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Open Pokemon Day Care/ Boarding center

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Seal Pup, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. You must accept this in order to join. If you post one-liners, you will be kicked without any warning. Listen up: one one-liner, double posting, mini modding, autoing, skipping time without my permission will result as a kick from the role play, as I will ask a moderator in the report button to remove you if you do. You need to post at least a paragraph, which is 5 sentences. If you post less then 5, I will talk to you in pm to type in a paragraph that is 5 sentences. Feel free to interact with any other role players in this role play. This is a very defensive role play of mine, so please listen to this.

    • If you accept, you may join the role play.
    • If you decline, you are rejected from the role play and may not post anything.
    A new pokemon day care/boarding center had just opened in the Kalos Region. (If you don't know what boarding is, it is staying overnight, like daycare, but overnight.) You have been dropped here because your trainer had school, your trainer needed you to be away from them for awhile, or they wanted you to become stronger and train over there.

    Side Notes:
    You may be a worker, also you may control more than one character. Also, if you are a pokemon, depending on your type, you will sleep in different rooms if you are doing boarding. Fakemon are allowed.

    Worker Form:

    Pokemon Form~
    Appearance: (if fakemon or not normal)

    Name: Calie
    Species: Clefairy
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Shiny
    Trainer: Kayla Yellow
    Other: I accept the spoiler thing

    Name: Hino
    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Normal
    Trainer: Kayla Yellow
    Other: I accept the spoiler thing
  2. I accept the rules! Here's my character.
    Name: Olive
    Species: Zoura
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Olive looks like a normal Zoura, except she has purple tufts instead of red ones and she wears a red scarf.
    Trainer: Lily Hart
    Should I type in her personality, or is that not needed?
  3. I accept the rules, of course~!

    Name: Benjamin (Benji for short)
    Species: Leafeon
    Gender: male
    Appearance: The lighter green of a normal Leafeon is a baby blue color, the leaves are reddish-pink, and he wears rectangular glasses. Even though the glaze of his glasses' lens hide his eyes most of the time, they are a maroon color.
    Trainer: Avalonia Milliken
    Other: He's openly gay and is friends with Roze.
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  4. You both are accepted!

    You may if you want, I didn't put it in the form because I was lazy.
  5. I accept the rules! Here are my characters:
    name: berry
    species: flareon
    gender: male
    appearance: regulare old flareon
    trainer: Kathleen chaser
    other: sister is grace

    name: grace
    species: leafeon
    gender female
    appearance: smaller then average
    trainer: Kathleen chaser
    other: brother is berry
  6. Accepted! I'll start the role play when one more person submits a form and I accept.
  7. I have a question before I join, would I be able to be a Pokemon that helps out with the daycare, but doesn't stay there themselves? Kinda like a worker.
  8. Yup! It says so in the first post! :D

    Also, I might add Benji's sister to this, but then literally all but one of the characters would be Eeveelutions... I'll just use another Pokesona. xD
  9. It doesn't clarify species. So I thought it would be human only
  10. Well, that's definitely a question for @VulpixNinetales, but I would think it could be either... Right?

    Anyway, here's my next character~!

    Name: Roze
    Species: Banette
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Her entire body is a light-ish pink, she has no tail, and her zipper mouth is instead a row of pearly-white teeth. Her eyes are bright red and there's a spiral on her stomach.
    Trainer: Avalonia Milliken
    Other: She's good buds with Benji! ^.^

    I'll update Benji's profile, too.
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  11. I was going to use Autumn as like a Volunteer for the Shelter
  12. Well, the worst that can happen to ya is you get told "no," but I say go for it! You could make her(?) form now and see what Vulpix says once he's back online. That's what I would do, anyway. :p
  13. Alrighty,

    Pokemon Form~
    Name: Autumn
    Species: Serperior
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (I cannot upload files, so I will just have to explain. @The Ringmaster made it though and I believe they still have it.) Autumn is a Serperior that suffers from chlorophyll deficiency. This caused her to become Red, Orange and in certain extreme cases Brown. For the most part it doesn't effect her unless in extreme exercise.
    Trainer: Ahnoah Niladian
    Other: A volunteer to help out the new daycare. She is a chaperone essentially.
  14. Here's the pic~!

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  15. Oh yeah, the small edit I made is that I made her eyes purple
  16. Ah. Yeah, that would absolutely look better on it. xD They do kinda blend in with the top of her head, don't they? Oopsies...
  17. It's fine! It gave me a bit of pratice
  18. Accepted! I'll start the role play later tonight, or tomorrow.
  19. I'm going to start the role play, get hyped xD
  20. Joining~
    And le spoilers have been noted, filed, and accepted.

    Species: Venteon (Note, mistaken for an eeveelution when it is in fact completely different, but just very similar)

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (Note: Fakemon) : A long body like an eastern dragon, the torso is around half a size larger, but the neck is around average like an Umbreon's or Espeon's. Wide, large navy colored eyes with thin white slits for pupils. Large, upright, and forword facing ears. The tail is made up like this, one large rounded feather on top, three more similar feathers beneath it, all spread out like a fan. On top of the shoulders are a little cluster of feathers before three larger ones poke out. The legs and paws don't change much, but the toes are spread a little wider and have claws. She has some feathering on the top of her head and on the cheeks. And like an eastern dragon, two long whiskers. The coloration goes a little like this: All white body, the feathers start with the main feather white and gradually grow grayer, the inside of the ears are dark gray and have a dark swirl on the bottom (Like a symbol for air) The legs all have a dark gray gradient on the bottom, with white toes. Verrrrry much fluff.

    Trainer: Eris Beecher

    Other: Due to a long torso can fold her body into a corkscrew, and rotate in any direction without moving either her front or back half. Due to this her most common perch is on some sort of wide pole or rock, with her back legs clinging to the front, her body wrapping around, and then her front half appearing on the front as well. Her ability is also levitate, and thus can often be found levitating. Also a fondness for shiny things.
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  21. Alright, this seems like an interesting RP here. Funny enough, most of my OC characters I've had are like either young or so babish. I'm also going to have more than one character, one that is a worker, and the other that is the baby or Pokémon I suppose you could say.
    (EDIT: See my later post, as I am also making another character that is a lot younger. She will also be boarding like Cepher.)

    Unfortunately, I've been having issues, especially with my illness and file work, since my devices have been rather stubborn lately. (Yeah, so be prepared to see a lot of description here!)

    I'm also featuring the final evolution of my water type starter and my new grass type starter in this RP for my Fakemon! As always, if there's any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to privately discuss them with me. I've also read everything, and I also have added a little more information to my characters since I like to have lots of details.

    Worker: (The one who assists others in the Day Care.)
    Name: Anthony (Tony is his short name.)
    Species: Aqubruin (The final evolution of Hydopup, the water starter of Camtonia.)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Appearance: He is rather tall, towering over most Pokémon, as he stands on two legs while he has a muscular build. He has dark blue eyes, loose ears, while he has at least ten teeth that can be seen when he opens his mouth. He has a large, light blue shield marking on his chest that symbolizes protection. He has four retractable claws on his paws, while his feet have three claws each. He has a curly, fin-like tail that extends outward, as his body is covered in a light layer of oceanic blue fur.
    Personality: He is kind and outgoing, though he can be defensive at times, especially if there is quarreling going on.
    Height: 5'10"
    Other: His shield marking sometimes glows in battle when he uses certain abilities.

    Pokémon: (The one who is staying in the Day Care.)
    Name: Cepher
    Species: Cephalond (The grass type starter from Camtonia.)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 4 Years old
    Appearance: He is a brownish, dinosaur-like creature, as he has a dome shaped area near the top of his head. He has brown eyes, while his nose appears to be two tiny nostrils, as he does not have any teeth in his mouth. On his back, he has four greenish spots that have a tiny seedling on each one. His body is slim, while his arms have four digits, but unlike his feet, he does not have any claws on them. His feet have one tiny claw on each foot, as he also has a tapered tail.
    Personality: He is timid, while he is also frightened of strangers. He also has a bad habit of putting his hand into his mouth, as it does help calm him if he is nervous. He also has an obsession with stuffed animals, since he had turned to them for love and relationships two years ago. (No one had really loved him, so he found something that would.)
    Trainer: Akira Shoui
    Height: 1'10"
    Other: He wears a green scarf around his neck, and carries around a teddy bear.
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  22. Accepted both!

    If you are doing a worker form, do this one:
    Worker Form~
  23. Well alright thanks. So should I change the form then? I'm just wondering since I had put a lot more information on there. (Especially since my worker and my other Pokémon Character are both my Fakemon. Now it's time for me to join the RP!)

    And funny enough, I had ran out of ideas for grass types, so I've finally decided to settle on the dinosaur from the squirrel. I just like the dinosaur more since the herbivore diet has a large relationship, and it would go pretty great with a bear and a bird.
  24. Name:Hiro
    Appearence:He is actually a shade of purple,unlike most froakies.He usually has his bubble scarf over his mouth.
    Trainer:Alex Kasten
    Other:He has a horrible phobia of any grass or electric type pokemon
  25. @PumperPenny.

    You did not accept the thing, and there is no need to put age.

    Your form has been rejected because you did not accept the thing, but you may make a remake if you want.
  26. IMG_0175.PNG IMG_0175.PNG
    Great! I accept the rules!

    Name: Ry
    Species: Riolu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 3 years old
    Appearence: He has Main Blue fur, With a Yellow shiny collar which glows when fainted. He has amber orange eyes with white Dots above his main hand. He also has a straight bent tail with Black tiny spots on the tail
    Personality:Brave, He is also a big flirter, He likes making friends, Fighting for justice, And winning the last pizza slice.
    Trainer: Demitrius Price
    Other: He has a secret crush on midnight and is always by her

    (Second chariter)

    Name:Midnight (Mid for short)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 3 years old
    Appearence: Grey main fur with white tufts, Sliver eyes and white under ears
    Has a small nose and legs. Eyes can be a little attractive..
    Personality:Nice,Likes to make friends and play. Always near Ry for protection.
    Trainer:Demitrius Price
    Other: Is very strong in speed stat. Has a tiny crush for Ry but not that much

    (Sorry I spammed the picture, idk how to delete it...)
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  27. Same for PumperPenny, you did not accept the thing, but your form is correct.

    However, same like her, just edit that your post staying you accept the spoiler/ rule thing.

  28. The accept thing is in above, I can't edit mine due to glitches..( will fix it tomarrow)
  29. I cannot see it. However, since it is glitching, you may join the rp.
  30. So, I just have one question I would like to ask. Do the workers also stay at the Day Care, or is it just the ones that are being cared for and such?
  31. The workers have their own room in the day care, but they may leave their job.
  32. Oh, alright. Thanks for the clarification. (Well now it's time for me to start thinking or if it's already decided at the start.)
  33. Ok glitch fixed, it should be there now
  34. I accept the rules
    Name: Waddles
    Species: Riolu
    Appearance: Normal color, wears bow on left ear
    Gender: Female
    Trainer: Sophia Forth
    Other: Is sassy
  35. (Ok, so these are charecters I use a lot, and I put them in different situations)
    I also accept you rules

    Pokémon form~
    Appearance:The only thing I should say that separates her from other Riolu is her blue backpack she wears around.
    Trainer: Jamie rocksen
    Other: She is very happy to meet new people! She is very young, 7 or so. She usually will run up to Pokémon she has never seen before.

    Pokémon form~
    Appearance:There is nothing different about her from other Snivy
    Trainer: Jamie Rocksen
    Other:She is not always the nicest to other Pokémon. She is constantly pestered by Charlotte.
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  36. Both of you are accepted!
  37. Name: Gooble
    Species: Ditto
    Gender: Gender Fluid
    Appearance: Black with violet eyes
    Other: Constantly pretends to be other Pokemon, good at imitation
  38. Trainer: Jesse West

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