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Private/Closed Pokemon Adventure....In Sinnoh!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ThanosCar_The_Inevitable, Feb 13, 2020 at 2:31 AM.

  1. It was a rather pleasant day in Mistralton City, Unova, which was quite unusual considering it was the downpour season. A flock of Pidgey flew by overhead, soaring into the sunny distance, chirping merrily. Over at the airport, a group of young trainers was grouped together, waiting for their private plane to arrive.

    Barely able to contain his excitement, Harley Valsson excitedly whispered to his Buizel:
    "Can you believe it Zuzu? We're going to Sinnoh! SINNOH!"
    Zuzu the Buizel cheered happily, though not really understanding what was so great about this 'Sinnoh' place.
    Harley thought for a moment and said:
    "Hey, why don't we go meet some of the other people here? There's all sorts of trainers here, so this is going to be the perfect opportunity to meet some new Pokemon! Heheh, I'm secretly hoping we can meet some dragon types."
  2. A young man with spiky multicolored hair and a workout getup with a backpack could he standing in a crowd of small people. Well, relatively small. He was quite tall. His Lucario stood right by him, his arms crossed and a look on his face that showed amusement. Like, how could his trainer forget about Sinnoh? His species were founded there. He just chuckled and rubbed his forehead a bit before looking about some.

    Stror was specifically in a group of people who were going to Sinnoh. He began looking around for someone to talk to. He was getting immensely bored. Even though Jacquel was a good conversationalist, he wanted a human to talk to. Jacquel could feel this boredom and began using his aura to find someone compatible for his trainer to talk to without feeling like he's annoying someone.
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  3. Kitty had been in Unova for awhile. She had always loved the place as it felt so welcoming to new people. It was also a great place for pokemon coordinating, which was something Kitty loved. She had just checked out of her hotel room and was headed to the airport to meet the others who were going to Sinnoh as well.

    She was about halfway there with Faith by her side, when a pokeball began to shake, and out came a tyrunt. He seemed to be very happy and excitable. He ran ahead with Kitty and Faith following. "Rex come back here I know you are excited, but we talked about this you can't just run off."

    Rex on the other hand did not stop. He wanted to find someone who seemed fun. When he was at the airport, he kept on running, until he bumped into a large man with yellow hair. Though the tyrunt did not mean to, he fell down and shook his head to clear it.

    Kitty was right on Rex's heels. She wanted to keep the dragon type in her sights, as she knew that he could be a handful at times. When she finally caught up to him, he had made to where they needed to be, and seemed to have ran into one of the tallest people that she had ever seen. "I am so sorry about Rex mister. He was just a little excitable to get to the plane. Are you ok? I hope he did not hurt you are anything."
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  4. Stror felt a bump on his calf and looked down to see such a little Pokemon full of energy. He knelt down to pet the little guy as a beautiful young lady came into view with a Sylveon. He smiled at her sweetly and waved his hand at her nonchalantly as she expressed concern.

    Jacquel, after some searching, found that the most compatible person was.... Oh, she just arrived. He looked at her and made a smile and a little hand wave before looking down at the Sylveon and the excited Tyrunt. He waved at the Sylveon and also pet the Tyrunt.

    Stror then responded to Kitty. "Ah, no worries. You're fine. He's fine. Aren't you just the most adorable thing on the planet?" He cooed at the Tyrunt, scratching his head before attempting to pick him up by his sides. He then talked directly to Kitty. "The name's Stror, an aspiring Electric-, Fighting-, and Steel-Type trainer. I'm also an aspiring PokeTuber. This Lucario here is named Jacquel. I'm heading to Sinnoh because Professor Rowan invited me, and probably some others, to travel the region and compete in the Gym Challenge. What's your name, miss?"

    Jacquel felt oddly calm around Faith and he smiled at her. <Hello. How are you? As you have heard from my companion, I am Jacquel. What's your's?>
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  5. Rex loved the attention as he was petted. When the large man picked him up, he nesstled into his arms and made a bit of a clicking sound. He loved to be around people as much as he could.

    Faith Smiled at the Lucario, and begun to speak to him. <My name is Faith. It is nice to meet you to Jacquel. The Tyrunt that your companion is holding is Rex. I am doing very well thank you for asking.>

    Kitty was glad her youngest pokemon did not cause too much trouble for the man. She hated that he had ran off, but at least he had gotten them to their spot. When the man turned around, she knew who he was instantly as he was one of the people she followed on poketube. "I am glad he was not much trouble. I know he can get excited. Though he is quite young still, so that is to be expected. My name is Kitty Blackwell by the way. Also I am glad you told me that you were Poketuber, as I have actually seen a couple of your videos. I was invited to join as well, but I more or less going to join some of the contests over there. I know Faith her loves them. Also excuse me I forgot to introduce my two pokemon. The one you are holding is Rex, and the Sylveon beside me is Faith."

    Tyler had a bit of a struggle to get up in the morning as he wanted to sleep in, but he was up at his normal time with his morning run. He and his pokemon had always enjoyed the time that they had together. When it was time to get to the airport, Jacks and Tyler were wide awake.

    Jacks was Tyler's Eevee, he was a bit more spunky then most pokemon that Tyler had met, but that seemed to go well with the purple haired man. They seemed to make each other happy to be around, especially since they had been with one another for so long.

    When they reached the airport, Tyler took a seat on a bench. He took out his sketch book and started to draw what he saw around him. He loved to paint scenes of real places like the one that was infront of him.
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  6. On a bench near the window, Bryce and his Litwick Lucy were waiting. They had been for a while. The boy was so excited about his first Pokémon adventure, that he arrived at the airport way too early. He had decided to let Lucy out of her pokéball, as long as she didn't leave him and go explore on her own. So far she had behaved. They had just been sitting there, looking at all the different kind of Pokémon that would pass.

    "Wow, I believe that is a Tyrunt!", Bryce said.
    Lucy looked in the direction he was pointing at, where she saw the rock-dragon Pokémon being petted by two trainers. A Sylveon standing beside them seemed to be part of the group as well. The Litwick jumped up to see the Pokémon from up close.

    "Lucy wait, no!", Bryce shouted.
    The Litwick turned around. She looked at her trainer with big eyes and her head slightly tilted, as if she were asking if she could please go have a look.
    "Alright", Bryce said. "I guess we could say hi."

    Lucy immediately turned around again and floated towards the Sylveon at high speed. She touched the fairy Pokémon on its back and waved joyfully when it looked up.
    A little embarresed about Lucy's behaviour, Bryce followed the Pokémon.
    "Sorry about that. She's very curious", he told the two trainers. "My name's Bryce, and this here is Lucy. Are you guys flying to Sinnoh as well?"
  7. Marty had just arrived at the airport. A small Budew, Bloom, was sitting on his shoulder. She seemed a bit drowsy, but Marty was tired too, so he rested on a bench. He sat next to a random person with a sketchbook out and an Eevee. He was immediately intrigued by this. He cocked his head, nearly taking the Budew out. "Hel-" Bloom jumped off and landed on the book, to get a better view. She spun round and fell asleep on the spot. "I'm sorry about that, uh, we didn't get much rest. I hope you will forgive us." Marty straightened and held out his hand. He had a broad, welcoming smile on his face. "I'm Marty, and this Budew is Bloom. 'Cause she's real dumb, she doesn't really understand basic manners." Bloom jumped up and looked at Marty when he said that. She turned away and spotted the Eevee. Bloom leaned and looked at the Eevee suspiciously. She sat down, smiled, but didn't make any communication with the Eevee, other than staring with her blank eyes.
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  8. Roxxy was ready to finally explore some more different regions. Her Gible, on the other hand, was resting on her shoulders, tired. She looked at Gible and smiled "Hey, buddy you can wake up now we're heading to Sinnoh!" She said softly. Gible slowly opened its eyes and looked around for a little bit. "Yeah, pretty cool right? I heard this place is awesome!"

    Gible noticed a Litwick and a Sylveon and other Pokemon and ran over to them. "Hey, wait up!" Gible rushed over and bumped into one of the Pokemon.

    "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for Gible to bust in like that." She looked at the other trainers "Oh, hello, sorry for Gible here He's just really excited. Anyways my name's Roxxy! And I assume you guys are also heading to Sinnoh as well?"
  9. Scanning the area, Harley looked around for people to talk to, when something caught his eye. Walking up to the trainer with the Gible, he couldn't help but blurt out:
    "Woah, is that a real Gible? I never imagined I would see one here!"
    Realizing he was being a bit too much in the kid's face, Harley backed away sheepishly and said:
    "Sorry, sorry. Let's start from the top....I'm Harley and this is Zuzu. Zuzu the Buizel. You know, I was real surprised when I saw a Gible here. You see, I'm kind of a dragon type fanatic, but I've never actually seen a dragon type in person before. Your partner Gible....what a fascinating Pokemon!"
  10. Ceres had gotten off of her plane from Galar and started to head to the connecting flight to Sinnoh where she was suposed to participate in the Gym challenges there. Ceres had been working on her own Gym challenges Back in Galar and thought that taking a break to visit somewhere different might be advantageous, and she could potentially add some unique Pokemon to her team.

    Moegami, her Raboot, walked along side close to Ceres looking around with curiosity but still trying to look cool. Snips the Dreepy on the other hand was excited and was wiggling around in Ceres's arms and occasionally crawl up on top of her to get a better view of things only for her pick him off of her her head. As excited as he was Snips was still not confident enough to leave Ceres's arms to wander off on his own.

    She spotted a group of trainers at the gate among others regular passengers that all looked around the same age as herself, she decided to greet them. "Hello there! Are you guys assisting the Professor in Sinnoh as well?" Ceres asked, her Galaren accent was rather heavy.
  11. Tyler was a little startled when the pokemon jumped on his sketch book, be he was glad that the pages were thicker then normal as it would have torn if it was thinner paper. "It is ok, I know what excitable pokemon can be like. Jacks here can be a bit of a handful at times. The name is Tyler." He began to softly rub the budew. He loved to be with new pokemon, and he was glad to know that others had friendly pokemon.
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  12. Roxxy nodded "Well, nice to meet you, Harley!" Gible waved with its little arms "Huh, I'd assume you would've been a dragon type fan." She patted Gible's fin on its head. "Yeah, I've always thought dragon types were the best type." She smiled and saw the others just arriving "Oh, hello there." She waved at Tyler and Ceres.
  13. Stror smiled as Rex snuggled into him, and he nodded at what Faith said. While he was listening, Stror held the little guy close. He did notice some marks on the poor guy's neck after he heard the clicking. Normally, these Tyrunt would make little roaring and growling noises. Clicking wasn't normal. That's when he saw the marks. He knew those marks all too well. Shock collars. After inspecting the scarring, he looked at Kitty in concern and shock. He quietly said, "What happened to this poor creature?"

    Jacquel noticed the sudden change in Stror and had a look of concern, as well. But he quickly changed his attention to Faith to hear what she had to say. He waited for Faith's and/or Kitty's response while petting Rex's back.

    He then noticed a Litwick floating towards them very fast while her trainer caught up to her. He nodded towards Bryce and tried to keep his mind off the subject of Rex's marks. "Yes, we are. The name's Stror and this is Jacquel, my Lucario." He then tended to the little Rex and planted a soft kiss on his forehead while holding him close like a small child.
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  14. Kitty would have responded to Stror, but they were then bombarded with others. She did decided to tell him the story and then answer the questions of the others. "Rex was not my pokemon at first. He was owned by a very mean and selfish man. He used collars on his pokemon to make them obey him. Rex here was still a young and very happy pokemon, and so he was subject to this treatment for a very long time. When I first met the man, I wanted nothing more then to take Rex and run, but the man would not give up control of the little guy, so I spent a lot of money that I got from my work to get Rex away from the man. I have papers that I made him sign to make sure that he would try and take Rex away again. After it was all said and done, I turned him into officer Jenny, so that he could be persecuted. I am just glad that Rex regained his happy self after he recovered from the abuse."

    Rex loved the kiss that was placed on his head. He grew fonder of the man that held him and his pokemon that gave him attention. He rubbed his head into the arm that belonged to Lucario. <Yeah that is basically what happened. Kitty was so sad to see Rex being treated as he was. It took monthes for the little guy to get well enough to start playing again.> Faith was happy that the two were so concerned about the little tyke.

    Turning to the litwick, Faith smiled and waved her ribbon. She was happy to know that there were friendly pokemon out there.

    Kitty turned to the other trainers and spoke to them. "My name is Kitty Blackwell. It is nice to meet you guys. This is Faith and the tyrunt that the yellow haired man is holding is Rex."
  15. "You know...when Gible evolves, it becomes Gabite and then Garchomp! In fact, the Sinnoh region's champion is known across the world for her Garchomp's insane strength. I reckon she could even give Lance a run for his money!"

    Harley thought for a while and looked at the 2 other trainers that had just arrived. An idea came to him:
    "On a separate note, since we're all trainers, what better introduction to ourselves than a battle? And since there's four of us here, we could do a multi battle! You guys down for it?"
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  16. Roxxy thought about it for a moment and agreed. "Hm, maybe, but I'm not really the best when it comes to battling, but I'll give it all I got!" She turned to Gible. "Hey, Gible, what do you think?" Gible nodded and smiled. "Alright, sure I'll do it!" Her eyes glittered with determination.
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  17. Stror nodded in understanding. This little guy had been through hell. He held the little Tyrunt tightly to him, feeling the rocky scaly skin and the happy breathing he was getting. He then smiled a little. "Clever. I would have just stolen him away and have my brother talk to Officer Jenny. He's a detective."

    Jacquel nodded in agreement, feeling like the little Tyrunt was like his young child. Stror felt the same way.

    Nearby, he heard some kids wanting to battle to get to know everyone. He smirked, immediately interested. "Shall we watch the double battle that's about to happen or should we make it a triple battle?"
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  18. Bryce looked at Lucy. He and the Litwick were together for a few years already, but they had never battled before. This was why he decided to go to Sinnoh, to become a real trainer. "What do you say?"
    Lucy cheered. She seemed very excited to have her first real battle.
    "Alright, let's join in!", he answered Stror.
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