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Poke-Paradise, I need a vacation!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Dinova, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Poke-Paradise, a truly unique resort where the only staff and guests are pokemon. Normally, it was a calm and relaxing getaway. But today the entire resort, from the large mountain in the center to each of the different customized areas of the resort, buzzed with excitement. The staff was preparing for the resort's busiest time of year, and it was most apparent at the main entrance gate. A large chunk of the staff was franticaly dashing about the entrance and the main road of the resort,preparing decorations and other things. In the center of this chaos stood a lone Gardevoir, Layla. In one hand she held a clipboard with a checklist of the neccesary preparations.

    Layla yawned as she surveyed the controlled chaos of the preparations going on around her. Teams of flying pokemon flitted around the arch of the entrance gate, decorating it with flowers and streamers. A welcoming commitee of roselia, bellosom, and lilligant lined the entrance practicing their routine for the soon-to-arrive guests. She nodded silently and checked both off of the list. She noticed a pair of machoke carrying a small stage walking in her direction. She flagged them down, "That's the stage for the band. Place it down there behind lilligant and her dancers." she said quickly, checking the stage off of her list and walking down the road to see how the rest of the prep was coming.

    Layla yawned again and took a sip of the chesto/sitrus smoothie she had in her free hand. If it hadn't been for the enegy drink she would have passed out hours ago. She and the rest of the staff, all over the resort, had been working non-stop since the early morning preparing for the summer festival, the resort's busiest season. The summer festival was on the week directly following the various league competitions and grand festivals, the perfect time to go looking for a vacation. During the the festival there were often several special activities in several of the areas of the resort, even a spectacular fireworks show at night. Of course, none of this stuff could manage itself. That was Layla's job.

    She arrived at a small, cobblestone-paved plaza. In the center was a large stone fountain, once again being decorated this time by a team of ducklett. She she greeted the ducklett, reminded them of their deadline, and headed towards her last destination. On the edge of the plaza was an out-door restaurant shaped like a swalot, the Swalot's Dream (or as the staff jokingly called it, "Digestion's Nightmare"). A large map of the resort hung by the door. She looked over the restaurant and checked with the chef, making sure all was in order and finishing off the checklist.

    Layla sat at one of the tables and ordered another smoothie. She sighed, exhausted. As soon the new guests started arriving, she could finally take a break and relax. Sure if something went wrong she'd have to go right back to work and fix it, but until then she planned to forget she even had a job. She could hear the hot spring calling her name already. But instead of heading directly to her destination, she decided to wait a bit and watch some of the guests arrive. As she saw the band of kricketune warming up, the dancers getting ready, and the various decorations, Layla smiled and said,"After all this, I need a vacation!"

    ((OOC: This is an open RP, feel free to join in/drop out whenever you want. You can feel free to have your character approach Layla, or just continue on to one of the areas. The different areas of the resort are listed in the discussion thread. Please read the discussion thread before posting. Repeat after me, I need a vacation!))
  2. Chin lifted high, eyes on the rush down below, Alistair stood atop the highest rock in the area Layla aptly named 'Aspiring Altitudes'. It was the Persian's favorite place to let the chaos in his mind settle before his job was to begin. He gave a long yawn, and stretched out in his feline manner. All of his claws extended out as he did so, digging into the rock below his paws. "Mrrrrowww...."

    Alistair's appointed job at Poke-Paradise was 'monitor'. He was in charge of keeping an eye on everything. If there was a fight, he would be expected to break it up. If a Pokemon was displeased with anything, he would need to contact Layla. And if anything malfunctioned, he was expected to get it under as much control as he could before it could be fixed. He preferred to call himself 'The Guardian'.

    The Persian eyed all of the staff down below, who were rushing to decorate. He wasn't a fan of all of those flowers, they made his nose itch. However, Layla always insisted on them. Shaking his head slowly, Alistair set his sight on the small white and green figure that was Layla the Gardevoir. Even when she looked tinier than the tip of a pencil, Alistair could still sense her stress. "Always so strict." He purred to himself. He watched her head towards Swalot's Dream. "Guess I had better get to work."

    With a giant leap, Alistair set off, his claws catching hold wherever necessary as he swiftly climbed down each layer of the paradise. He passed a few staff on the way down, and he smiled as he rushed past, sometimes asking 'How's it going?' but not waiting for an answer. He paused a moment at the entrance of Crystallized Caverns, taking in a slow, deep breath. He really loved the fresh, cold air. "No, back to work.." Alistair forced himself back into his run.

    Finally on the ground, Alistair stepped quietly past all of the decorating staff. As he got closer to Swalot's Dream, he crouched down and prowled up behind Layla's seat in the restaurant. "Layla. Need me to take watch while you're on break?" He said lowly, hoping to startle the high strung director.
  3. Layla continued to look over her checklist, making sure she hadn't missed anything. She was so focused, she didn't notice someone sneaking up behind her. A low voice spoke up from directly behind her, "Layla. Need me to take watch while you're on break?"

    Layla jumped letting slip a small,"Eep!". Whoever the speaker was, they had caught her completely off guard, startling her. She turned to face the speaker, and found the persian, Alistair. The self-proclaimed "Guardian" looked rather pleased with himself. Her look of surprise quickly turned to annoyance.
    "Alistair! Could you say good morning once without doing that? I've been working all morning, my nerves don't need the extra stress!" She gave him an angry look, but it was a hollow one. Thinking about it, her reaction had been kind of funny.

    She smiled and offered Alistair a seat. "Yes, I'll need you to keep an eye out at Tussle Turf and Crystal Coast. Since that's where something usually goes wrong, especially with all tha's going on. I'll be in Blistering Bluff if you need me." She hoped he would stay for a bit before going on watch, the company would help her relax. As a beautifly dropped off her drink, she smiled mischieviously. She couldn't help entertaining the idea of how badly the blue chesto juice would stain that tan coat of his.
  4. Alistair purred with satisfaction as he stretched slightly, his eyes on Layla. He grinned a bit, and with a leap, landed in the seat across from Layla that was offered to him. "Sorry, I just can't resist. You are always so caught up in your work, you never relax. This is a prime example." He motioned to her with a front paw. "You are on break and you can't even relax."

    "Hmm.. Crystal Coast is nice usually.. But Tussle Turf will be where I have my real fun. Pokemon seem to like to try and pick unfair fights there, thinking they can get away with it due to the nature of the area. Anyway, I will head to those areas after I have a drink." The Persian tipped his head back slightly. "The air up in those mountains is so crisp and cool..Made me quite thirsty." He said, putting a slight emphasis on the word, thirsty.

    He raised a paw to stop the Beautifly as it dropped off Layla's smoothie. "May I get one please?"

    Alistair looked back to Layla, noticing her strange grin. "Layla..What are you thinking?" His voice was thick with suspicion.
  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Why are we here?"

    "Liam says you need some relaxation time."

    "Liam doesn't know what the hell he's talking about."

    Two Pokemon were conversing at Crystal Coast. They stood a bit away from the beach, looking down at a group of four others. One was a Smeargle, nothing really special looking about him. His expression was one of annoyance, but his eyes betrayed his tiredness. The other was a Mienfoo, almost a foot shorter then the Smeargle. He was certainly happier looking, though a bit off put by the Smeargle's attitude.

    "Ross, you shouldn't talk about our master like that," the Mienfoo said.

    "Whatever, Ryder," the Smeargle replied. He looked like he was about to say something else, but instead gave two light coughs, dropping his tail to cover his mouth.

    The Mienfoo, Ryder, frowned. "Come on Ross, at least come sit in the sand. Take a nap or something. You aren't in any condition for this."

    That much was true. Ross was sick, not contagious, but sick nonetheless. The Smeargle had been pushing himself very hard lately, making sure he was one of his Trainer's top fighters. It had taken a lot out of him, and it showed. Spending even more time in a Pokemon Center wouldn't help him, they could do nothing for him. So, his Trainer had decided that he should make as comfortable as possible for Ross. As if he was dying, or something. He wouldn't die, of course. He couldn't die.

    Still, the Smeargle let the Mienfoo lead him down to the water's edge. He took a seat there, taking a breath that sounded more like a sigh of relief then he wanted it to. Grumbling a tiny bit, he looked out to the water. A furry gold and silver head poked out of the water, with a silver ring around the bottom. That was Richard, or Rick. The Shiny Buizel was his master, Liam Thompson's, oldest Pokemon, in terms of capture time, at least. Age wise, he was still very much a kid.

    A voice broke the Smeargle from his thoughts. "So you've decided to join us?" Ross couldn't help but jump a bit, before looking towards the voice. Ryder had left him alone, having succeeded in getting him to relax. Seeing an opportunity, Kenneth, a Kadabra and one of Liam's other Pokemon, had wandered over to him.

    "Yeah, come to convince me otherwise?" Ross asked. There was no hostility in his voice. He and the Kadabra commonly went back and forth like this.

    "Oh no, just a little surprised, is all," the Kadabra grinned.

    "Yeah, well, Ryder can be pretty convincing when he wants to be," the Smeargle said, taking a moment to cough again. Once he was able to get his breath back, he continued, "Anything for the kids, I guess."

    "You're not that old yourself, you know," the Kadabra replied. Taking a moment, Kenneth poked a clawed finger at Ross' chest. "Despite that rattle in your chest." He smiled again, crossing his arms. "I bet you just say that so we don't think you actually care about yourself."

    "Shut up Kenneth," Ross grumbled.

    The Kadabra put his hands up, mocking being hurt. "Just trying to help look out for you." He put an arm around the Smeargle. "We have to look out for each other, you know. We're a lot more alike then the others realize."

    "Shut up, Kenneth," Ross growled. Now his tone was getting hostile.

    Kenneth backed off, this time well aware that he had touched a sore spot. "Alright, I'll just leave you to sulk, then."

    With that, the Kadabra left, heading over to Ryder and the two other Pokemon from Liam's team that were on the beach with them today, a Grovyle, Enriko, and an Ampharos, Brad. Ross looked back out at the lake. Rick was gone, likely having dove under. The Smeargle coughed again, and then grumbled a bit. Who needs a vacation, seriously?
  6. Grandslam chuckled at the Smeargle's hostility.Even from some distance down the beach he could see the Smeargle's furious expression.

    "How great is this!" laughed Grandslam, the large Honchkrow with numerous scars. He loved seeing other pokemon lose their cool. His companion, a Cradily, appeared to pay no attention. This irritated Grandslam, the fact that he couldn't read the Cradily always unnerved him.

    "Hey Zuzu, How about you show some emotion for once!" The Cradily turned to look at Grandslam and it was probably his imagination but he could have sworn that it smiled.

    Grandslam sighed, the boss's Tyranitar, Crash, was far more amusing than this weird, alien plant. Perhaps that would help if he could get him out of Tussle Turf for five minutes. That psychotic lizard must have been fighting non-stop since it arrived.

    'The boss could not just have left us here to relax!' thought Grandslam to himself. This must be a chance to subordinate some new minions.

    "I'll prove to the boss that I'm capable of anything!" Smirked Grandslam to Zuzu, as he walked towards the group of pokemon near that hilarious Smeargle he had been watching, followed by the swaying Cradily.
  7. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    It was Brad who first noticed the approaching Pokemon. The group hadn't noted any other Pokemon nearby when they arrived at the lake. These two, however, were making a beeline for them. Thus, it was decided that Enriko and Kenneth, the group's most senior members currently present, would meet them. The Grovyle and Kadabra set out, leaving the Mienfoo and Ampharos behind.

    Rick, who indeed had dived under, surfaced near Ross. The Shiny Buizel rushed up to the Smeargle, who had diverted his attention to the approaching figures as well. "Ross, we're being-" he began, before looking out to Enriko and Kenneth. "Oh, you already know."

    The Grovyle and Kadabra met the Honchkrow and Cradily several yards from the rest of their party.

    "You need something?" the Grovyle asked.
  8. "Hey, hey, hey! We're all friends here right?" Chuckled Grandslam, outstretching his wings in a friendly gesture. These pokemon weren't as dull as he had thought. He'd have to play nicely.

    "The name's Grandslam, it's a pleasure to meet you. This here's Zuzu, she don't really talk. Ain't that right Zuzu?" Grandslam patted the Cradily who bowed her head, tentatively outstretching the pink tentacles in greeting.

    Grandslam reviewed the two pokemon who stood in front of him. The Grovyle, from the way he had greeted them he seemed the more aggressive, while the Kadabra was a bit harder to gauge but seemed amiable from the exchange he had observed earlier.

    Grandslam realized that intimidation wouldn't work. He sighed in his head as the amount of sweet talk and manipulation and sickening friendliness this whole subordination deal would require hit him.

    "So who are you guys, and how did you end up stuck in here?" Grandslam addressed the Kadabra jokingly, hoping he was right about him being less aggressive of the two.
  9. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "Grandslam... What an... Interesting name," Kenneth said, snickering.

    "Enriko," the Grovyle introduced himself, "That chucklefuck's Kenneth."

    The Kadabra waved Enriko off. "It's a pleasure to meet you... Grandslam." Another snicker. "You as well, Zuzu. Quite simply, we are here on vacation. A few days of relaxation for the health of our comrades. Well, the six of us, anyway. Not so much our friends back with our Master. One of friends is very ill, and he works himself so hard that out Master just couldn't bare for him to go without some rest." The Kadabra certainly had a flair for the dramatic, using very wide and slow gestures to enunciate his point. He was fairly good at it, as well. It was hard to tell if this was how he always was, or if he was simply messing with the Honchkrow. "So, being his bestest friends, we were all allowed to go with him."

    "Tell them our life stories, why don't you?" Enriko cut in, rolling his eyes.

    "But of course," Kenneth replied, smiling.
  10. As this idiotic Kadabra kept talking slowly, treating him like a child, Grandlsam couldn't help but wonder whether he had ever faced down a charging Tyranitar, a situation he was sure could be engineered rather easily. This thought was the only thing between him and eating up thaat pathetic pokemon right this second. However he just nodded a long and smiled. He was starting to like this grovyle more and more. His no nonsense approach was so much less...irritating.

    "So EnriKo," cackled Grandslam turning his attention to the Grovyle instead "I'm so sorry to hear one of your team mates has overworked himself, will he be able to continue to assist your boss?"

    By this point Zuzu had noticed something in the water, and turned to look, tentacles spread wide. Zuzu could definitely see something. Something golden in the water. Suddenly disinterested in the Kadabra's story Zuzu began to approach the water.
  11. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "He's ready to fight now, if that's what your asking," Enriko replied. The Grovyle crossed his arms. He didn't exactly know what this Honchkrow was getting at, but he had a sinking feeling that, what ever it was, he wouldn't like it.

    Kenneth, meanwhile, seemingly satisfied with his annoyance of the Honchkrow, wandered after the Cradily as the Pokemon headed towards the water. He kept quiet, waiting to see what the Cradily might do.

    Ross and Rick, meanwhile, had left the water's edge and met up with Ryder and Brad further up the beach. The four were conversing in low tones, occasionally glancing at the Honchkrow and Cradily.
  12. "Excellent news, so honestly which one of you is strongest?" Grandslam inquired, smiling inwardly. He liked Enriko, his no nonsense style was easier to read. Unlike that damn Kadabra.

    At that moment Grandslam noticed another pokemon approaching them.It was a tall red insectoid. As it stalked purposefully towards Grandslam and Enriko the glare from its metallic sheen momentarily blinded him. It was a Scizor.

    "How's it going Mikhail-"

    "Shut it Grandslam!" The Scizor growled. "Please tell me Grandslam hasn't tortured some Buneary yet. The name's Mikhail, I wouldn't go so far as calling Grandslam a friend, but we've known each other for quite some time." Sighed Mikhail, turning to face Enriko.

    The scizor turned his head, gazing at the four pokemon talking in hushed tones further up the beach. He then turned slowly back to face Grandslam raising his scarlet pincers threateningly.

    "What the hell have you done to make them talk about you like that?"

    "Woah, woah, woah! Take it easy boy. Hey Enriko tell the big, angry bug i didn't do nothing." Laughed Grandslam.
  13. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "I don't think that's a question I need to answer," Enriko said, in response to the Honchkrow's strength query. Only Pokemon itching for a fight wanted to know such things. Kenneth might have given the Honchkrow a roundabout answer, but Enriko was not the type to play such games.

    It wasn't long before a Scizor interrupted the group. It was in a foul mood, to say the least. "Enriko," the Grovyle introduced himself, "I know both a Scizor and a Mikhail. Let's hope you're more like the latter. As for your friend, he hasn't done anything we've noticed."

    Enriko glanced back towards his group. Kenneth was still tailing the Cradily, while the other four were still talking. "We're a tight nit group, and we didn't expect your friends to contact us. Those four are likely discussing strategy. I wouldn't worry so much about what Grandslam here might have done as I would about what they think that Cradily is doing."
  14. "The pleasure's all mine Enriko."Mikhail's mood noticeably lightened upon hearing that Grandslam's sadism had been kept firmly inside his head.

    "Forgive me for my grumpiness, our master has appears to have a tendency towards pokemon with more 'unique' personalities. They're actually not that bad once you get to know them." Mikhail explained."Most of them anyway." He added, shooting a glare at Grandslam, who smiled back.

    "Did you say something about having trouble with Zuzu?"
  15. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "No trouble, not yet at least," Enriko replied, sighing a bit. The Scizor didn't listen very hard, did he? The Grovyle pointed towards the Cradily, which still had Kenneth following it.

    "It's getting a bit too close for comfort, and after your friend here's comments, I want to know what it is doing," he said, a bit louder. "If my comrades think it is threatening them, they will attack it."
  16. "Oh don't worry, Zuzu wouldn't hurt a Wurmple. Cradilys are rock/grass type pokemon but their natural habitat is actually water."

    Mikhail looked over at Zuzu whose body was now submerged in the sparkling water. Mikhail suddenly noticed the flashes of gold and silver and realized what was worrying the other pokemon.

    "Ah, Zuzu would never attack unprovoked she's really very docile. But if it's worrying you that much i'll go and get her out of the water."
  17. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    With the Cradily in the water, Kenneth wandered over to his comrades further up the beach. Enriko watched them for a moment, before looking back at the Scizor.

    "If all it wants is the water, then by all means it can swim." He pointed at the group of 5 on the beach, a Kadabra, Ampharos, Smeargle, Mienfoo, and Shiny Buizel. "All of my comrades are accounted for, and as long as I can see them all, we won't have a problem."
  18. "Hm? Oh it's nothing, just something funny I remembered." she replied innocently. Glancing down at her chesto smoothie she realized it was too mean-spirited, but maybe she could prank Alistair with something else. The Beautifly returned with Alistair's drink and offered Layla a refill. Layla refused instead asking for some water. As the Beautifly fetched Layla's drink, Layla thought silently to herself, "I can't relax, huh? We'll see about that!" As the Beautifly set the cup on the table, Layla pretended to look down at her checklist again.

    "I keep working because it's to easy for something to go...wrong!" Her eyes widened as if she had noticed a massive mistake in her checklist. "Alistair, I need to go fix this. I'll be right back." She stood up and took off abandoning her drink. But as she passed Alistair's chair, she quickly turned. Her eyes flashed bright blue as she used Psychic to dump the entire icy contents of the glass on Alistair's head.

    "You're right, I should try letting loose more often. It's way more fun!" She giggled, sticking her tongue out playfully at the soaked feline. "Catch me if you can kitty-cat!" She wouldn't outrun Alistair for long, but she was sure going to try. She took off in the direction of Tussle Turf, that way Alistair could still get to his patrol and Layla could enjoy the impromptu game of tag.
  19. Mikhail smiled. It was good to see that there wouldn't be any conflict quite so early in their stay.

    "It's been a pleasure, Enriko, but i really must check on my friends at tussle turf."

    "I thought you were never going to leave!" Laughed Grandslam. Mikhail responded with a joking jab at the Honckrow, who ducked to avoid it.

    "Now then Zuzu and i would love to meet your friends." Mikhail heard Grandslam cackle as he walked away from the beach.

    Zuzu had become bored by this point at was making her way back up the beach to grandslam, in search of a playmate. Grandslam was talking to Enriko and batted away Zuzu's tentacles. Zuzu let out a disappointed moan and turned away from Grandslam. She noticed a group of five pokemon sitting further p the beach. With a happy shout she began to amble towards them.
  20. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    "I can tell," the Grovyle said, watching the Cradily go. He waved to his team, telling them there was no threat. The five Pokemon relaxed a bit, and Enriko wandered back over to them. Three of the five stepped towards Enriko, while Ross and Ryder stayed back.

    "Attention! State name and rank," Enriko ordered. The other three got in line next to the Grovyle, and went from leftmost to right most.

    "Richard, Rick for short, Rear Security," the Shiny Buizel began.
    "Brad, Rear Security," the Ampharos continued.
    "Kenneth, Pointman," the Kadabra said, still smirking.
    "Enriko, Team Captain, Second In Command," the Grovyle finished, "Along with us are Ryder, the Mienfoo, and Ross, the Smeargle. They're civilians."

    "You are so full of shit, Enriko," Ross replied, smirking a bit.

    "Shaddup," the Grovyle said, smiling as well.

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