem to alarm Burkina Faso much, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t concerned. Recently, a bolt of lightning sent his treehouse crumbling down to a pile of ash, and he knew that he wasn’t the only one to deal with this. Upon hearing the Deino’s cries for help, the houndour forced himself to get up, despite the pain in his body from the fall, and limped towards him to help out. “Hold on..!”
  8. Hearing three cries at once, Amethyst was confused. After a few seconds, she deduced that the one calling for help was nearest, and ran ahead. A flash of lightning illuminated a Deino under a pile of rubble. She ran forward, but heard someone saying "Hold on...!"
    "Don't worry, I've got this covered!" she yelled back down. Whipping her head around, she came into contact with the rubble snout-first. "Ow!" she remarked, and yet she quickly shook it off and started digging. Amethyst couldn't see the Deino, but she knew he would be here. "I did hear someone else, though. Maybe you could help them!" she yelled back below. She didn't want the stranger to hurt themselves, but she couldn't do everything herself. "Don't worry. I'll get you out of here." she declared into the darkness, hoping Deino would hear her.
  9. The lightning that flashed illuminated two things for the houndour. A deino and a rockruff. Once he heard her yell towards him, he shook his head, not stopping his jog to the scene. “I don’t think you can do this alone, especially not with all this dangerous lightning striking about!” He dove into the rubble, then started to dig into it with his paws. Side by side with the rockruff, Burkina Faso shoveled through the dirt and rocks as fast as he could to help this deino in need.
  10. Hydra heard voices but he didn't recognize them, it wasn't his Dad but still someone came to help him. "Thank you for coming, I'm so glad that someone heard me" He shouted with tears of happines on his face.
  11. “It’s no problem, just hang on! We’ll get you outta there!” He said as another bolt of lightning struck a few yards away. With a yelp, Burkina Faso hurried along, digging as fast as his little paws would let him! He had to keep going before the storm got worse! “Haaah...! Hey Rockruff! I’ve started a deep tunnel, you might want to hop in and continue it, since you seem to be pretty fast at digging. We gotta hurry though!”
  12. "Alright!" Amethyst said. She felt that she should do it herself, so no one else would get hurt, but she knew that she wouldn't be able to convince the Houndour. Hopping over, she began to dig fiercely. Eventually, with the Houndour's help, she had made enough of a hole to get the Deino out. "Thank you. You didn't have to risk yourself like that." she said.

    "Hey, I heard you calling for your dad. I'll try to go find him." Amethyst told the Deino. She figured that if the Houndour wouldn't change his mind, she might as well trust him. "Hey, would you mind helping him out?" she told Houndour. And with that, she ran off to see if she could find anyone else who needed help.
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  13. Hydra still was scared but he didn't want to show that to rest. "Thank you all, I didn't saw you before,did I? My name is Hydra" then he smiled to new pokemons he just met.
  14. “Sure thing!” Burkina Faso shoveled his way through the dirt in order to get to the pokemon in need. “It’s no problem. We’re glad to see you’re safe. My name is Burkina Faso, and I am working to become a rescue pokemon. Pleased to meet you, Hydra. Now, we should get you outta here. The hole I dug with the rockruff back there should be big enough for you to crawl through.” He spoke, wagging his tail slightly.
  15. "Okay let's go" Hydra said and he crawled thought the digged hole. Then he finally reached the surfance. "You said that you want become rescue pokemon, I also had that dream but..." he started "You won't laught if I will tell you that I-i'm coward, will you" he said to Burkina Faso.
  16. “Pfft, nah I won’t laugh! It’s okay to be scared sometimes, heck I would have been scared if I was the one who was in need of saving you know!” He nodded once before exiting the dug out tunnel. “It’s not for everyone, but I think you might still have a chance at it!” He said in a cheery tone.
  17. "Thank you" Hydra said then he saw a lightning who hited a big rock and it rolled toward them. "Watch out" He yelled and he used Dragon Breath on rock and he stopped it.
  18. The houndour didn’t have much time to react, so when the deino stopped the rock with his dragon breath attack, all he could do was just stare in awe. “W-Whoa...! That was close..! Thank you!” Burkina Faso let out a gasp, wagging his tail just a little bit. He knew that he had to be careful around here, since it was pretty dangerous with all the lightning striking the place.
  19. "Nothing to Thank me, I just paid my dept and nothing more" Hydra said. "Maybe we schould check out for the rockruff and my Dad Hydreigon" then he walked slowly.
  20. With a nod, Burkina Faso began to follow Hydra to search for the rockruff, and possibly the deino’s father. “Hm... I wonder how my dad is doing...” He thought out loud as he jogged, not too far away from his new friend. “Now just where did that rockruff go... She said she was going to go get some help, but from who..? And where..?” For now, he just decided to follow, but that didn’t change the fact that he had many questions swarming through his head.
  21. "Helloooo is anybody here" Hydra shouted
    "Daad, Rockruff where are you" Hydra knowed that his Father was in his room but where is his room now"
  22. Amethyst, having been at this point been rather far away, still heard the others. "Oh, joining me? Okay!" she declared. "By the way, what are your names? Mine is Amethyst." she added, still steadily pacing ahead. Looking up, she saw that the storm, while not completely gone, was starting to disappear. "Good! Things are clearing up. Now, let's find your dad, and see if we can help anyone else!"
  23. "My name is Hydra" said young Deino and he looked around but he couldn't find his Dad. "He was in his room when the storm started" he told to his new friends"

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