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Ask to Join Pixel Pals: The Reboot Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Nova chuckled, watching his Pixel Pal run around on his phone's home screen. It was Saturday, and he had made it through the first week of school without getting into a fight. This also meant he won the bet between him, and his mother. The bet was, if Nova was to get into a fight at school during the first week, he would have to hand in his phone and take his little sister, Shine, to the amusement park. But if Nova didn't get into a fight, his mother would let him keep his phone, and would give pay him an hundred dollar bill for him to use.
    Nova was pretty relived, not having to give his phone away. His mother didn't know about his little friend inside it.

    Walking into his room, after having some breakfast, Nova gave his little pal a thumbs up, and with that, the little red fox on the screen jumped out. He wasn't pixelated or 2D, like he was previously, and was instead fully 3D, not showing any signs of pixels on his body anywhere.

    The Pixel Pal, or as he liked to call, Kwami, after watching this show on some ladybug superheroine, floated up to his face, giving him the usual puppy-dog-eyes as usual. Nova knew exactly what he wanted. Reaching into his pocket, Nova pulled out a chocolate bar, causing the Kwami's mouth to water. He unwrapped it, and broke off a peice, holding it up for Kwami, who was named Foxy, after his fox like appearance and tendency to wear an eye patch, referencing some animatronic horror game. Foxy bit down on the chocolate bar, biting Nova's fingers in the process, but didn't do much, seeing how Nova was a 5'5" foot tall teenager, and Foxy was a six inches of pure cuteness.

    It took awhile, but after a quarter of a minute passed by, Foxy had slowly digested the bit, satisfied. "Mmm, chocolate, the human world's most delicious food yet," chuckled Foxy.

    Nova rolled his eyes before gently poking his stomach, sending him back a little. "You are getting a bit chubby, maybe I should only give you a piece of cholate every other day instead of daily, and besides you don't need chocolate, your energy is shared with my phone's energy."

    "Yes, that may be true, but it doesn't mean us Pixel Pals can't be fed food and not electricity once in awhile," the Fox chuckled, floating onto his cap. Nova rolled his eyes to this action.

    "Whatever, get back in the phone, we're going out, and if you cooperate, I may give you another piece of chocolate," Nova said smugly before watching Foxy rush into the cellular device. Nova chuckled before sliding his phone into his pocket and heading downstairs, informing his mother he was heading outside, and with that he was gone.
  2. She arose that morning as she washed up fixing her hair leaving it out as she got dressed in casual clothing placing on her long cover up then her fedora last which she placed on her head. Pyro rested on her shoulder in fire bird form as she headed down stairs where her mother made breakfast for her. "Morning mom" she said smiling gently. "Morning sweety, here's your breakfast then you may go" she smiled placing her plate on the table as it was warm pancakes as Pyro's eyes lit up seeing how well made it was. Her mom chuckled as she gently petted Pyro "Morning Pyro and don't worry I made one for you to keep your energy up" "Oh yes my favorite!" Pyro said chirping a bit as she flapped her wings for the moment to her perched as she ate at it quickly.

    She smiled watching Pyro eat as she began to eat as well eating it clean "Thank you for breakfast mom I need to go now, come Pyro" "Alright bye sweety and be careful on the way back home" "I will don't worry I have Pyro to keep me safe" was the last thing she said to her mom before grabbing her bag, laptop, and tablet along with papers filled with codes she needed to fill in as she opened her door and out she left. She arrived at school into the tech room where she could do her coding as she placed her laptop and tablet on the table next to the computer as she needed all three to do this coding. She pulled out her phone where Pyro goes in "Alright Pyro time to go in alright I'll see you a bit later" "Aw alright JC see you soon" Pyro said as she flew into the screen as she rested on the file folder in the phone. She put her phone away and started coding away quickly as she got it done no less then an hour. She walked out of the tech room as she headed to the file room which was way upstairs so she was in the hallway for a while looking for the staircase to go up but eventually found it as she walked inside.
  3. Aran sat restlessly. She stared blankly at her archnemesis, her sweat started to trickle down her face. She never want to face it, but she know very well that she must beat it sooner or later. Still, if possible, can this conflict be avoided? Can we just ignore the existence of each other? She lift her shaking hand and slam it on her enemy.

    "I, I can't do this!!" She yelled to herself. But the sudden loud noise woke up the sleeping Eri. Eri rubbed his face with his left paw and approached her. The black cat gazed at her then sigh.

    "Stop exaggerating. You are just doing your math homework."

    "I know, but for a worthy enemy like this I think it will be better if I have some snacks. So I should go to a convenience store and buy some!" Aran's face lit up when she snatched her orange jacket from her wardrobe and dashed outside. Eri shook his head, procastination at its finest.

    "Wait, wait for me!" Eri didn't want to do this. But whenever Aran go, he will follow her. Unfortunately she has a habit of not bringing her phone whenever she thought she will just leave for a few minutes, so Eri usually followed her in his cat form. Which is weird because he looks like a cat that is super attached to his owner, or a hyperactive cat that needs to walk everyday. He sighed for the 100th time today and walk beside her.
  4. ((@LunarSilvally You know it's a Saturday, right? No school xD))

    Nova watched as a female, looking around in his age. He could've sworn he has spotted her on his first day of school, but he didn't end up speaking to her. He watched as some cat followed her. "Hmm? He looks a bit small for a cat... Kitten, but what Kitten just follows someone without wandering off, like almost all kittens. Foxy knew well that that wasn't just one house cat. He didn't speak out though, although if he was to speak while inside the phone it would appear as text for him to read.

    Nova, being a bit frisky, went over. "Hey there," he smiled at her, having rushed across the street and now walking by her side. "My name is Nova, what's yours, I think we go to the same school," he smirked.
  5. (well for me its Friday XD in my area)

    She exited out the file room making her way down stairs as she started to head back to the tech room but stopped for the moment seeing a kitten "-was that...a kitten..hm maybe a pixel pet well I can't worry about that now I need to head back to the tech room I have a lot of work to do-" she said in thought as she continued to walk again back to the tech lab as she took out her phone to check on Pyro as she saw she was sleeping stil on the file folder. She gave a smile before put her phone back in her pocket seeing she was waiting patiently for her to be done to be able to come out. She pushed open the tech room door as she closed it behind her then when back to work on her coding including with the graphics.
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  6. When Aran and Eri were walking to the store a boy suddenly appeared and greeted her. Wait, what, who, why??

    The sudden greeting caught Aran completely off guard and she took an involuntary step back. Aran looked at the boy and recognized him as one of her new classmate. She never anticipated to meet someone she knew on the way to the store, but now that she has new acquaintances in high school, things would seems to change. She could feel her legs starting to turn into another direction, begging her to flee from any social interaction, but she resist the urge and keep standing there.

    Aran recalled the dozens of interpersonal communication books she read from her memories. When you first meet someone you don't know well, first impression is important. So show them your best side! Talk inteligently! Tell jokes! Exert your charisma! Aran carefully choose a response and then voice it out.

    "Uh, Oh. Umm..."

    So much for the first impression. She decided to just answer him plainly.

    "I'm Aran. Yes, i think we are in the same class." What now?? Oh, yeah. She held forward her right hand, offering a handshake while attempting to smile.

    "Nice to meet you."
  7. Nova did walk an inch or two ahead of Aran when she stopped unexpectedly, not really expecting it. He made a 180° turn, looking back over to the female who stopped. He chuckled a bit accepting her handshake, extending his hand out and shaking hers. "Well Aran, where are you heading off to," asked Nova with a smile. Upon asking this question, his phone vibrated, causing him to end the handshake, having used his right hand, which was his dominant hand. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, watching Foxy speak while laying on the icon for Google.

    His speech came out as a text bubble, the text bubble reading: "what? Is this the one? Novy's first friend in this miserable world~?" Nova rolled his eyes and put his phone on silent, sliding it back into his pocket. "Sorry, some guy texted."
  8. She finished her work and coding as she wrapped up for today everything in order then left the tech room locking the door. Once she was completely out she pulled out her phone seeing Pyro was awake. "Pyro you can come out now" "oh finally I wanted to rest on your shoulder" Pyro said in her fire bird. "I know you do now come on lets enjoy this evening hm" "yes I love to spread my wings for a bit" Pyro chirped. She chuckled as she noticed a boy and a girl in the distance but didn't approach them as she slightly placed her hand on her hat moving it slightly down as she kept walking passing them.-
  9. "Just wants to buy some snacks so I can have enough sugar. I'm planning to finish Mr. Jerico's math homework today so I can be free tomorrow." Aran told Nova her plan. Sunday without any homework to do is a blessing. She planned to spent tomorrow for games and continuing her secret projects.

    "How about you? Where are you going?" Aran asked Nova back.
  10. "Heh, I finish all of my homework on Friday afternoons, so I guess I'm on the lucky end of this stick," Nova chuckled nonchalantly. When the question was asked to where he was going, Nova froze up. "I actually didn't have any place in mind. I just knew that I would find something to do if I came outside. Bedides, my family moved here only three weeks ago. We were too busy getting situated into the house with all the unpacking, and I couldn't go anywhere really this week cause of school, and playing video games." Nova cut himself off, realising he was blabbering on about his family, "B-But I did hear there was this nice park. Might check that out," he smiled, satisfied he could give an appropriate answer.

    Nova almost didn't notice it, but he watched a female pass by them. She was around his height, and she did come from the direction of his school. He assumed she was also a student at his school, but he didn't have any way to back it up. She could've been a grade level lower or grade level higher, which would explain why he didn't notice her in his first week of school, which was surprising, seeing Nova having a photographic memory of all his classmates.
  11. She made her way to the park as she found a bench that was a bit further away from the others playing in the park. Pyro rested on her shoulder before spreading her wings for a bit. She glanced up and smiled before opening her book and reading it.

    Pyro flew just a bit further away from JC as she changed to her wolf form wings folded against her back as she watched the kids play as she sat on the swing pole watching the swing go back and forth as she giggled.
  12. "Ah, I see. You are new here. That's why we never met before." Aran nods to herself. "As for the park. It's a good one, the caretaker seems to has a permanent pissed off face but he actually is a good person, each monday morning a girl with drill hair will bring some of her dogs to the park, and the dog seems to change every week, then there was also a mysterious grafitti that can change its shape, but the caretaker brushed it off." Aran suddenly realized she had blabbering too much. But, there's not much chance she can share some knowledge to another person in her age, so she does enjoy a moment when she can be in the giving end.

    "Ah. How about I show you around the par- gyaaaah!!" Aran looked at her legs to find that Eri had stabbed her with one of his claw, he stared at her with an intense look. Aran sighed, allright, back to homework. She looked back at the boy and said,

    "Sorry. It seems I must head back soon, enjoy your day and see you later!" She waved her hand at him and continue her walk to the convenience store.

    "Uhh... you don't need to stab me." She said to the black cat beside her.

    "And let him become your another excuse to avoid your work? Nahh. Beside, I want to continue my sleep, ASAP." Eri shrug and started to run, prompting Aran to walk faster.

    "Hey, wait!"
  13. Nova frowned, confused a bit. "This park sounds... Interesting?" He sighed before resting his hand behind his head. He slowly started smiling as she was going to offer to show him around, but was cut off. He watched as she walked off. "Well, looks like I still don't have another human to hang out with," Nova groaned.

    Foxy jumped out of the phone, "well, you've got me, don't cha?"

    "My hero," Nova groaned before using a finger to shove Foxy back into the phone.
  14. She closed her book afterwards once she was finished reading the coding as she stood up seeing Pyro fly back to her. "I feel refreshed down to spread my wings" Pyro said smiling. "That's good Pyro now lets get going" she smiled as Pyro went to her shoulder for now. "I'll let you on my shoulder for now then you have to go back into the phone ok Pyro" "Yes I know I don't want to be seen by other pixel pets too embarrassing" Pyro's cheeks flushed a bit thinking about it. "I know now lets go"she said as she started to walk again think about stopping at the market to get something for her mother and maybe something that could cover herself and Pyro.
  15. "We have arrived. Now you wait here while I buy some snacks." Aran and Eri stood in front of a small convenience store. Due to the store owner want to maintain an image of a clean store, he prohibited any customer to bring any animal inside, so Eri must be left outside whenever they come here, not that he know Eri is a pixel pal though. Aran had put her right leg into the store when she suddenly peeked outside and asked Eri.

    "Do you want something, Eri?" Eri perked up when he heard this offer. He answered immediately.

    "Potato chips!"

    "Allright. Wait here, OK." Aran entered the store. Eri estimated she will take around 10 minutes inside. Now, what should he do to pass the time?

    He looked around and found a paper that was crumpled into a ball on the ground. who threw this on the ground? They should know that this kind of behavor is irresponsible! Apologize to Earth!

    He attempted to pick it up, but his paw didn't allow him to get a firm grasp on the crumpled paper and the paper ball fell back onto the ground, rolling a few centimeters from Eri's position. So you want to do it the hard way, eh? Prepare yourself! Eri hunched his back, then lunged at the paper ball, striking it with his right claw and sent it crashing into the store's wall.

    I'm not finished yet!

    He dashed into the paper ball and sent it flying into the sky, but then he quickly jump over it and smacked it into another direction before he suddenly charged at the paper with all his claws, instantly shredding the paper into tiny pieces. When he came back to his mind, he looked at his handiwork.

    "Crap, I got overexcited." he said to himself before collecting the shredded papers and threw it into the garbage bin.

    Meanwhile inside the store Aran was wondering why she bought so much snacks that her shopping bag was unable to hold more.

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