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Platinum Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, May 6, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Figured this would be a nice way to compliment my "Got a team planned for Platinum?" thread. For anyone who's now beaten the Platinum Elite 4, what team of Pokemon did you use to beat 'em on your first challenge? If you've already rechallenged them with their boosted levels, feel free to share that team, too.

    I just beat the Plat. E4 yesterday (all of the little extra touches to their battle fields, teams, etc. was awesome), and out of my usual team of 9 I ended up using these guys. How they now stand in the hall of fame:

    - Torterra, M (Eldoradi) - Level 48
    - Rapidash, F (Pudding) - Level 44
    - Lapras, F (Lazuli) - Level 47
    - Gallade (Agito) - Level 46
    - Porygon2 (Glitch) - Level 48
    - Marowak, M (Grayskull) - Level 48

    Even with them all EV trained in advance, the E4 were a challenging bunch overall XD I want to say certain Pokemon were more useful than others, but they all had their moments. It was a good set of battles ^^
  2. - Torterra, M (Masaru) - Level 52
    - Luxray, M (Lysander) - Level 51
    - Golduck, F (Lisa) - Level 55
    - Noctowl, F (Scarlett) - Level 50
    - Porygon-Z, ? (Linux) - Level 49
    - Machamp, M (Riku) - Level 51

    All un-EV'd or trained in any specific way, just freshly caught. Yanmega and Vespiquen gave me the most problems, believe it or not :p All the pokemon I have which would take them out are too frail to take a hit, or let them set up with Defend Order and Double Team. :-\

    And I still use all six regularly, and I've since trained another 6 for a more competitive team. All EV'd and the works.
  3. April 1st, 2009. Game time: 22:22 (Ironically, this is the same day I got Pokerus, and a few days later I got my first shiny.)

    Empoleon (F) Lvl. 62
    Infernape (M) Lvl. 61
    Torterra (F) Lvl. 61
    Crobat (F) Lvl. 60
    Honchkrow (F) Lvl. 61
    Electivire (F) Lvl. 60

    The E4 was a pushover with this team, and I hardly used Crobat. All pokemon went in at Lvl. 60, and gained levels when they battled. My starter was Torterra, the others were tranfered from my Pearl, so they grew fast. Funny how all the Pokemon are Females. Poor Infernape had to deal with these women for months. xP
  4. I will say that Platinum's E4 was much harder then D/P E4 it took me 4 times before I finally beat them(it might have been because of my teams super weakness to dark XD) None of my team was Ev trained

    April 19, 2009
    Wobbuffet Lv 61
    Dusknoir Lv62
    Staraptor lv 62
    Torterra lv 66
    Froslass lv 61
    Alakazam lv 66
  5. I beat them on my second try, though even then, I needed to save and reload a few times for Cynthia.My team was the following:

    - Torterra Lvl51
    - Staraptor Lvl51
    - Luxray Lvl53
    - Garchomp Lvl55
    - Golduck Lvl52
    - Giratina Lvl50

    No EV training. Definitely the most difficult league to beat so far though.
  6. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Just beat them yesterday. I really liked the new fields the E4 had, they were nice touches. I went through without to much difficulty and all my team were useful in one way or another. They all went in at level 61, without EV Training.

    Manectric (Thunderdog), M, Level 63
    Sceptile (Creed), M, Level 62
    Flygon (Sonoran), M, Level 62
    Floatzel (Lutra), F, Level 62
    Honchkrow (Corvus), M, Level 62
    Miltank (Tundra), F, Level 62

    Overall a good set of battles and improvements ^^
  7. Blaziken (Torchbird) Lv.100
    Empoleon Lv.100
    Infernape (Torchape) Lv.73
    Kyogre Lv.63
    Togekiss (Togetoge) Lv.58
    Aggron Lv.52
  8. Blaziken ('Vadumee) Lv.87
    Infernape (Sachiel) Lv. 72
    Dialga Lv. 64
    Giratina (Leliel) Lv. 55
    Rotom (Ramiel) (Freeze Form) Lv. 52
    Tentacruel (Shamshel) Lv. 59

    If it's not obvious by the fact that most of the victory was thanks to level trumping, I don't really EV train D:

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