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Open Pokemon: Fantasy Adventure Edition

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EnigmaticMissingNo., Feb 20, 2019.

  1. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

    (Link to the discussion page: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-fantasy-adventure-edition.20606/)

    In the Kingdom of Churan people have lived peacefully, shielded from the terrible chaos and war of the outside world. Here people can grow amazing civilizations that have grown to see Pokemon as more than tools. Following this change in opinion came the idea of trainers and the establishment of organized battling. Some lucky trainers have been given the opportunity to travel the expansive land of Churan, tame their very own Pokemon, and possibly battle against in the kingdom's many Pokemon Masters. However this is a rare occurrence that aspiring trainers can only dream of possibly befalling them.

    The Soaring Spearow Courier Service has recently accepted some trainers into a new sponsor program that hopes to spread their name across Churan. There are no specific requirements and the choice is mostly random, the actual traveling will have little interference from the company as well. Five trainers were chosen, each were brought to Vlain, a small town in the plains near Sherrin city and to the north of New Relic Town. Here the trainers will be given one day in a local inn to introduce themselves to each other and gather anything else they may need.


    An old man stood at the front of an inn, he looked out vigantly for signs of a carriage. He took out a pocket watch and began to tap his foot impatiently. A man wearing a small badge shaped like a Spearow passed by and stopped to speak to him, "Post Master Senson, we've received word that the trainers are to arrive in about 30 minutes." Senson looked down to his pocket watch again, he was not pleased with the timing.

    "How unfortunate, I was hoping this little excursion wouldn't cut into unscheduled time. My patience wears thin as well, no matter, I will remain here until they arrive, I'm sure they'll need some sort of direction as to the nature of their travels." Senson put away his pocket watch and began to walk into the inn, "Call me out once they've arrived, I'll have myself a sit in the inn to rest and hopefully escape the smell of the local Miltank dung."
  2. Marik had been running for almost an hour now. His legs were tired. His hair was wet. His face was red. He wanted to to stop. He would even kill an innocent man if it meant he could stop. He could not stop, however. Not if he wanted to continue to live his life the way he had for the last ten years as a thief.

    He decided to run into an alley, thinking that he could ditch his pursuer. It was a fatal mistake. Inside the alley, a purple snake was waiting for him. The snake, or more accurately the Enakes, was hissing. Marik spun around, ready to run again. Blocking the exit was a man about 6 feet. He was wearing a red shirt and there was a helmet on the man’s head.

    Marik bit his lip. ‘I am not going to let myself be captured!’ Marik thought and began to climbed the wall. The Enakes looked at the man in the red shirt, as if to ask, ‘Now what?’ The man looked back silently at the Enakes and then at Marik. The man unsheathed a small knife. The blade was no longer than the man’s hand and was covered what seemed to be either rust or remnant of blood. He threw it and it landed on Marik’s back.

    Marik opened his mouth but no words came out and, almost immediately, Marik fell to the ground. He tried to got up, coughed up blood and collapsed.

    30 minutes later…

    Marik was dragged to a guard’s post. The blade had been removed and the bleeding had stopped. The man in the helmet turned to face one the guards and asked for the guards’ superior. Soon, a man in armor plate came out. “It’s good to see you again, Chester.” The man greeted with a smile.

    Chester removed his helmet. “I am here for the bounty on the guy’s head.”

    The man chuckled. “Always so serious.” He turned to a guard and nodded. The guard nodded back and went, presumably, to get the money. “Are you sure there’s nothing I can say to make you join our ranks? We really could use a man like you.”

    Chester sighed as if it was not the first, and probably not the last time, he had heard this. “Not interested.” He replied, coldly.

    The guard came back with a small bag and handed it to his superior, who opened the bag before he in turn gave it to Chester. “As per promised.” He then patted Chester on his shoulder. “Continue with the good work, Chester.”

    After Chester put his helmet back on and was about to walk away, the guard decided to speak. “Your father would be so proud.”

    Chester spun around with his sword in his hand. The superior guard quickly stepped in the path between Chester the foolish guard. The superior guard mouthed the words. ‘Let. It. Go.’ Chester looked at the foolish guard and then the superior guard. “Won’t happen again.” The superior guard promised.

    “Next time, I won’t let that slide so easily.” Chester warned and walked way. His sword still in his hand. The superior guard sighed in relief.

    “What’s the problem? Isn’t his father The Rider of Nark?” Said the guard.

    The superior guard shook his head and chided. “Just keep your mouth shut.”
  3. At the edge of the woods that surrounded the fields that New Relic Town resided upon, a man in a jet black coat emerged from the woods and walked along the path, tailed by what looked like a Deino who curiously looked around at their surroundings. The tail on the man's coat as well as the scarf around his neck swayed gently in the cool breeze, the man looked once more at a letter he was given alongside a strange charm. The letter said...


    You have been tasked with training Deino with other people in order to get stronger as well as find potential recruits for The New Moon. However, you should also proceed with caution when training and recruiting, should anyone find out about you being in The New Moon and happen to act against it, you have permission to eliminate them, but should make sure you do it quietly and without a trace.
    You have the full support of The New Moon alongside mine, we all hope you grow to become what The New Moon needs in order to bring it to glory.

    Good luck
    -Your father, Gareth Magala.

    P.S. Amanda also says good luck.'

    Marduk smiled at the letter before he folded it up and put it in the inner pocket of his coat, the 'P.S.' part of the letter seemed to make his cheeks faintly turn red for a brief moment before Deino cried to snap him back to reality. "You ready, Deino? Once we do this, there's no turning back." Marduk asked as he looked back at his Pokemon, Deino responded with a confident roar as he ran to catch up with Marduk. They knew the journey to New Relic Town would have been a while, but with the seemingly gorgeous weather above them, the pair didn't mind in the slightest.
  4. A carriage comes over the hill nearing its destination. Inside there is a rhydon and Palidin. “Can’t belive this is happening, out of everyone why me?” He pulls out the letter and looks at it. He reads it out loud so that his rhyhorn can hear it.

    To Azar
    This letter has been sent to you to acknowledge the future training that will come. You and your rhyhorn will be dropped off at a inn and will meet others that have been sent on the same journey. Shall you choose to accept, you will embark on a great journey. We know what you have been through and know this will be a difficult decision. But the time will be short before the carriage arrives. Think over it and we trust you will make the right decision. The Soaring Spearow Courier Service trusts you will continue to protect others and bring joy to others.
    From the Soaring Spearow Courier Service
    He puts the letter down and looks at his rhyhorn.
    He rubs his rhyhorns back “What do you think Leo, did we make the right choice?” Leo lets out a cheerful cry before relaxing. Azara smiles “I’ll take that as a yes.” He chuckles before being interrupted by the man in the front of the carriage. “Please gather your stuff and prepare to get off, we’re about to arrive at the inn.”
    Azar gathers his stuff and puts the letter away. “You ready Leo, this is going to help us become better and help others.” He looks out of the carriage awating the stop.
  5. Essia looked at the inn and back at her letter. ''This should be the place?'' she spoke to herself and her Espeon.

    When the letter had arrived two days ago her father had been reluctant on her going, saying she was still so very young, and it could be very dangerous. Her mother on the other hand, had laughed and reassured her father that their daughter would be fine, she had been raised very secluded and protected yes but Essia was a strong and determined girl, who needed to create her own experiences and opinions of the world.

    The very night the letter arrived, Essia had packed her things and bid her parents and her home goodbye with a promise of writing to them. The travel to the inn had taken around a day and a half, she petted her Espeon and looked around for the other few who had been selected. ‘’ Are we perhaps early? ‘’ she questioned, ‘’ or maybe very late?! ‘’ Essia’s nerves beginning to get to her.

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