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Open Pokemon Daycare (REMAKE)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PenelopeThePrimarina, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Yeah. My old thread got locked because of lots of one liners. So im remaking the thread and this time. NO ONE LINERS and make sure to speak past tense and thank you. ^-^
    Hello and welcome to the Pokemon Daycare!. This daycare is for baby pokemon of course!, but if you like you can be an adult pokemon and be a caretaker! so onto the rules.
    1. No cursing!
    2. Shinies are allowed
    3. Up to 3 characters are allowed.
    4. The first evolution of pokemon are generally baby pokemon for me.
    5. Last but no least. Have fun!
    Now for the form

    Name: (Whats your name?)
    Gender: (Female or male?)
    Species: (What type of pokemon are you?)
    Shiny?: (yes or no)
    Role: (child or caretaker?)
    Moves: (Most babies have 2 or 3 moves)
    Likes: (what does your pokemon like?)
    Dislikes: (what does your pokemon dislike?)
    Now onto my ocs

    Name: Vixey
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vullaby
    Shiny?: No
    Role: Child
    Moves: Steel wing, attract
    Likes: Cookies, pokepuffs
    Dislikes: Bullies.
    now onto my second oc!

    Name: Gloria
    Gender: Female
    Species: Greninja
    Shiny?: No
    Role: Caretaker
    Moves: Hydro Pump, Smokescreen, Night Slash, Double Team.
    Likes: Baby pokemon, some of her workers, Cake, and dark types.
    Dislikes: Bug types, waiting, and a few of her workers
    As Gloria was waiting for the egg by her to hatch. She decided to go cook some pokepuffs, once she was done. The egg started glowing and she said "Woah! the egg is glowing!"she gathered all the kids out of the room and into a different room, then once all the kids was in a different she waited. Then once the egg finally hatched she took it to a different room to clean it off. She found out it was a vullaby! "woah its a vullaby" she said. She than gathered all the baby pokemon back to the room.
  2. Name: Midnight
    Gender: Male
    Species: Zorua
    Shiny?: No
    Role: Child
    Moves: Night Daze, Bite, Thief
    Likes: Being alone
    Dislikes: Evil people

    As all the other young Pokémon gazed at and adored the newly hatched Vullaby, Zorua opened one eye but closed it as soon as he realised that the commotion was nothing important and that it didn't matter to him.
  3. Name: Dreigon
    Gender: Male
    Species: Deino
    Shiny: No
    Role: Child
    Moves: Bite and Dragon Rage
    Likes: Friends, Food, and Becoming Freinds with others
    Dislikes: Being alone

    As Deino awakened at the new sight of the vullaby, he smiled and decided to run around and crashed into a wall, not knowing where he he was heading because of his hair blocking his head. He then finally regained sight and said, "Well that hurt. And when I grow up. I wanna work here!"
  4. Name: Rexie
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pichu
    Shiny: Yes
    Role: Child
    Moves: Thunder Shock and Charm
    Likes: Apples, Hats, and making friends
    Dislikes: Team Rocket, Ground Types, Fighting Types, and Rock Types
  5. Rexie would look at the Vullaby, Deino, and Zoura. Then, go over and say hi to them.
  6. Deino said Hi to the pichu and asked the pichu if he wanted to be friends and we can play together.
  7. The ground shaking startled Pichu which triggered Attract. Pichu: OMG sorry
  8. Pichu hoped it wasn't effective...
  9. Deino decided to jump up and down with the pichu which caused the ground to shake more and did a belly flop. And Deino said, attract won't work cause I'm a boy too, so don't worry about it! And you even learned attract! So I'm happy!
  10. Name: Buzz
    Species: Hoothoot
    Shiny: Yes
    Gender Male
    Role: Child
    Moves: Peck, Fly, Confusion, And Hypnosis
    Likes: Music and Sleeping
    Dislikes: Mean People, Dark Types, Rock Types, Fighting Types, and Abnormaly Social People
  11. Pichu would say Whew that's a relief. Oh and do you now slam or stomp?
  12. I only know Thunder Shock and Attract. Not Slam or Stomp.
  13. A random Ekans came out of nowhere and attacked the Pichu. AHHHHHHH HELP! said the Pichu
  14. I only know bite and dragon rage so I'm not that strong. I'm nothing if I battle!
  15. I help! I'll use dragon rage to knock him outta here! I will use dragon rage! Blaaaar! Hey... I think I learned stomp!
  16. Buzz decided to enter the day care after thinking for and hour. and buzz said "i really hope i don't get hurt on my first day ". Buzz enters the daycare right before he regretted it right away. he didn't get the chance tithing again before his body started to move toward the other pokemon.
  17. Good Job uhhh what's your name? I'm Rexie!
  18. Buzz finally got control over his body again and backed away slowly flew away from the pichu and deino buzz whispered "I'm not ready for this".
  19. Hey Deino did you see that HootHoot? Eh probably nothing important.
  20. "its already my first day and I already failed at talking to someone" Buzz sighed and decided to go sleep
  21. Yeah I did let's go say hi! Oh by the way I'm Dreigon the Deino! Nice to meet yah!
  22. Pichu learned Foresight
  23. I'm never going to make friends at this rate
  24. Deino approached the Hoothoot and said Hi I'm Dreigon the Deino! What's your name? Wait! Wanna be friends?
  25. Wait Dreigon! He's too shy...
  26. oh uh I'm buzz and you are
  27. I'm Rexie Pichu! Greetings!
  28. Awesome! I really like your name! And I'm sorry if I was interrupting something...
  29. Oh wait! Rexie would pulls out his guitar with a Pokeball strapped to it. I got this!
  30. Rexie would take off the pokeball and throw it. I Choose You!!!!
  31. I love a song! Can you play a song for us? I really like music! I love it!
  32. As the pokeball opened light shined bright then a Emolga appeared. This is Lily
  33. Hi Lily! I'm Dreigon the Deino! How are you? Wanna be friends?
  34. I'm going to fall asleep now so you guys can do whatever you want
  35. Ok Buzz! Have a good nap!
  36. wait i can't sleep its too bright outside ........ dang it this day is going to go by really long day
  37. Ok! I might as well sleep too! I had a long day! I wanted to sleep by the way. Flop, Zzz. Zzz. *Deino fell asleep...* Deino in his dream, *man I fall asleep easily...*
  38. hums the original pokemon theme song and hopes nobody notices it

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