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Open Poke-human Fantasy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Crystal1302, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Take Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, But make everyone humans.

    A world of pokehumans live together, work together and train together and do jobs to help each other. It is very medieval. (Kind of Fairy Tail esque if you've watched it) Things were mostly peaceful until suddenly an outbreak occurred. Pokehumans have gone berserk, a shadowy aura has encompassed them. Due to this, all guilds now have to put all members in teams for safety. The authorities are working to solve this mystery but until they do

    A huge and diverse continent filled with amazing and breathtaking landscapes from rocky craggy mountains to vast expansive oceans. Each continent has a Center town for ease of transportation. (Note, animals do exist)
    Places of interest:
    • Crag Continent: A Volcanic Region filled with mountains and caves and gemstones. It has a hot and dusty climate. Many fire, rock, ground and steel users live here. Some of the caves have relaxing hot springs. Hunting is popular there. The main center of it is called Corusville. Leader is a Volcarona pokehuman named Pyro
    • Ocean Continent: A series of large islands filled with humid air and a tropical breeze. It is popular for vacations and a functioning city that's entirely underwater. Due to the shining sun, lush jungles are scattered about. Water, Grass and Bug users are there The main center is called Adipiscing Town and their leader is a Primarina pokehuman named Siren.
    • Tundra Continent: A Cold frigid place where there are more mountains and caves. Few plants grow here and pokehumans use fishing as their main source of food. Not too many pokehumans actually live here but the ones who do are usually Ice and Flying users. The main city is Glay City and ther leader is an Abomasnow named Fro
    • Forest Continent: A Densely verdant area with Shady woods to huge sprawling meadows. The soil is fertile and supplies food to a lot of the other continents. Many fruits and vegetables grow here so markets are always stocked. Grass, Ghost, Poison and Fairy users live here. Their leader is a Trevenant pokehuman named Verda
    • Cental City: In the center of all the continents there is a pseudo-man-made one that is in the center of all of the continents. This place has everything including schools, armories, the best clinic in the whole planet and they even have a huge building in the middle for the council of 5. Each leader from each continent comes in the center from each and discuss current events. Pokehumans of all users are welcome here. Their leader is an Aegislash pokehuman named Arthur
    • Follow all Pokecharms rules
    • Romance is okay but keep it PG-13
    • No Overpowered guys
    • Try to post at least once every 2 days
    • No one-sentence posts, please.
    • Try to advance the story with every post. Maybe say something or have your character react to something happening
    • Put the word Waffles somewhere in your Character sheet
    • Put Character Sheet in A Spoiler
    • I will make The RP after 4 characters
    Moveset (Take with a grain of salt. For example if you are a Braixen, you don't need to know Flamethrower to use fire):
    Other Miscellaneous Powers:
    Affinity: (Lawful Evil, True Neutral, Chaotic Good Yadda yadda)
    Home Continent:
    Weapon of Choice:
    Current Gear:
    Type: (Accessory,Armor,Weapon,Consummables)

    Name: Cherri
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Light pink short hair, normally wears a flower pin, a whopping 5' She is very short. She is quite skinny and wears a red hood. Underneath she has a yellow tunic tied with a rope. She has on a pair of red greaves underneath.
    Pokemon: Cherrim (Sunny Form)
    Moveset (Take with a grain of salt. For example if you are a Braixen, you don't need to know Flamethrower to use fire): Petal Dance, Growth, Solar Beam, Weather Ball, Heal Pulse
    Other Miscellaneous Powers: Can Heal and has a basic command of fire waffles magic
    Affinity: Lawful Good
    Class: Mage
    Home Continent: Forest
    Weapon of Choice: Fan
    Current Gear:
    Item: Fire Proof Hood
    Type: Armor
    Effect: +Fire Resist/Nulls Weakness
    Item: 5 Elixirs
    Type: Restores Energy
    Item: Kyo Sensu
    Type: Weapon
    Effect: Grass Move Power Up
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  2. Seems interesting, I may make a bio, when I will have any interesting character idea
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  3. *An Eevee walks into the room, staring inquisitively at the thread. It looks intrigued. The Eevee then pulls a computer out of her satchel and begins typing.*
    Name: Eve
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight (but not very interested)
    Age: 16?
    Appearance: She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She has Eevee ears and an Eevee tail, along with Eevee's cream-colored fur around her neck. She typically wears a simple white t-shirt under a leather jacket and grey leggings with tall black combat boots.
    Pokemon: Eevee
    Moveset: TBD
    Other Miscellaneous Powers:
    • Incapable of evolution (for now).
    • She can use basic magic of the elements she evolves into (Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic, Dark, Grass, Ice, and Fairy). This may seem overpowered but don't forget that she's essentially given up her evolution ability to do so.
    Affinity: Chaotic Neutral (Changes to Neutral Good later)
    Class: TBD
    Home Continent: Cental City
    Weapon of Choice: Though she dislikes weapons combat, her weapon of choice is a simple sword. She can occasionally be seen using it to cut waffles.
    Current Gear:
    Item: Prism Pendant
    Type: Accessory
    Effect: Raises the power of elemental moves.
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  4. @EeviumZ, Do you think I can make maybe an older brother to your? If not it will be fine, I thought it would be fun dynamic to play around with in the RP.
  5. I have a question, would it be ok to have a class that is kind of two in one? I want to do a magical swordsman. Think of it like a combination of mage and sword fighter.
  6. What kind of classes are there to choose from and are there any organizations we're to expect?

    And I like EmoKitty's idea on a 'spellsword' kinda class.
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  8. What about organizations, or will we find that one out when the RP kicks off?
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  9. What do you mean by "organizations"
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  10. The whole medieval thing has got me thinking what we'll expect in terms of knights serving kingdoms, bandit or mercenary groups.
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  11. Yup, there will be those. There will each be a "royal guard" for each of the leaders. For the crag kingdom, the leader Pyro will be guarded by Fire starter pokehumans Pokehumans. The leader Siren will be guarded by Samurott, Clawitzer and Golisipod Pokehumans. Tundra will be Alola Sandslash, Weavile and Mamoswine Central City s guarded by Bisharp, Gallade, Farfetch'd.

    In terms of bandit groups, not too many are popular and they can be made up as we need. The evil wizard Dusknoir who will be responsible for making pokehumans beserk will have a couple of mercenaries of his own. He'll have a Chandelure, Gengar, a Roserade and a Honchkrow
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  12. I am not feeling very inspired right at this moment, but I want to get this up right now. I am trying to get some ideas for how I want him to look.

    Name: Star
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
    Age: 19
    Pokemon: Espeon
    Moveset: (tbd)
    Other Miscellaneous Powers:
    Affinity: Chaotic Good
    Class: Spellblade (Mage Sword master. He can use magic as well physical weapons.)
    Home Continent: Cental City
    Weapon of Choice:
    Current Gear:
    Type: (Accessory,Armor,Weapon,Consummables)
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  13. Seems cool! Here's a character.

    Name: John Deux
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 16
    Appearance: John looks like a pretty standard human, except for the fact that he has bright pink skin. His hair is the same shade of pink, and is scruffy and unkept. He wears pretty average clothes for a medieval time period, which is a long sleeved tan shirt. He wears a belt over it, and wears brown pants and boots. He wears a knife on his belt.
    Pokemon: Ditto
    Moveset: Transform
    Other Miscellaneous Powers: John doesn't really have any many skeleton or bones, and is just goo on the inside. He's figured out how to store things inside his body.
    Affinity: Neutral Good
    Class: Rogue
    Home Continent: Forest Continent
    Weapon of Choice: John's weapon of choice is a kunai attached to a length of rope. He keeps is stored in his body, and can shoot the kunai out of the palm of his hand. Waffles
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  14. @Captain Cardboard Your character looks good but I want you to take one look through the rules. You're missing something.
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  15. i've never been in an RP before so for me it seems kinda confusing? however the concept seems simple enough. i may not post the most but i can follow the rules simple enough. that is if your willing to have me of course.
    3 quick questions;
    - the pokemon don't die in this do they? if they do im pretty sure id be the first or second to go...
    - can the pokemon be their shiny version, if yes i wanna be mine's shiny version. if no that's fine ill just be the regular version.
    - can we use artwork as a means of describing them, also are we aloud to use other people's artwork? if not i can remove the artwork and just describe it with words.
    Name: Sol
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight but generally oblivious... to the sorts.
    Age: 20 seems good right?
    Appearance: eye-brow length blue hair, white eyes, light complected skin, 6 ft., slightly thin, white turban with horns sticking out and a blue gem in the center, blue and white silk vest, loose blue silk baggy pants, blue silk slippers, white silk, sash, blue beaded bracelets around wrists, and a silver necklace with a blue gem in the center.
    Pokemon: slowking (shiny)
    Moveset: heal pulse, water pulse, hidden power, zen headbutt, power-up punch
    Other Miscellaneous Powers: very charismatic.
    Affinity: neutral good... i think? he likes helping but sometimes he just wants to do his own thing. maybe take a nap or stare at the clouds sometimes. he gets distracted on occasion. not often but occasionally.
    Class: i wanna say sage (cause it sounds cool) but i'm not sure if that's an option. If it is i'm going with that. if its not i'm going with wizard.
    Home Continent: ocean continent.
    Weapon of Choice: hands/staff both? if i have to chose one i'm going with staff.
    Current Gear:
    Item: mage's silk sash(belt) sometimes he hides honey scented waffles in his belt.
    Type: Accessory
    Effect: slightly boosts psychic defence/slightly boosts psychic physical damage.
    item: rokushakubo (staff)
    Type: weapon
    Effect: psychic type moves power up
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  16. @ThAtGuY101 Welcome to the RP forums! We're glad to have you. ^.^
    Using other people's artwork isn't allowed unless it was specially made for you. In that case it's fine.
    In an RP of this tone I very highly doubt that there'd be chance for character death.
    Shinies-wise, that's up to the RP Creator (@Crystal1302), but I'm assuming it's fine.
  17. @ThAtGuY101
    - I'm not currently thinking about death. Maybe it happens but it'll probably few and far between
    - Shiny pokemon are fine
    - Also @EeviumZ is right about the artwork thing.

    Accepted! Rp will be up soon.
  18. Inside the Spoiler for Ezra is the profile for Haylee Rose, her spoiler is at the bottom of Ezra's spoiler
    Name: Ezra
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Blue hair, horn on right side of head, wears a white Tunic, with a white Haori (an overcoat for a kimono or yukata) with blue chainmail under it, he stands 6'3" The Haori has a blue Waffle on the back to represent his girlfriend's guild
    Pokemon: Absol
    Moveset: Thunder, Megahorn, Foul Play, Future Sight. (Secondary moveset of Detect, Shadow Ball, Rock Tomb, and Superpower.)
    Other Miscellaneous Powers: is sociable, unlike his species, can speak at least six languages, is electrically conductive.
    Affinity: Lawful Neutral
    Class: Barbarian
    Home Continent: Forest Continent
    Weapon of Choice: Poleaxe
    Current Gear: Armor Plates randomly placed across his body.
    Item: Enigmatic Poleaxe
    Type: Weapon
    Effect: Boosts Dark and bug type physical moves.
    Item: Charm
    Type: Accessory
    Effect: Reminds him of his girlfriend, who is the reason he leaves his home.
    Item: Blue Waffle Haori
    Type: Equipment
    Effect: Restores cuts and bruises every two hours of rest.

    SECOND CHARACTER (The girlfriend mentioned in Ezra's profile.)
    Name: Haylee Rose
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Age: 17
    Appearance: She Stands 5'10", has green hair and red eyes, wearing a yellow hairpiece with two yellow curves, she wears a green robe, light green inside, with yellow branches curving in on the bottom half, held by a belt, has a cloth shirt, pants and slippers
    Pokemon: Serperior
    Moveset: Giga Drain, Leaf Tornado, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse
    Other Miscellaneous Powers: Can use basic ghost magic
    Affinity: chaotic good
    Class: Mage
    Home Continent: Forest Continent
    Weapon of Choice: A Staff, regal looking and standing 10'10"
    Current Gear: There are leather plates around important parts of her body.
    Item: Kusa no Sutaffu
    Type: Weapon
    Effect: Greatly boosts Grass Magic
    Item: Blue Waffle Charm
    Type: Charm
    Effect: Can Contact Ezra from anywhere in the world.
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  19. I guess this is what I need

    Name: Mudd
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Age: 19
    Appearance: She is 5'7'' which is pretty tall (for a nineteen year old). She is a pretty normal human, except with bright orange cheeks that stick out a bit. She has blue hair and wears a black headband that looks like a fin. She wears a blue hoodie and an orange shirt underneath. She wears tracksuit bottoms and a loose belt, with two fins sticking out of it
    Pokemon: Marshtomp
    Moveset : Muddy water, Mud shot, Rock tomb, Take down and Bide. (I was gonna add rain dance but that would be too overpowered)
    Other Miscellaneous Powers: Fast swimmer, good at eating WAFFLES
    Affinity: True Neutral
    Class: Fighter, Mage? Is this ok?
    Home Continent: Ocean, lived in Crag for a lot longer
    Weapon of Choice: Staff
    Current Gear:
    Item: Seashell Necklace
    Type: Accessory
    Effect: Reduces Grass Damage by half when raining
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  20. Name: Wallace (or known as “The Wall” to some)
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Has the general look of a Mr.Mime, except has five fingers with his gloves. He does not have the weird hat thingy that Mr.Mime has, and wears a red cloak to hide himself. He has ragged brown hair and dark brown eyes.
    Pokemon: Mr.Mime
    Moveset: Baron pass, calm mind, reflect, barrier, and psychic moves.
    Other Miscellaneous Powers:Can make invisible walls, cause that’s what Mr.Mime does
    Affinity: He is a trickster of sorts, and occasionally will steal sometimes and get away. Many people have tried to stop him, but they have always ran into his walls trying to get to him. That’s why they call him, “The Wall”.
    Class: Defender, or escape artist.
    Home Continent: Honesty any wear, maybe near some high populated areas?
    Weapon of Choice: Well, he just uses his walls, because he doesn’t believe in killing people, and thinks that if he does use weapons, he’ll kill someone
    Current Gear: Cloak, and that’s it....
    Item: Glass cube
    Type: Accessory (Accessory,Armor,Weapon,Consummables)
    Effect:Strengthens invisible walls at night.
    Hobbies: Stealing them WAFFLES
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  22. How about now?
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  23. Shame on me! How could I forget the Waffles?!
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  24. I have fixed.
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  25. Both of you are all good.
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  26. The Waffles shall rain down before us!
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  27. Wait... do we need the word Waffles in every post? I'm probably just crazy...
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  29. @Clunpsy. We are in Central City. (Marketplace)
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  30. Okay guys, is everyone eventually join the guild? Cause that’s what Wallace is doing.
    It would be better to get to know our characters to mingle with each other.
  31. Maybe, but it's up to everyone else in the RP.
  32. This all came from Ezra's background as a guild captain, and the current status of this part is Bandits attacking the village the Guild Blue Waffle is located.

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