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DPPt/HGSS Pkmn MASTAH's Trade Request

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by PkmnMASTAH, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. I odn't think I'll get any business whatsoever. I need a Dialga. I can't offer a legendary in return....mainly because I could get another and I have all of my lgendarie's movepool the way I want them. I could trade you any starter though. Even their max evos. But please don't say you'll give me your Dialga for a level 100 Infernape. I've had the game since Sunday. The day it came out. Which was less than a week ago. I don't have Action Replay cuz I don't cheat. But yeah, all I really want is a Dialga and if no one wants theirs, I'd like a Ho-Oh or a Lugia.
  2. I'll trade my dialga for a todadile.
  3. I would do the trade but this thread is ooooooold. I got a Dialga a while ago on GTS.
  4. is there anything else you would want for a Todadile, maybe a heatran or something?
  5. Got 'im. I know this will sound picky but the only thing I want right now is Ho-Oh.
  6. hmmm.. honestly i haven't got ho-oh or lugia. is the anything that you would want from a gba game or diamond and pearl
  7. Well, not that I can think of currently. I want Ho-Oh because I have Lugia and ya can't have Lugia without Ho-Oh it ust ain't natural.
  8. i agree could i interest you in a latios or latias
  9. I'll take a Latias thank you. I have Latios and as I said before ain't natural.
  10. which color is that one again I have both but their on different games so i have to migrate
  11. The red ne is the one I want. Latias.
  12. alright, i have to migrate then when should we trade, ill be about 2 min.
  13. Well I'm training my Shiny Metagross to 100. When he's 100 we'll trade. (Don't worry he's already level 99)
  14. ok im in pal park right now
  15. Alright, I hope we get to trade before we go to dinner for mother's day.
  16. ok im ready i just have to register you in my pal pad
  17. Too late. We're goin' right now. When we get back I'll trade you.
  18. what time will that be
  19. it may have to wait until tomorrow. what do you say about tomorrow at 5p.m. central time?

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