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Private/Closed Pokemon Misadventures

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Gpig5, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. This RP is only between @Charlespark and I. No one else is allowed to join.
    This is about two housemates who are also trainers, leaving out of town for a week and they're leaving their Pokemon in their two-story, tow bedroom house with an attic and this is what the Pokemon gets up to

    We'll start off with introducing our Pokemon:
    Trainer: Fraser
    Pokémon: Chikorita, Asura, female, Her leaf on her head is in a shape of a heart and has a pattern on her leaf as well, She had been looked after by her trainer ever since she hatched from her egg, but has become reliant on her trainer and gets anxiety/panic attacks easily when not with her trainer, she is caring when she opens herself to you, but is incredibly nervous and is scared easily, a crybaby.

    Pokémon: Phanpy, Clay, Male, he was lost on the streets of Goldenrod City and was on the brink of starving to death, but got rescued by his current trainer, easily whined up, loyal, all bark and no bite,

    Pokémon: Tyrogue, Blake, Male, instead of his white bandages, they're black, His previous trainer was abusive and abused Blake every time he made a mistake and got left to die in an alleyway in Goldenrod City, he became friends with Clay since they were both strays on the streets and got rescued by his trainer, Dominant, hot-headed, can clash with other big egos, not afraid to start a fight,

    Pokémon: Herdier, Ruffles, Male, he is the big brother of his party and looks after everyone, as a Lillipup he was his trainer's first Pokemon he caught and been by his side ever since and has looked out for every other Pokemon in his party, caring, mature, logical.

    All the Pokemon gathered at the front of the house as they say goodbye to their trainers. Asura went up to Fraser and pulled his trouser leg and looked up at his face with teary eyes. "Please don't go," Asura whimpered. "Don't worry I'll only be a week, you'll be fine Asura, you've got all your friends here to keep you company," Fraser said softly as he stroked Asura's trying to comfort her before leaving. Clay went up to Fraser's other leg and hugged it tightly. "I'm going to miss you," Clay said on the verge of tears as well. Fraser smiled, "Where did the rough and tough Clay I know go Huh? haha, don't get into too much trouble okay," Fraser said to Clay. Fraser looked up to Blake and Ruffles who were patiently waiting their turn to say goodbye. "You know what guys, let's have a big goodbye hug," Fraser said opening his arms wide. Blake and Ruffles joined in, in the sentiment send off. "Blake, make sure you behave yourself okay, and Ruffles I'm counting on you to make sure that everyone gets along," Blake confidently nodded his head and gave Fraser a fist bump, Ruffles barked happily. "You can count on me Fraser, no need to worry," "That's my boy, Ruffles," Fraser cheered as he rubbed Ruffles' head. Fraser stood and took a deep breath. Fraser's Pokemon went back to where they stood. Fraser turned to his housemate. "Your turn to say goodbye,"
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  2. (OOC: I apologize if I was a little late, I was busy with my pet gecko here. And well, this should be interesting, just the two of us here.)

    *Please note that their trainer is Zephyr.

    Pokémon #1:

    Name: Charles
    Species: Charmander
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is your average, everyday Charmander.
    Backstory: He had been hatched prematurely, as he had been taken to a place where he was kept in a cage and abused for several months. Eventually, he had been fed up with it as he broke out and went on a rampage that caused a mass panic among the public. Zephyr had arrived on the scene and was able to tame the angry Charmander, as he helped him on controlling his anger, though that can still use some sharpening as he is trying to find a way to control his anger.
    Personality: He is short-fused, while he often uses force to settle problems, and he is not comfortable around strangers.
    Age: 12 Years old
    Other: He has red markings on his body that can be seen more clearly if he is showing extreme emotions such as anger or fear.

    Pokémon #2:

    Name: Amphy (Yeah how original of me...)
    Species: Ampharos
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is a lot smaller than usual, as she is only two feet tall now. Her comical ears are slightly larger, while her head to body ratio is also significantly bigger. The orb on her tail is also bigger than usual.
    Backstory: She had used to secretly teach herself about nursing and electrochemistry as a war went on with Team Rocket, as Zephyr had rescued her from a grunt that tried to capture her. He knew that she was no ordinary Pokémon, as aside from her small size, she appeared to be a lot smarter than usual. He knew that she was rather strange, as she even refused to even fight other Pokémon. She is now studying genetics and heredity to find out why her size wasn't growing along with her age.
    Personality: She is timid around strangers, while she is however, very open and outgoing with friends. She tends to use an array of vocabulary when conversating with others.
    Age: 28 Years old
    Other: She wears a white lab coat that she made for her small size, as the back has a yellow lightning bolt and her name below.

    Pokémon #3:

    Name: Unknown (This will be revealed later on, I will edit this once it is revealed.)
    Species: Froakie
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is a normal Froakie, nothing unusual.
    Backstory: He had three previous trainers before taking a trip to the Pokémon Center due to the possibility of having Pokérus, though no one had known if he had it. He had made his sneaky escape by using a scalpel to break a window and jumping into a pond that was nearby. He had fled towards a forest, where Zephyr had found him. He had initially resisted, until he saw that he was a friend since he had patched up his wounds.
    Personality: He is normally carefree if calm, as he is very attentive of his surroundings. He is also a huge crybaby, as he does tend to cry from the slightest pain he feels.
    Age: Unknown (This will also be revealed later on.)
    Other: He wears a sky blue scarf around his neck, which covers some of the frubbles on him.



    Zephyr nodded at Fraser, as he waved at all of his Pokémon, and also at Fraser's Pokémon, as he said to them in a calm voice, "Alright everyone, I'm going to be going out of town for a week, as I'm going with Fraser here. Don't worry, you all have your friends around, it's going to be okay. It'll go by faster than you'll think!"

    When the Froakie heard his trainer and knew that he was going to leave, he lost it. Tears formed around his eyes, as he cried like a baby! He said to Fraser as his face was flooded in tears, "Waaaahhhh! Please don't go! I can't be alone here!"

    Amphy went up to the crying Froakie, as she patted his shoulders, while she said to him, "It's okay buddy... don't worry, I'll help you out here, you're not alone."
    The Froakie replied as he continued to cry while it could be heard from everyone, "What do you mean okay?! He's leaving us here!"
    Amphy waved at Zephyr, as she replied to him while she massaged his frubbles, "Now Froakie, I want you to calm down first... just take some deep breaths now, I'll take you to your room if you want okay?"

    Charles sighed, knowing that his trainer was going to leave, but he wasn't too sad like the poor Froakie that was crying. He waved to Zephyr, as he smiled while the flame on his tail shook. He said to Amphy as the flame on his tail burned warmly, "Well, I suppose it'll just be us and the other Pokémon for a week. I suppose that we could relax here, I still feel bad that you're still baby sized."
    Amphy blushed, as she replied to Charles while she held the Froakie's hand gently, "Well yeah, I'm still trying to find out here. Maybe someday I'll be able to unlock the reason to why I'm so miniscule compared to the others."

    Zephyr turned towards Fraser, as he said to him, "Well, I suppose it's time to roll, I feel pretty bad for Froakie, he just doesn't like me to leave him. I'll miss all of them, and I'm sure that they'll miss us too, but it's going to be a week with just us out of town."
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  3. "Yeah, Asura is going to be the same as Froakie, perhaps they'll bond over it," Fraser then checked his watch. "We should probably leave now if we want to get there before dark," The taxi that would take them to their location was waiting patiently whilst Fraser and Zephyr said their goodbyes. Fraser then turned back to all the Pokemon. "Bye everyone, we'll miss you," Fraser started to enter the taxi, but stopped himself before turning to Blake and pointed. "Oh and Blake, don't you dare go in my cupboard.... okay bye," Fraser said sternly. Fraser entered the taxi and edged up to the far seat so Zephyr could get in. Clay looked at Ruffles, undecided what to do first after they leave.

    "Can we go play in the garden, Ruffles?" Clay asked eager to play. "Come on Clay, Fraser hasn't left yet, give it a minute," Ruffles said whilst still smiling at Fraser. Clay frowned and sat on his butt and turned back to Fraser waved his hand in a bit of a sulk. Blake simply smiled and waved to Fraser. "Come on... just leave already..." Blake said under his breath continuing to smile and wave. Asura waddled over to Ruffles and leaned on him slightly as she continued to stare at Fraser with teary eyes. "Don't worry Asura, I'll look out for you and Fraser will be back before you know it," Ruffles said softly trying to reassure Asura. Asura smiled slightly as she could rely on Ruffles when Fraser's not around.

    clay eyes wandered over to Zephyr's Pokemon adjacent to his party. He started to scan them since he wasn't all that aware of them since the two parties didn't really interact much. Asura wiped and closed her eyes before burying her face in Ruffles' since the sight of Fraser leaving just made her tear up more.
  4. Zephyr went in the taxi, and waved at the Pokémon as he took a last look before he would be away with Fraser for the next week. The poor Froakie continued to cry, as Amphy said to him while she held his hand, "Okay, maybe I should take you to your room so you can have some calm time." The Froakie nodded, as he went with her while Charles looked at the Phanpy that was looking at him and the other Pokémon.

    He went over to him, as he thought to himself while the flame on his tail started to feel warmer, "I've always wondered why my tail is on fire... I suppose it's just how I am, at least it doesn't hurt though, well sort of." He went over to the Phanpy as he said to him while he cleared his throat, "So, I suppose it's just us now... I wonder what we are gonna do here, I should introduce myself since we haven't really talked. I'm Charles, and I'm not your usual Charmander here. I've got some serious power buried deep inside me that just craves destruction, and I can't really seem to control it... thankfully my trainer showed me a trick to control my anger now, but I still need some sharpening on some major areas. So what's your story?"
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  5. Clay looked at Charles with a relative blank face since he wasn't sure how to reply to his conversation starter. "Oh... I'm Clay, do you want to play in the garden?!" Clay exclaimed as he suddenly changed emotion to a very playful and excited one as if someone flicked a switch, and changed his mood. Ruffles turned to Charles, as Charles conversation certainly caught his attention. "That is definitely is an interesting way to start a conversation," Ruffles started to chuckle at his own remark. "ah hem, sorry my name's Ruffles, and this is Asura. She's a bit upset with Fraser leaving," Asura leaned on Ruffles sulking, she looked up to Charles but then continued to sulk.

    Blake snickered as the taxi went out of their point of view. "Finally! I thought they'll never leave," Blake cheered as he marched back inside. Blake headed upstairs, entered Fraser's room and closed the door behind him, creating a loud bang. Clay got so excited and playful that he ran to Zephyr's Pokemon. "Hey guys! My name's Clay, does anyone want to play with me?!" Clay exclaimed whilst running circles around Froakie and Amphy.
  6. Charles looked at Clay a little blankly, as he said to him, "Umm, did you say garden? I can't really go outside that much... it's kinda rather weird for why..." Amphy looked at Clay that ran around circles as she continued to hold the Froakie's hand.

    She said to him as she escorted Froakie to his room, "I can't play right now, I have to take Froakie to his room first. I'll come once I'm done probably, it's just that I have to do something first." The Froakie still cried, as Amphy said to him while she stroked his frubbles, "Froakie, it's okay... just relax now, you're not alone here. I'm here for you, and so is everyone else."
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  7. "Okay, I'll meet you in the garden," Clay said as he ran indoors. Clay sprinted through the house thinking of what else he could do without the restrictions of a trainer. "We could stay out all night, we can play where and when we want, this is gonna be awe-" Clay ran head first into a door which blocked him from the lounge/living room that had the back door leading to the garden. "Ow..." Clay said as he started to rub his and look up at the door. Clay walked back out front and went to Ruffles. Clay's playfulness had minimized since his head was rather sore. "Ruffles...they closed the door for the lounge before they left," Clay said. "Oh, that's an issue, no one is tall enough I don't think. I'm pretty certain that Blake can jump high enough to reach it, hey Blake..." Ruffles looked around him in search of Blake. "Where did he go?" Ruffles asked.

    Asura removed her head from Ruffles' fur and looked at Ruffles. "He smiled as Fraser left and went upstairs," Asura said sniffling and wiping her eyes. "Oh really?...Oh no," Ruffles said as he sprinted up the stairs and went to Fraser's room. "Damn it's locked," Ruffles scratched at the door and barked. "Hey Blake! Open the door!" Ruffles demanded. Ruffles put his ear against the ear and carefully listened as to what Blake was up to. He heard Blake having hiccups and giggling. "Aw damn it," Ruffles said to himself.

    Asura lost her balanced as Ruffles ran off since she was leaning on him. Asura couldn't stop walking and was on the verge of falling over, she tripped over her feet and landed on Froakie. "Oh no... I-I'm so sorry," Asura said really worried that she would anger someone. Clay watched and gasped as Asura did her clumsy act. "Uh oh..." He said under his breath.
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  8. The Froakie didn't seem to notice that Asura had landed on him from her clumsy fall, as his frubbles had cushioned him. Amphy chuckled and lifted Asura up from him, as she said, "Well, you alright? You look like you were tired when you were leaning on that fluffy dog." The Froakie dozed off on her, as he snored quietly.

    Meanwhile, Charles went over to the Herdier that tried to open the door to Fraser's room, as he said, "So, I'm guessing someone won't let you in, and well... those knobs are easily reached by me. I might probably go to Zephyr's room and relax, though funny enough he decided to fireproof his stuff when I almost accidentally burned a cardboard box before." The flame on his tail shook, as he didn't seem to hear the hiccups that Blake had, since he wasn't focused in on it.
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  9. Ruffles looked at Charles and focused back to the sounds behind the door. Ruffles then double took Charles as it caught his attention that he could open the door. "Please, can you open the door for me. It's really urgent," Ruffles said in a serious tone.

    Asura was rather shy and nervous despite the fact that nothing bad happened. "S-sorry again," Clay walked over to Asura and chuckled slightly. "It's a good thing you didn't hurt him, he seems rather sensitive right now," Clay looked up at Amphy and her strange body size. "So... Why do you have such a small body and a big head?" Clay asked. Asura's eyes opened as to how blunt and rude Clay's question was, Asura nudged Clay. "Clay?!" Asura exclaimed. "Ow...What? I was just asking," Clay said, still unaware of how blunt he was being.
  10. Charles chuckled at Ruffles as he said to him while he turned the knob on the door to Fraser's room, "Okay, well... you seem like you're in a rush. Did you maybe forget something in there?" He looked over at Ruffles, while he opened the door as soon as he turned the knob.

    Meanwhile, Amphy looked at Clay who had asked a rather rude question, as her orb glew brightly. She said while her tail shook, "Umm, so you want to ask about why I'm so tiny as a baby? Well... I really have no clue here, I'm still trying to find out why. At least my level is high, so I don't have to worry about those Squirtles that like to pick on me." The Froakie was still asleep, as Amphy said to him and Asura, "I'm going to take Froakie to my room here, he's pretty tired since he's so young. Please try not to disturb him, I would suggest to leave him alone until he's up and awake here."

    She gently held his him by his stomach and frubbles, while taking his body shape into account, as she took him to her room. She took in deep breaths while she kept a steady grip on the Froakie, as she thought to herself while her tail shook like a bell, "Well, at least he's not as heavy as I thought he would be. Though he is still quite large in his mass, I'm going to have to assume that the white stuff on him might also contribute to his weight."
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  11. Ruffles frantically rushed past Charles and briefly said "Cheers," Ruffles ran up to Blake and disapointingly sighed at him. Blake was sat on the floor leaning against the bed with a big glass bottle filled with a orange substance. Blake had his eyes half open and had a large smile on his face as he chuckled to himself, but got interrupted when he hiccuped. He then laughed at the hiccups and as he laughed he hiccuped more and it was an endless, life ending circle...Okay maybe not that extreme. "Damn it Blake! Fraser specifically said to stay out of his closet because you would drink all his whiski!" Ruffles yelledat Blake furious with him. Blake didn't react at Ruffles' yelling at first. After Ruffles stopped yelling it was silent for a couple of seconds. Blake tunred his head and noticed Ruffles. "Oh hey Ruffles, didn't see you there," Blake said before smiling at Ruffles. Blake looked down a the almost empty glass bottle in his hand and looked back at Ruffles. "Whoops..." Blake said before bursting out in laughter. "Grrrrrr," Ruffles growled at Blake incredibly frustrated with him. He grabbed the bottle from Blake's hand, using his mouth and threw it back into the closet before closing the doors of it. ruffles turned around and looked at Ruffles with an aggressive look. "What do I do with you," He mumbled.

    clay sat down and opened his mouth as he listened to Amphy's repsonse, intrigued and interested as to what she had to say. Clay nodded along the entire explanation. asura had her hand on her chest as he heard Amphy's response. Asura looked down at Froakie and smiled. "Sleep tight Froakie, sorry again," Asura said before Amphy started to carry froakie upstairs.
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  12. Charles went to Zephyr's room, ignoring the commotion that went on between Ruffles and Blake. He didn't want to get involved between them, judging from their mentioning of alcohol, as he knew that they could be under the influence. He lied on his bed while he drank a bottle of water, as the flame on his tail warmed the area around him.

    Meanwhile, Amphy was still taking the Froakie to her room, as she gently stroked his frubbles, and chuckled at his snoring. She quickly grabbed a stool that was in the middle of the hallway, as she placed Froakie down, while she went on top of the stool. She quickly turned the knob and opened the door with a rather huge effort, as she moved the stool to back where it was. She went inside her room, as she placed Froakie down on her bed, while she lied next to him and slept with him briefly.
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  13. Ruffles awkwardly smiled at Charles as he walked off and looked back at Blake with a furious look. "That's it you need to go to your room," Ruffles said assertively as he pushed his head behind Blake lifted him up, then jumped on his hind two feet and pushed him towards the door. Blake stumbled and immediately fell to the floor. blake struggled himself back on his feet and squinted his eyes at Ruffles. "Hey!...d-don't do that," Blake slurred out as he lifted his fists up in front of them and started to move his loose arms slightly in his fighting stance. Ruffles sighed, "You're too drunk to fight, Blake," Ruffles said fed up with him.

    Clay became bored as everyone seemed to be doing their own thing and he was doing nothing. "I'm going to go see if blake will play with me. He won't...but it's worth a try," Clay said as he jogged up the stairs. Asura was left outside by herself (I think) and she paused as she realised that everyone ditched her. Asura then decided just to walk inside closing the front door behind her and walk into the lounge (Living room) She walked in front of the flat screen television that sat on a stand. Asura took a deep breath and uncontrollably sniffled, from the aftermath of her balling her eyes out a moment ago. She reached out a vine and pressed the button that she saw Fraser press all the time to turn the tele on, since the remote was sometimes not working. Sh would sit in Fraser's lap and they would cuddle as they would watch...whatever what Fraser was watching. Asura never knew what was happening but, she didn't care since she was with Fraser.

    Asura pressed the power button and the telly sharply turned on and let out a loud yelling since the volume was turned on too high from its last use. Asura got petrified from the sudden loud noise and started to cry and scream as she sprinted out of the lounge and up the stairs. She blindly ran into a room and hid under a bed where she curled up and continued to cry. Under the bed was rather warm since it was Zephyr's room and Charles was in the room as well, but Asura didn't notice in her frenzy.

    Clay waddled into Fraser's room and saw Blake near the door with his back to Clay facing Ruffles, who had a very pissed off look. "Um, Blake...You wanna play?" Clay in a cute voice. Blake swung round towards Clay waving his loose arms everywhere hitting a small bed side table in the process knocking it over. Clay stepped back slightly as he was caught off guard by Blake's clumsiness. "W-What you call me? A-a Pokemon that can't even defeat a Magikarp! How d-dare you!" Blake said as he loosely got into his battle stance again facing Clay. "Th-That's not what I said at all!" Clay cried as he felt scared and intimidated by Blake as he knew he was the strongest out of all of them.
  14. Charles heard the outburst that came from Fraser's room, as he quickly placed the bottle of water on a table, while he closed it shut with the cap. He grabbed his clipboard, as he heard a crying noise that came from under the bed, as he crouched over and noticed Asura, crying and curled up. He quietly placed the clipboard down, while he asked her in concern, as the flame on his tail shook, "Hey, you alright there? You don't look happy here, it's alright... I'm here, I'm not going to do anything bad okay?" He sat next to the bed, while he looked over at her, as the flame on his tail warmed a small area around him.

    Meanwhile, Amphy woke up to the sudden shout that came from Fraser's room, as she noticed that the Froakie was still asleep. She carefully went out of the bed, while she grabbed a can of lemonade, as she grabbed her tiny lab coat and wore it on her tiny body. She went over to Fraser's room, while she drank the lemonade, as she noticed Blake shouting at Clay. She went up to them, while the orb on her tail glew immensely, as she said to them, "Okay, what's going on here? Something tells me someone is under the influence, and yes, I'm smaller than what most people expect me to be."
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  15. Asura slowly opened one eye and saw Charles from outside of the bed looking in and showing his concern. "I um...the thing downstairs is s-scary," Asura stuttered as she thought of the television, she continued to shake as she spoke. "I-I wish F-Fraser was here...I miss him," Asura whimpered as she was about to let out a stream of tears.

    Blake blankly looked at Amphy as she approached the group. "Hehe, you have a big head and a uh... small body. Hehe," Blake said as he chuckled and pointed at Amphy. Clay escaped from being paralyzed with fear and rushed over to Amphy and hid behind her. "H-he isn't himself, I don't know what she with him...his breath smells too," Clay whimpered as he peeked around and looked up at Amphy. Ruffles walked up beside Blake and stared at him with a furious look. "Blake had some of Fraser's whiskey and now is hammer armed," Ruffles said to Amphy as he continued to stare at Blake. Blake loosely swiveled towards Ruffles again and pushed him. Ruffles stumbled and hit his head in the wall as he fell to the ground. Ruffles whined as lied on the ground with his paw on his head. "I'm not a p-piece of Cleffa poop!" Blake yelled at Ruffles. Ruffles stood back up, as he struggled to keep his balance. "Ow...That's it!" Ruffles crouched down and prepared to pounce at Blake and growled as he showed His sharp teeth.
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  16. (OOC: Holy... I have not been getting alerts on this haven't I? Well it's been like umm... TWO weeks on this... eek!)


    Charles noticed Asura trembling while she spoke to him, as he asked her while he grabbed his clipboard and sketched out some notes on an empty page, "Okay, and what thing downstairs is scary, you kinda make it seem like there's like a bug or something that I might need to go investigate."
    He tried to not startle her, knowing that she could go into a prolonged period of weeping if he did, as he continued on, "I miss Fraser and Zephyr too... I know that you might not like that he's not around, but I'll help you along alright? I know that we haven't all really seen each other much, so we gotta take baby steps first."

    Meanwhile, Amphy looked at Ruffles while she saw a fight between him and Blake going on, as she said, "Oh my... so you're saying that he's intoxicated? Well that's not great considering that whiskey is pretty powerful when it comes to the concentration of alcohol in there." She turned over to Clay, while she attempted to calm him, as she gently placed her left hand on his back. She said to him as the orb on her tail glew like the outside, sundown sunlight, "Umm, I would say that it would be best to either have him fall asleep or get paralyzed from something, knock him out, or just plain old flee.
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  17. Asura looked at Charles as she wiped away the tears and sniffled. "It was a big box, it was bright and loud and it yelled at me," Asura whimpered. She raised up her hands and gestured a square with them.

    "I'm thinking about knocking him out," Ruffles said aggressively as he continued to growl afterward. He pressed his hind legs down as they slightly slipped backward and Ruffles was going to pounce at any moment. Clay gulped as he stepped back behind Amphy. "Well...I guess if we team up on him, we can snap him out of it," Clay got a sudden burst of courage as he stepped back in front of Amphy and mimicked Ruffles' posture. Blake looked back and forth between Clay and Ruffles with his mouth wide open and a bit of drool, dripping from it. "You wanna go? Oh I'll...I'll...MESS YOU UP!" Blake yelled as he raised his fists and stumbled slightly as he lost his balance a little bit. "Clay...No! Stay back with Amphy before you get hurt," Ruffles said assertively.

    Clay ignored him and started to run at Blake as he did a quiet, high pitch war cry as he charged. Blake chuckled and stepped to the side with his leg hanging out. Clay continued to run and tripped over his leg and rolled forwards. Blake started to manically burst out laughing and rolling around on the floor.

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