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Poke Morals?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Ford, May 2, 2007.

  1. While watching battle frontier today i got thinking about the morals of the cast.

    Ash,May,Brock have no problem attacking team rocket with there pokemon although its hard to find an event where team rocket have there pokemon attack the supposed good guys.

    Staying with the supposed evil team rocket. Most episodes involve TR tryng to snag some form of pokemon.
    Now most of the time now there target isn't pickachu anymore he just seems to be a side product. TR usally use a net or a vaccum or something to capture wild pokemon and for some reason ash and team seem it okay to stop this. Why is using a net and different to catching them with a pokeball?

    And finally the actual concept of batleing. How is this not banned in the various regions? Pokemon battling seems cruel and unjust. Pokemon battling is surely an equivilent to dog/cock fighting. I remember a few episodes they were hunting pokemon pocahers. but surely shooting an animal and takeing it down with one hit is better than constantly torturing the animal at will.

    Theres obviously the subject of eating pokemon but this has been discussed so many times always with the conclusions that:
    "Yes they chow down on millotic burgers"

  2. You do have a point when you say that the twerps have little difficulty attacking Team Rocket, even when they've done nothing wrong, but I think it's more or less justified by now. Team Rocket has done so much wrong over the years; everything from stealing, robbing, attacking trainers, swindling, pokémon abuse, impersonating an officer, kidnapping pokémon and even holding a gun to an old man's head (even if that episode was banned) - chances are that whenever the twerps run into TR, they'll be up to no good. Most likely, if they were left alone they would eventually have done something criminal anyway.

    There are a few instances though, where I think the twerps have legally been the bad guys. I remember an episode; I think it was in the Orange Islands, where Ash and co. were heading home to Pallet Town. Sadly, they couldn't get to a ferry, because the entire port and the surrounding area had been closed off due to a Voltorb/Electrode infestation. Team Rocket actually got hired (by the MAYOR, might I add) to clear the Voltorb out of the area by any means necessary. They decided to use a massive tractor/truck/tank-thingy. Ash and co., of course, decided to stop them, seeing as it was morally wrong to deal with the pokémon in that way. Therein lies the problem- it may have been morally wrong, but it certainly wasn't illegal - and I bet it might be illegal for the twerps to interfere with a hired clean-up crew for the city (even if they took care of it themselves, later).

    As for the concept of catching many pokémon with a net as opposed to using pokéballs - I too wondered about this for a while. Initially, I didn't find anything really wrong with it - however, now I can see at least three things I disagree with. First of all, using a net or a vacuum gives TR an unfair advantage over the Pokémon. They don't really stand a chance against such methods of catching. Secondly, as a result of having that advantage, it allows TR to capture large numbers of Pokémon, something which may not be good for the ecosystem. Lastly, I think it's against trainer rules to do it that way, which does make it illegal (though this is just a guess - I don't really know)

    Finally, we come down to the good old dog/cock fighting thing... No, it's not the same. You don't "constantly torture the animal at will"! First of all (and this has been stated a gazillion times), you can't make a pokémon fight. Pokémon and their trainers have a partnership - If it doesn't want to fight - it won't. And whoever judges the battle will end the match as soon as he or she sees that the pokémon is unwilling to participate. When the Pokémon actually do battle, they do it out of love for their trainer. You show them love and respect and treat them as friends and allies, and they'll do the same to you as well as battle for you (just as I'm sure any trainer would battle for them). Then there are those pokémon who actually enjoy battling, but that's a different story (even if they all learn to enjoy it eventually, I'd think). Besides, they don't battle all the time - the amount of time per day they spend battling is quite small... I mean, most trainers don't run into Team Rocket every day. I think most of them go quite long without a real battle sometimes.
    As for poaching them, I'm actually surprised you'd bring that up in a comparison. You do realize that poaching involves killing the pokémon, right?

    and mmmmm... burger :p
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  3. It's just Mothers that have nothing to do so they start making stupid crap about what us kids and teens (Maybe Adults).

    I hope some Mothers start a club like this:


  4. I've been thinking that perhaps the Pokemon you encounter randomly in the games may actually want to be captured. Think about it. How often do you walk through a forest and get attacked by or even see a wild animal? A lot of animals have learned to be afraid of humans. If Pokemon didn't want to fight for fame, fortune, or companionship, the could easily disappear and never be seen by a human again. Instead, however, they seek out and attack humans. Some may be legitimately trying to hurt them or scare them away, but I think a lot of them are showing off their strengths and be discovered by powerful trainers. They could even be testing trainers, repeatedly breaking out of PokeBalls until the trainer displays whatever trait they're looking for.

    Of course, then there's the ones that show up and run away. They could be testing your speed or intelligence, or maybe intimidated by the strength of your Pokemon. You never know what a Pokemon is thinking, really, but if they can understand human speech they may be able to identify with other human abstractions as well.
  5. Intresting theory. However i remember in an episode of Battle Frontier (or was it advanced X_X) In which and arcanine was running down a mountain collecting food for his children while "The Twerps",Drew and team rocket tried to catch it. Now after team rocket attempted to net it (literally) They decided not to but still.

    As for there setting a challange idea well if i found a deer in the woods (I know you said this was unlikely but i disagree. i live in england and deer and other animals are often seen .) If i chased after the deer (or hit it with a hydro pump in this case) It would either flee or attack back in defence.

    No cross this over to poke kingdom. If ash saw a pokemon and tried to capture it and the poke naturally defended itself well that would be called a pokemon battle i suppose. But if the poke fled like the case most of the time when the team tries to catch one they simply chase after it..

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