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Pokemon GO: Pokemon in Your Area

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by teabut, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Information about Pokemon GO is cropping up every day. We've already learned that pokemon distribution will be dependant on where you live. For example, if you live near the ocean you will probably be running into a lot of water-type pokemon.

    So, based on where you live, what sort of pokemon do you think you'll be running into? Do you live in an industrial area where you'll probably find some steel-types, grimers, etc? Or maybe you're up near some mountains where rock types run the show? Or near a volcano surrounded by fire-types?

    For me, I live in a largely rural/agricultural area, so I'm sure miltanks/ponyta/taurus are probably gonna be common, as well as pokemon who'd dwell in the forest like grass and bird types. I'm also right by one of the great lakes, so I'm sure water types will be popping up quite a bit!
  2. Where I live I'm sure to meet ground and rock types, occasionally fire types and possibly steel, and if this is applied to legendary pokemon as well I'll be sad because I won't be able to get mewtwo (groudon / landorus won't be bad though)
  3. Shiny Pyxis

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    I live in some pretty dry parts of Texas; not quite desert, but still dry enough that we have water shortage warnings every other year or so. I wouldn't doubt we'll have a good number of ground and maybe rock types back in the Dallas area, though grass types shouldn't be uncommon either as it was a grasslandy area. I'd love to see some Skiddo and Gogoat! We also have a huge population of rabbits, so Bunnelby and Buneary should be quite common as well. Back in Austin, instead of rabbits, we have some very friendly squirrels. Pachirisu ad maybe the rare Emolga would be fun to see! It's also more industrial so a couple of steel types and possibly even electric types should appear here. I'd be happy to find Plusle and Minun ♥
  4. Linkachu

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    PEI's an island surrounded by the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, so we're likely to have lots of water types but possibly not larger ocean dwellers. For the most part the island is covered in trees and brush, marshlands, open fields, and farmland, and we don't have many large mammals (our largest land mammals are foxes and coyotes). If they kept the Pokemon distribution semi-true to the environment here we'd likely have many rodent Pokemon, various smaller grass-types, lots of flying-types, and smaller canines. As we do have lots of livestock here, we may see Miltank, Mareep, and Ponyta as well. Personally, I'm hoping that Buizel is available because we do have weasels and muskrats. ♥

    Certain shorelines of PEI are fairly rocky, so I could see there being various rock and ground-types in those areas. The island isn't overly industrial, minus a few larger factories in rural areas, so I wouldn't expect us to have many Steel-types and the like. We basically have two decently sized cities, many rural towns, a few tourist spots, and lots of nature.
  5. I live in a rural/ag area, so I'd probably see a lot of rodents (Rattata, Patrat, etc.), Pidgeys, Murkrows, and other things that would gravitate to farms. There's a lot of forest around me as well, so I imagine Stantler and Deerling/Sawsbuck would be common. We get moles and other underground rodents in the backyard whenever it rains, so maybe Sandshrews?

    I'd have a pet Sandshrew. :)
  6. Tons of water Pokemon for sure, Wingull, Crabby and Clauncher come to mind instantly. There's also a lot of lakes and forest and all that, but the ocean is really the focus around here. "Canada's Ocean Playground" is printed on every single provincial licence plate.

    If it's really specific, I'm currently a city dweller and would expect a mix of typical water types and things like Trubbish and Rattata. Our harbour, though better in recent years, has a long history of being absolutely disgusting full of sewage and garbage, and waterfront rats are far from uncommon. There is also a river otter population that hangs around (I saw a little one a few months ago while taking the metro ferry) so maybe Buizel would be included.
  7. I feel like normal types will be common for me...living in a suburban area and all
  8. There are a lot of mountains and hills here, so I may encounter an abundance of rock, ground, grass and bug types since a lot of bugs live in the tall grass around here. There's a lot of deer, boars and other wild animals here, so I wouldn't be surprised if I find Deerling, Tepig, Gogoat, etc.
  9. I live in like town/city place so I'll be expecting like home pokemon like skitty, pidove, etc ._.)
  10. I live in a smaller town with a college campus. I'll probably see many normal types, but I may see some water and grass types. It will be interesting to see what Pokemon come with students.

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