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Pokemon Cries

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Toastie, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. I believe I posted a similar topic in the old 'Charms. So anyway, out of the Pokemon we currently have, they all have different cries (with the exception of one or two), some electronic bleeps, some chirps, some xylpohones. But which is your favourite cry? Which is your least favourite? Which sounds like real speech?

    Personally, I really enjoy Regigigas' cry. It sounds like an explosion of metal, robots and ancient technology (which, in a way, it is.)
    I don't really enjoy Geodude's cry. I just hear it so much, and it sounds really whiny.
    Togekiss' cry is hilarious. I reckon it sounds like a child who has just been crying for a long time going "Wwwwhhhhhyyyyy?"
    Please voice your opinions below.
  2. I have to say, for realistic terms, Infernape sounds the closest to what he's supposed to be, which is an ape :p Also another one I like is Walord, it sounds like a giant, which is what he is *noticing I'm stating the obvious alot.*. But for one I like that isn't as realistic, I'd have to go with Gallade and Torterra.

    As for ones I don't like, I just don't like Dialga's voice. We hear Palkia's badass cry, but Dialga sounds like he lost his voice midcry. Plus another would be Darkrai. I was expecting something super-dark, but instead we get the voice that sounds like, well, not that :p.
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  3. Well, let's see...

    I really like the Pokemon with cries that sound realistic to what animal or whatever they're trying to portray.

    For example, like Glameow and Purugly, Taillow and Swellow, Starly, Staravia, and Staraptor. They all sound like cats and birds.

    Misdreavus and Mismagius sound like creepy ghost things. Chingling and Chimecho sound like a cell phone and a wind chime, respectively, which is cool by me.

    I really enjoy Stunky's and Skuntank's cries because they sound like...well, flatulence. Something stinky, like you'd expect from skunks. Same with Lickilicky. Every time I send that guy out I feel like my face gets slobbered.

    I guess if I had to pick a cry I didn't like, I'd go with Honchkrow. I mean, Murkrow had this awesome cry; Honchkrow just totally bastardizes it. A few of the other G4 pokes that were evolutions of previous generations had that effect on me.

    Other cries I don't really like are those that sound too similar. Examples are like Slowbro and Machamp, or Porygon2 and Girafarig. Rhyhorn just has Charizard's cry. It annoys me so. D:
  4. My best Pokemon cry I've heard is Froslass's. The sound of the wind and the chime along with it, makes me feel like I'm REALLY in a snow land. Plus, Snorlax's, almost sounds like he's yawning. xD And Bronzong with a toll of a boisterous bell. :3 And an added extra, Heatran gets to be on my list, because his cry is two sounds and not one long one.
  5. I absolutely love Froslass's cry. It sounds like I'm in a haunted house, in a snowy place. I love it. And the Regi's have totally badass cries. Especially Registeel. And Spiritomb is... Whoa. It's freaky, and I like it. And I also like Leafeon's cry and Glaceon's cry.

    Ones I don't like... Machop and Omanyte. Their cries are EXACTLY THE SAME. And they're annoying. And Zubat, and Geodude. They're annoying too.

    That is all.
  6. Not EXACTLY the same - Omanyte's cry is a bit higher than Machop's. It's like the Machamp/Slowbro example I mentioned earlier - Slowbro and Machamp have similar cries, but Machamp's is a bit higher than Slowbro's.

    I will concede that they're both annoying though. :3
  7. Spritomb sounds ghostly.
    Lopunny sounds like its trying to seduce someone, which adds to it since it likes they tried to make Lopunny look sexy.
    Blastiose just sounds cool.
    Empoleon sounds like a duck like war cry.
    But the best of all would have to be Registeel. If you don't believe me, go listen to his sound because it really sounds like the old transformers sound where they would transform!
  8. Re: Journey through the Dark Cave

    I tend to play GBA (sadly, I don't own a ds) with the sound off, but there are two that I remember specifically.

    1. The most annoying: Slowbro. Ugh -.- When I first heard it I thought it was Blastoise or something. Bad overall and horrible for poor 'Bro.

    2. The most beautiful: Articuno. It's just so elegant. It really sounds like it's singing. Plus points for appearing in the first games and still topping all other pokemon in my opinion.
  9. I actually don't hear many pokemon cries since I often play where I can't hear the sound or can't have it on. ^^ I always liked Mewtwo's cry. It sounds so otherworldly.
  10. I think one of my favorite cries is Gastly's. It just reminds me so much of Psycho (the film, not the Charmsian) every time I come across one. Those that also come to mind are Kricketune's and Giratina's. Yeah, I have a thing for eerie cries.

    On the top of my head, my least favorite cry is probably Jynx's. There's nothing wrong with it phonetically, it's just a really long cry compared to most of the other Pokemon and when you're crawling through a cave trying to find daylight, it can get pretty annoying if you have the misfortune to come across a whole bunch of them.

    On a random note, the Regi trio has the neatest cries in the anime....and Palkia sounds like a demonic horse :x
  11. [​IMG]

    I'm quite fond of Leafeon's cry. It's so nature-y with birds!
    My friend has a Glaceon that he adores, so I like to make fun of its cry whenever it comes out.
    "Doowuueeeoo!" "Shut up!"
  12. That sir is an epic win no doubt about it.

    I hate Kricketune's cry. HATE IT.

    I like.... hm.... Regis and Palkia. Dialga just makes me laugh.
  13. In my opinion, Dialga sounds like a chicken-horse hybrid. He doesn't get some impressive cry, he sounds like a choking animal.

    However, my favorite cry would have to be Mareep's or Flaafy's. I love how cute the little 'baaa' sounds, making me go 'aww' every time I hear it.
  14. I've always liked Kyogre's, the Regi's, and Milotic's cries for some reason. Plus, I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this, but to me, Dialga's cry sounds like an ostritch getting strangled to death with a garden hose, but that's just me.

    And Kricketune's cry is the devil.
  15. I hate beedrills and kricketunes call but I love Dragonite's because its all GRAWR I also like mylotics and Glaceons call!!
    But Dialga sounds like an animal being strangled while darkrai sounds like a horse
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  16. You forgot one. Machoke and growlithe kinda sound the same its just growlithes is faster. But yes i definitely agree dragonites cry is awesome. I like cubones cry it just sounds so lonely and sad.. Squirtle has a cool one it sounds so bubbly and friendly lol
  17. I personally like Froslass's and Chingling's calls. Froslass reminds me of a frozen wasteland, and Chingling of a bell. But there's a pokemon cry that sounds like softly knocked together icicles and for the life of me I can't remember it.
  18. I like Frosslas for the same reason as Blazi, I like Blaziken because it sounds so badass, I like Absol because it sounds so spooky, and Houndoom is just pure win.

    I think that's pretty much it when it comes to the good ones. Like everybody in the world, I hate Dialga's cry. Also, Aerodactyl and Vileplume are exactely the same.
  19. ^wow i cant believe i never noticed that.. Also parasect and mewtwo have the same cry
  20. It's the same with the Dratini family. They all have the same cries (I think) except it is slightly varying in pitch.
  21. If I remember correctly, Fearow and Omastar have very similar calls too (Or was it Fearow and Tentacruel?). All of these similar calls can only be found in the first gen though, so I guess they started putting in more care.

    Most of the calls I hear from Pokemon are very uninspired, but there are of course those few that are just pure gold. I'm talking about things like Kriketot and Froslass.
  22. I like Shroomish and Breloom saying Bidoof. :)
  23. Diddlediddle woooop!

    Gotta love Kriketune. I also find Slowpoke and Skunktank hilarious.

    For just nice sounds id have to say Golduck and Metagross are my favourites.
  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Glaceon's is simply beautiful. :D
    and holy moley, Parasect and Mewtwo DO have the same cry! I never realised that before! :o
    I can't listen to Shiftry's without then hearing a wooshing wind sound afterwards. If you've played the first Pokemon Ranger and ever encountered Shiftry, you'll know why.
    I prefer Pikachu's original cry to it's Yellow Version.
    And call me immature but I love Stuntank's because it sounds like it's farting!!! XD
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  25. Did you ever noticehow Umbreons and Beedrills call sound the same, except that Umbreons is more muffled?
  26. I'll also add that I really, really, really like Electivire's.

    When I was a lame ass Electric trainer, that cry just pumped me up! Made me think of a crazy surge of electricity.

    I also like Lucario's, just because he sounds really.... in the mood. I mean, it's hard to explain, but it's just the perfect cry for Lucario.
  27. I like skarmorys and flygons, too.

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