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Ask to Join Poke wars RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by PassIntoTheMeme, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. In this RP, there are ___ army's (it depends on the number of people!) and they are all at war. You are allowed four Pokemon per person. There is an alliance of Pokemon not in any army that tries to survive. Each army has a fraction of the region (The Barron region) and can customise it to their hearts content. Attack the other army's often but not TOO much as it may become annoying. No OP Pokemon. Fill out the forum below for each Pokemon.
    Pokemon: Zorua
    Name: Zain
    Gender: Male
    Relationship: None
    Extras, wears a blue bandana.
    Army: Trix
    Make one of the forums below for your army!
    Name: Trix army.
    Flag: The flag is an illusion that can cast a spell on the Pokemon looking at it.
    No More People Allowed!
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  2. Pokémon: Gogoat
    relationships: leader of army
    Extras: none
    army: Forest army

    Pokémon: leafeon
    name: grace
    gender: female
    relationships: 2nd in comand
    extras: has a purple flower in hair
    army: Forest army

    Pokémon: umbreon
    name: Hunter
    gender: male
    relationships: likes grace
    extras: is a shiny
    army: Forest army

    name: Forest army
    Flag: A large leaf in front a purple backround
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  3. Pokemon: Blastoise
    Name: Bass
    Gender: Male
    Relationship: None
    Army: wave
    Make one of the forums below for your army!
    Name: Wave army.
    Flag: A giant tidal wave and a blue background
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  4. Name: Zapi
    Pokemon: Emolga
    Gender: Female
    Rest later....
  5. Zapi's other part
    Extras: Has a blue lightning bolt pattern on her belly
    Army: Trix
  6. NewPokémon: alakazam
    relationships: Strategist of army
    Extras: none
    army: psycho army

    Pokémon: bisharp
    name: none
    gender: male
    relationships: head of army
    extras: has a purple cape.
    army: psycho army

    Pokemon: Delphox
    Name: none
    Gender: female
    Relationships: leader of army
    Extras: none
    Army:psycho army

    name: psycho army
    Flag: A purple ring with a pink background
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  7. Army:
    Name: Crimson
    Flag: A Picture of a metal gauntlet with a burgundy background.

    Pokemon: Hitmonlee
    Name: Blake
    Gender: Male
    Relationship: Army General
    Extras: has a mechanical eye and wears metal gauntlets on both arms.
    Army: Crimson

    Pokemon: Monferno
    Name: Bango
    Gender: Male
    Relationship: General's right-hand man and a rank below him
    Extras: Has a bandaged arm and a utility belt
    Army: Crimson

    Pokemon: Persian (Alolan)
    Name: Chapelle
    Gender: Female
    Relationship: Battle strategist and her sworn enemy is Hunter on Forest Army. (if that's okay)
    Extras: Has an eye patch and
    Army: Crimson
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  8. Sorry, no more people...

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