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Pokemon apocalypse (open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Fan mades are ok as long as you ask me first

    It had been over 6 months since the mirror world Pokemon had invaded from distortion world and only the strongest of trainers and Pokemon had survived.
    Now only small groups of people survived in the desolate wasteland left behind after the mirror world onslaught, they survive only from scavenging what they can and staying mobile too long in our place and the mirrors could find them

    Jake lay curled up in the remanamts of an old abandoned warehouse in the sinnoh region apparently it once was the best smeltery in sinnoh, the place was loaded with food and supplies which of course jake stuffed into his backpack and jacket pockets which were both designed to appear empty even when over filled

    *yawn*"ok guys time to get moving" jake yawned as the rising sun just began to appear on the horizon
    "If we hurry we might just make eterna city by night fall"
    *BOOM!...BOOM! ... SNAP!! ... CRASH!!!*
    'What the heck was that' jake thought as he rapidly grabbed his stuff and hid in the furnace cavity of an old forge
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  2. A man was dashing as fast as possible. No... he thought. Not like this... A group of Exploud were chasing him. He saw a small cave and jumped in. "Oof!" he said. Getting up, he looked at his surroundings.It appeared to be an old blacksmith's forge. Walking around, he sat down on a chair, exhausted. His Eevee poked out of his cloak, concerned for the 32-year old trainer.
  3. Jake had the commontion and was staying as quite and still as possible even a slight movement could attract the normal types attention but he couldn't just leave a man to die but if he stepped in he could injure his Pokemon to which he had sworn to avoid when possible so he just lay there curled up in an old furnace the door closed so to avoid the normal types seeing him
  4. Even though it couldn't see the stranger, Eevee could hear it. The Pokemon wandered over to the furnace and sneezed. The sneeze pushed away some of the soot and revealed the boy. The normal type stumbled back a bit before saying; "Vee! Eevee Vui Vee!"
  5. Jake saw the small normal type without the mirror markings and was surpirisingly relived
    "Hi little guys what are you doing here it's not safe to be here or anywhere now" jake said as he climbed out of the furnace and grabbed a steel plated pokeball -the "multi-ball" designed to hold and compress three mirror Pokemon into one form "excalibour" was the combined Pokemon of the mirrors shieldra, tyranion and knightation (shield, tyrant and knight)- And released excalibour in knight form
  6. The man woke up. "Huh?!" he said, falling out of the chair with shock. The Eevee ran over to the trainer to see if he was okay.
  7. "I'm gonna guess this is your little guy?" Jake asked as he saw the trainer stand up
  8. "Uh... yeah." the man said. "Vee's my Pokémon. I didn't know there was anybody here.
  9. That's how I like it" jake replie with a smile

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