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Pocket Monsters Ryoushi: CHAOS

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Phantom, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. I'm taking a shot at this Fan fic thing, much like some of the others on this board. Storytelling and developing a story is a skill I'm going to need in the future, as making video games is what I'm aiming for. In order to refine that, Why not take a shot at Fan fiction?

    Ali Pragji Sultanshah III
    Age: 8
    The Child of a CEO of the export company that ships goods and valuables throughout the world. He's a relatively quite child, and enjoys nothing more then making others smile, rather then himself. Seems to have matured early for his age, unlike his spoiled siblings, but still being a child, he does tend to act like one every now and then. As a present for his eighth birthday, his back was tattooed with an exotic language. This, however, was merely a facade, as it was like a sick contract signing to his father and the heads of a large rival business. This proved that money came first in his parents' life, as his mother merely watched with a devilish grin.

    Izou I: Hyoukyo no Honkeiyaku [Formal Contract of a Devil's Possession]

    'Pitter patter pitter patter'

    A young child chased a dragonfly-like creature through the marble halls of a large bungalow. The ends of the red sash around his waist trailed behind him, bouncing up and down against the ground as he ran. His skin was milk chocolate in color, his hair was as black as the night sky, and his eyes were big dark orbs with irises of a damp sand-dune color. The dragonfly snaked through the air, it's wings buzzing as it repeatedly flapped a hundred times per second. The child jumped in order to grab it by it's tail, but it slipped from his hands. "Darn it!" He muttered, again jumping in order to grab the dragonfly. As it turned the corner, the buzzing of the dragonfly's wings stopped, and instead the sound of a dog's vicious mauling could be heard. "Oh no!" The child wailed, watching the Houndoom wildly shake the Yanma in it's jaws. "Ali, I told you to stop letting these things into the house." A tall boy said, pulling the Yanma from the Houndoom and tossing it's unconscious body out the window. "No!" Ali yelled running to the window stead. The Yanma fell a good seven feet before coming back to life and flying to safety. "Good...." he muttered, looking back at his older brother. "Anuzan-bhai[brother], that's not nice!" He pouted, crossing his arms. "Quiet fool." Anuzan said pushing the child to the floor. "If one more wild Pokemon wanders in here to 'play'...", houndoom stepped on Ali's open chest, growling over his head, "...I'll make you Badshah's new chew toy." Anuzan threatened, making his way down the hall, Badshah[King] following close behind. "......." Ali sat there staring at the ceiling, tears in his eyes, a small claw mark across his chest. "...Stupid."

    "Chota-saab [Little Master]! Are you alright!?" A maid called out, running into the hall. She picked up the child, whom was now feverishly wiping the tears from his face. "I'm fine." Ali said in a soft voice, a weak smile across his face. "Your hurt! Do you need a doctor? Do you want anything? Do you want your mo-"
    "I'm fine now. Bye bye!" The child interrupted, breaking from the maid's grasp and dashing down the hall. The Maid stood up and let out a sigh, "Why does he do that?" she muttered, following after Ali.

    ".........." Ali sat behind a large tree, one that rested in the middle of what seemed to be a park. Rather, it was his backyard, one rivaled only by the actual Park in the city. This actual park, was somewhere he'd much rather be then his yard, but he was too young and too "valuable" to be out and about. "Chota-saab..." the maid muttered, quietly walking to the tree.
    "Jasmine-babi[Sister-in-law] (form of respect), I don't need anything..."
    "Why do you not like you're parents?" Jasmine asked, leaning against the opposite side of the tree with her back.
    "...............Because..." the child started, but hesitated.
    "Because..." She egged.
    "Because Money is more important to them then me!"
    "That's not true! Who said that?" Jasmine replied with a false-disbelief voice. The Maid knew very well that Ali's words were true.
    "No one did. I know." Ali stated angrily. "I'm just a 'possession' to them, I'm just there."
    "That's not true. You're their son!" She stated, stepping off the trunk of the tree and turning around to look at him.
    "So be it, I curse my very blood." Ali replied darkly, looking down at his open hands.
    "What seems to be the problem here?" Another male voice said, slowly approaching the tree with rather sly-looking Charmelion. "Faezan-saab, tell your brother he's loved all of you!" She pleaded, turning to see him. "Hmmmmm....Why?"
    Faezan sighed with a bored look on his face. "Alright alright. If it will shut you the hell up" He said, casually strolling over and bending down till he was about his younger brother's eye level. "Ali. Our parents...."
    he began, a smirk now growing across his face, "love money `n us more then you." he finished by laughing in the worse possible voice in the world. "Faezan-saab! Why I nev-"
    "No, he's right." Ali said, his head hung and his face covered by his bangs. With this, Faezan and Jasmine stopped and looked down at the boy in complete surprise.
    "But, they love money more than all of us." he continued, raising his head to show a innocent smile across his face, un-fazed by Faezan's remark.
    "..........Yeah right. It's just you." Faezan said with a snicker, attempting to regain himself from Ali's reaction.
    "You know I'm right." Ali called after his older brother.
    "Shut up....Damn 8 year old tool.." he muttered, walking away fuming.


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