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Private/Closed Pokemon Jurassic Park! (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Retr.0, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. (Roleplay thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-jurassic-park.19637/)

    First things first, I recently rewatched the original Jurassic Park movie so that’s where this idea came from. I plan on partially following the same plot but I’d like to see a new, Pokémon themed, spin on it! For starters, you and everyone else on the island is an early tourist.

    - Basic Pokecharms rules
    - Only one character per person (Sorry)
    - Up to 4 Pokemon (No catching the Fossil Pokémon at the park, also the Fossil Pokémon will be severely stronger than your own)
    -Relationships are allowed but keep it PG
    - Not quite sure what the player count should be but I’ll probably cap it at 4-5 players MAX (No Exceptions)
    - Please use proper grammar/spelling! I know people make mistakes but try to notice and fix them please! Editing your post to fix such a mistake is better then leaving others to figure it out.
    - At LEAST write a paragraph! It’s only about 4-5 sentences. (Tip: Each post should start with a reaction to others posts and then your own action that makes sense)

    Character Format:






    And now, me -

    Name: Charlie Techten

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Messy brown hair, greenish blue eyes, wearing a dark green jacket and jeans.

    Personality: Calm and brave, but sometimes doesn’t think things through all the way.

    1. Gogoat
    2. Fletchling
    3. Joltik
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  2. I have two questions! First, mind if I join as Evelyn again? Second, are you ABSOLUTELY sure I can't play more than one character? This thread is PERFECT for my two that I have to come together and meet. Though in a way my secondary would be more or less an NPC, all things considered. Your thread, your rules. Let me know!
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  3. 1. If you join as Evelyn that’s fine (Just no psychic powers)
    2. Could you maybe PM me and give me a few details on the second charachter?
  4. Name: Zach

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Short cut black hair, hazel eyes, wearing jeans, and a red flannel with a white undershirt.

    Personality: has a tendency to overthink things; but is able to calmly asses a situation and consider outcomes.

    1)Rotom (He met Rotom when he was causing mischief in his home)
    2)Starly (His mother gave him Starly as a gift for his 16th birthday, along with a trip to this park)
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  5. You’re in! Go ahead and post in the Roleplay thread.
  6. Hmm, this seems quite the interesting RP after seeing Fallen Kingdom yesterday.

    Her name is Diana Tangi.

    She is 14 Years old.

    Diana is about 5'2" and has a skinny build and a lighter skin tone. She has blond hair in a paler shade that goes down to her neck and has a small patch of faint freckles on her nose. She has sky blue eyes and has on a pair of clear safety goggles with the edges being made of a thin layering of twenty-four karat gold and the adjustive strap being composed of leather to give it a sensation of the steampunk era. She has on a short-sleeved, gray henley shirt and a nightly black skort. She wears a violet lab coat over her clothing, as the inner area has a few hidden pockets and a bigger one on the outside that can be used as a sling to carry around small Pokémon. She has on a pair of orchid ballet shoes and carries around a mellow mauve duffel bag.

    Diana tends to be quiet around others, only speaking if the situation is necessary to have a few words to establish progression. Some describe her to have a stern figure of authority, having quite the serious outlook on others when issuing out commands if picked as the leader in a group setting. Unfortunately, she can be impatient at times since her Lapras can be hard to please sometimes.

    Name: His name is currently unknown, but may be revealed in the RP.
    Species: Lapras / Transport Pokémon
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Due to his young age, he is noticeably smaller than the average Lapras; standing at a height of roughly fifty-five centimeters and being at almost nine kilograms from a recent, frightful checkup. His curly ears are smaller than usual, while the horn on his forehead is nearly impossible to notice at a normal distance like the blunt knobs on his back almost blending in with the firm, gray surface.
    Clothing: He has on a sable black tudor bonnet, as the crowned cap has a golden tassel with a yellow cord around the hat to support the tuft. He wears dove gray socks on his frontal flippers, though not on his rear pair however due to mobility issues and having a dislike for wearing articles in that area.
    Personality: His trainer describes him to be an infantile Pokémon with an inarticulate and quirky behavior. He tends to cover his mouth with his right flipper at times, while also curling up when faced with a stranger in a sudden conversation. He is easily flustered when faced with insults, as he is quick to get the authorities if they are around.
    Ability: Shell Armor (Having a tough shell nullifies the effects of critical hits.)
    Other: As a result of some past training and studying in his free time, he has more combat experience and intellect than the typical Pokémon of his age does. He is often seen carrying around a small, arctic blue book.
    Name: His name is Frost.
    Species: Cubchoo / Chill Pokémon
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Frost is your normal, everyday Cubchoo; though he is about two inches shorter and roughly a pound lighter for the average size of his species. Unlike his kind however, he lacks the constant, runny nose.
    Clothing: Frost has on a cloud white, Class I armor vest in a pale shading of cloudy white. The vest has several pockets containing some personal items, though most of them appear to be for the sole purpose of ceasing the entry of germs at his body. He wears a pair of snow white, scratch resistant gloves and has on daisy white, weather resistant socks. Along with that, he sports a nightly black, half gas mask and dustproof goggles that most Pokémon tend to use in the midst of a storm while in the field of combat.
    Personality: Frost's personality remains an engima to most, since he is rarely around others with the exception of his trainer if deemed necessary. He could be calm and collective at one point, and then quietly sobbing like a baby at the next. He usually prefers to go back into his ball if alone time calls.
    Ability: Slush Rush (Doubles the Pokémon's speed in a hailstorm.)
    Other: His favorite drink is a cold bottle of milk at exactly fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit with the drinking container being completely sterlized prior for use.
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  7. Seems good! You can go ahead and post in the thread any time.
  8. Name: Marina Trémaux

    Age: 15

    Appearance: Marina Trémaux is a 5"5' girl with tan-colored skin. Her hair is long and a shade of seemingly chestnut brown, reaching down to her mid-back. While she sometimes has her hair down, it's most likely going to be in a fairly long ponytail. To go with her hair, the girl has emerald green eyes, and freckles that are lightly speckled onto her nose and cheeks. Marina's clothing is a little more complex, however, including a crop-top which is black and has two strings that cross and wrap around her neck. She then has a pair of jean shorts that are the normal denim blue color, and reach from her lower stomach to near her mid thigh. The jean shorts then have intricate designs of the side of them, like small mandalas. For the rest, she wears a pair of gold strappy sandals, that go up her ankle.

    Personality: Marina seems to be a most cynical, apathetic, and deadpan kid, having a more abrasive personality than a lot of people, a trait exaggerated by her deeper-than-average voice. She has been described as pragmatic, monotone and sarcastic. She also appears to be more logical and mature than some of her peers, typically being the one to call them out on their ignorance. She generally prefers to be left alone, harboring very few but simple interests.

    1. Bebe {Lopunny}
    2. Wendy {Meowstic F}
    3. Sabrina {Snivy}
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  9. Name:Austin.
    Appearance:Has black hair that's spiked to the left and neat on the right.he Also has fair skin and a short sleeved red and orange shirt.He wears shorts and blue high-tops.
    Personality:A bit sensitive,and easily distracted.He can turn initially cold on others at times.But is a nice guy if you get to know him
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  10. Name: Evelyn Tenebris
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Saffron City
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Black; long; short front bangs
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: See -CLOTHING EXAMPLE-
    Face Claim: See -CHARACTER CONCEPT-
    Identifying Marks: N/A
    Musculature: Slim
    Personality: Quiet
    Skills: Telekinesis
    Past: Moved into Saffron City Gym to train with others like her
    Family: Two Parents. One younger brother
    Love Relationships?: N/A
    Pokémon: Species: Female Kirlia ;; Male Gastly
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  11. Ok well, everybody’s charachter seems to be fine. At this point in time sign ups are ~Closed~ (Btw, @MegaTrio18 remember to use spaces and know that despite having large sized Pokémon they will still be severely underleveled in comparison to the fossils)
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  12. @Retr.0, if sign ups are going to be closed, I would highly suggest to put the thread to the red mark of Private/Closed then.

    (Also, I might maybe wait a little until the said person responds or perhaps until my character must react to let everyone get caught up.)
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  13. So are we all good to reply to the rp?
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  14. Should we go ahead and bump the thread? DM can lead us into the next round

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