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Open Pokemon Hoenn Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Seal Pup, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. This could be a bit similar to my first ever role play, but will be more organized and with no super failed mistakes in here. So this role play is a school with many learners, and scholars. It is said to be the #2 school in the Pokemon World, somehow. It is a very nice place to come, and also has dorms.
    This school is near a ocean, so water pokemon can be caught by students. It has a battlefield, as well.

    When Roleplay starts~ (changes every roleplay day passes by.) Schedule
    In classroom by~ 9:00
    9:00-10:00~ Pokemon Fossils and Stones.
    10:00-10:30~Pokemon Observations (aka looking and observing at the wild pokemon at the campus)
    10:30-11:00~ Break
    11:30-12:00~ Pokemon Effectiveness and Weaknesses
    12:00-12:45~ Lunch Break
    12:45~1:30~ Pokemon Catching
    1:31- 2:00~Show pokemon caught
    2:30-3:00: Bonding with Pokemon
    3:00-4:30: Pokemon Battles

    Pokemon Team: (All must not be evolved, they can evolve later. First stage, for example a Eevee. The max is 6 pokemon per team.)
    Dorm/Room: (1-500)
    Roomates: (0-2)

    Minor swearing.
    No kissing/mating
    If you read this say: Vulpix and Eevee
    No one-liners. Go for about 3 lines, with at least 5 sentences
    No trolling. I moved this thread because of maybe trolling.

    Name: Gavin
    Age: 12
    Pokemon: Vulpix, Eevee, Bulbasaur, Pichu, and Dratini
    Appearance: Green t-shirt, green and black cap, blue jeans, and a pair of white shoes.
    Personailty: A bit quirky, brave, funny, timid at times, a good friend mostly.
    Dorm/Room: 234
    Roommates: Ask/None
    Other: Vulpix and Eevee
  2. Name: Sheena Roseti
    Age: 14
    Pokemon: Zorua, Cottonee, Budew, Sandile
    Appearance: Sheena is slightly tanned, with blonde wavy hair up to her waist and blue eyes. She wears a black unzipped jacket with a dark blue shirt underneath, jeans, and black sneakers.
    Personality: Sheena is very shy around people she barely knows, but to people she knows well, she almost can't stop talking! She's a very good secret keeper (mainly because she sometimes forgets the secret), and a very loyal friend.
    Dorm/Room: 235
    Roommates: None at the moment/Ask if you want to
    Other: Sheena's from Unova, and came to Hoenn especially for the Hoenn Academy. (Vulpix and Eevee)
  3. a wild absol attacks!
  4. Name: Shawna Russet
    Age: 17
    Pokemon Team: Piplup, Shinx, Buizel
    Appearance: Tanned skin, black hair with light blue streaks in it, red T-Shirt, Navy blue jacket (usually unzipped), jeans, blue and gold sneakers.
    Personality: Very shy, but quite smart. She can also be kind of funny once you get to know her.
    Dorm/Room: 122
    Roommates: None (Ask if you want to, I guess)
    Other: Shawna is originally from Sinnoh, and came to Hoenn specifically for Hoenn Academy. (Vulpix and Eevee)
  5. Accepted! We will start now.
  6. @Icena May I be your roommate if so My room is

    Name: Sai Ikeda
    Pokemon Team: Skitty, Torchic, Poochyena, Taillow
    Appearance: Short Light, Purple Hair, White Shirt, Black Vest, Jeans, Purple Bandanna around waist, Purple Tennis Shoes
    Personality: Hyper, Has trouble focusing, Loves to talk, Extremely Compassionate.
    Dorm/Room: 235 Or 301
    Roommates: @Icena Or No One
    Other:Rei is From Is From Lillycove, Hoenn and wanted to train so she wants to go to Hoenn Academy
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  7. image.png Name:Gray Eren
    Appearance:messy black hair,Red T-shirt,black jean shorts
    Personality:Says anything that comes to mind,not knowing he may say something wrong,isn't shy about anything
    Dorm room:401
    Other:He travels around the regions,but settled in hoenn for the academy
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  8. Accepted! I am making the roleplay now, so be pumped!
  9. Name:zyro
    Pokemon Team:zorua,eevee,spinarak
    Appearance:blue shirt,black pants,red shoes,blue eyes,black hair
    Other:he is from unova he came to the academy to train
  10. Accepted! Roleplay is up!
  11. Name: Jack
    Age: 16
    Pokemon Team: Cyndiquil, Larvitar, and riolu
    Appearance: Blue Jacket, brown pants, blue shoes, black hair, red eyes, and a blue/black hat.
    Personailty: Brave, and defiant
    Dorm/Room: 144
    Roomates: It's fine if anybody wants to be my room-mate.
    Other: He has came from Jhoto to learn from some of the very best. (vulpix and eevee)
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  12. Accepted! You can go ahead and submit your roleplay posts now!
  13. Where is the professor? im ready to get my first pokemon8)
  14. Name: Flame
    Age: 14
    Pokemon Team: Froakie, Eevee, Noibat, Buizel, Pichu, Hawlucha
    Appearance: Blue pants, Light red shirt, Red baseball Cap, Dirty Blonde hair
    Personailty: Quick thinker, cares for all pokemon
    Dorm/Room: 234?
    Roomates: Vulpix wanna be roomates or already have them?
    Other: His pokemon are pretty strong, Born in Ninja Village Kalos.
    Trainer Card:
  15. Accepted! Yes, we can be roommates.
  16. Can we start the roleplay?
  17. Can we catch new pokemon while in the roleplay
  18. Cool, im join now in the RP.
  19. Name: Fraser
    Age: 15
    Pokemon Team: Tyrogue
    Appearance Medium brown messy, brown chinos/trousers, red jacket, white shirt and green beanie
    Personailty: Goofy, Caring
    Dorm/Room: 58
    Roomates: I don't mind whoever
    Other: Is a new trainer with a newly hatched Tyrogue and wants to become powerful with his partner (Tyrogue) and has recently moved from Sinnoh to come to this school. (Vulpix and Eevee)
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  20. MapleHayato

    MapleHayato Previously Thunderheart

    Name: Mitnaki
    Age: around 8-9
    Pokemon Team: Shiny Glaceon,Shiny Amaura,Alolan Vulpix,Shinx,Vaporeon,and Jolteon
    Appearance Handsome,have yellow eyes,wears a blue and white Japanese shirt with a long and giant sleeves,pale white skin,and black pants.
    Personailty: Free-minded,Careful,strong,kind,always smiles,smart,respectful,creeps people sometimes,brave,and kind of shy.
    Dorm/Room: Dunno.
    Roomates: Umm....can I...ummm...be with....you?
    Other: New student.He is a ninja who is scared on his first day.But he get used to it and got lots of friends.He love is starter who is a Shinx named Tobi.He is a transfer student.He love the academy and the people who learns there.He is a male.
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