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Ask to Join Pixel Animals

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by WolfyPop, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. One of a teenagers favourite things would be electronics. And people love animals! Most of all, they completely hate highschool! What would happen if you put these together? You are a human who has recently gotten a new phone, you think nothing of it, until an animal keeps walking across the screen, again, you think nothing of it, until one day, you are attacked by bullies and the animal in the screen comes out of the phone, scaring away the bullies. It turns out that the phone had an app, called....... Pixel Animals...

    1. No superpowers.
    2. No godmodding.
    3. Swearing is allowed, but not too much.
    4. I allow romance.
    5. No gore.

    Name: (Do I really have to explain this?)
    Gender: (boy or girl?)
    Age: (must be from 14-17)
    History: (what was your character's life like in the past?)
    Personality: (how does your character act?)
    Appearance: (what does he/she look like?)

    Now you need a Pixel Animal!
    Name: (Your animal's name?)
    Gender: (Boy or girl?)
    Animal: (What animal is it?)
    Looks: (What fur, scales, feathers, or other things does your animal have and what colour?)
    Personality: (How does the animal act like?)

    Now, To The Rp!

    Name: Astral Rakan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    History: Astral is the oldest of a family of 4, her three younger brothers all have different personalities, along with her parents. She moved to this highschool from Akuza High.
    Personality: Astral is a very loyal girl, and only trusts those who she thinks deserve it. She may be cold on the outside, but she is really caring to her friends.
    Appearance: Astral has an ombre, starting light blue at the top, the going darker to black at the bottom. She wears a white jacket and under it, a purple shirt. She has blue shorts and black shoes. Bangs cover one of her eyes, and she has red eyes.

    Name: Akora
    Gender: Male
    Animal: Wolf
    Looks: Golden eyes, black fur.
    Personality: Akora is very protective of Astral and, ever since moving away from his friends, Akora has become more aggressive. He is very nice though, and is a funny wolf too.

    Astral didn't think much of he school she was walking into, she was using the app on her phone to feed Akora, a black wolf who was inside her device. "So... what do you think of this place?" She asked the wolf inside her phone. "No idea, maybe it was better at Akuza High, but this is great..." Akora said sarcastically. Astral got organised and sat outside the school, where nobody could see her. She let Akora out. He came out with a howl. "Ah.. that's nice.." He said. Astral put a music player on the ground and put on Wolf In Sheep's Clothing out loud, thinking nobody will hear her.
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  2. Name: Jeffery Woods
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    History: Jeffery has an order brother called Jack. He lived with Jack and his Dad in a apartment, but they soon moved into a house that was across the street from the highschool.
    Personality: Jeff is cold to girls but slightly more welcoming to males.
    Appearance: Light brown hair and bright blue eyes. He wears a black top with a white hoodie over it, black jeans and white sneakers.

    Pixel Animal:

    Name: Telesto
    Gender: Male
    Animal: Fox
    Looks: He is black with a grey underbelly and tail tip. His eyes are purple.
    Personality: Telesto is friendly towards anybody, unless Jeff has something against that person, then he's very nasty.

    Jeff smiled down at Telesto who was playing space piano on his phone. He then heard 'wolf in sheep's clothing' play, making him walk towards the music. He walked in front of the girl, not even caring about the wolf by her side.
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  3. Name: Tyler Hursden
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    History: The second youngest of 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Joined this highschool after an accident caused him to move. His family are rich for being architects so he moved into a house they had built.
    Personality: Logical, rarely shows emotion. He doesn't trust anyone and had to move school for breaking a bullies arm.
    Appearance: Purple hair, green eyes. Wears a black hoodie over a tie-dyed top. Black jeans and a white beanie. Black sneakers.

    Name: Zetsubō
    Gender: Male
    Animal: Wyvern
    Looks: Black scales with red eyes, has a strange halo-like red mark on the top of his head.
    Personality: Matches Tyler perfectly. He is brutal and logical, only caring about statistics over emotions.

    Tyler glared over at the girl playing a song called 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' and grabbed a phone from his pocket. A black shape instantly emerged from a app on his phone. It perched on Tyler's shoulder and hissed." 10% chance that speaker breaks." Tyler shrugged." 10% chance I break it, you mean. Bump that up to 90%." He grabbed a stone off of the floor and threw it at the speaker, turning it off." I didn't break it but I turned it off at least." He huffed and started to walk off.
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  4. Name: Kaitlyn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    History: Kaitlyn is an Only Child and loves being one too. She spends most of her time, being flirted to be males, although she finds all the Males unnatractive.
    Appearence: Kaitlyn has long hair, along with a charms bracelet. She usually wears her School uniform too.

    Name: Vixy
    Gender: Female
    Animal: Vixen
    Looks: Vixy has White and Pink fur, sñong with Pink Rosy cheeks.
    Personality: Completely like Kaitlyn.

    Kaitlyn sighed. She pulled her phone out, texting her friend Diamond. "Ugh, another boy just tried asking me out today. They wont stop coming ;_;." She texted. In a second or two a text came back. "Kaitlyn, for the lass time, I don't care about your boy problems. I may be your friend, but I'm not Female. Why not try to find a friend, and fast. Foxy is trying to find a Crowbar. He dosent relise that crushing the phone will stush his life too." Diamond texted back. Kaitlyn sighed. "Fine." She growled, then looking around.
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  5. "Hey, piss off!" Astral yelled, grabbing her music player and walking away. She heard that boy broke a bullies' arm, but she didn't care. "Geez, what's his problem?" Akora asked, when they saw students, Akora went into the phone.
  6. The last thing I should be doing right now is joining another RP. Anyway, here's my form!

    Avalonia Milliken (Ava for short)
    Gender: female
    Age: 14
    History: Back when she was three, her dad was caught of cheating with her mom, and was instantly divorced on the spot. Since he was the main source of the family's money, her mother had to take up a travelling job, making the two change homes every few years. Ava sadly trails along with her. Although they do have a decent amount of money, she would love to be able to settle down in one place. This place with the second high school she's attending is only one of the homes she has had in the past.
    Personality: Caring, friendly, and helpful, Ava loves to volunteer for extra things if it benefits anyone. Even though she can be a bit slow at times, she loves her new phone and believes she is up-to-date with all the new things, like what memes are still cool and what's going on throughout the world. She still does not know of the app on her phone.
    Appearance: Ava has shoulder-length, wavy, red hair, which contrasts greatly with her darker-colored eyes. One eye is a bit more blue while the other is more green, but the difference isn't very noticeable. Fairly skinny and pale, she's not the shortest, but she's definitely not considered tall. She usually wears a galaxy snapback baseball cap, this shirt, these shorts, Vans galaxy shoes, infinity love galaxy rubber bracelet, blue Morgan stud earrings, and and a necklace. (Literally just go here. I made this outfit a while ago for a character in a Gravity Falls series I never finished.)

    Name: Julian (Man, I wanted to name him Barry... xD )
    Gender: male
    Animal: bumblebee
    Looks: He looks like the average bumblebee, but is slightly larger and very fat. >w<
    Personality: Easily annoyed, lazy, and over-protective, Julian dares not sting anyone, since he knows of the consequences of doing so, but he does try to bite, which never results in anything bad- he never even breaks any skin. Whenever he's ticked off, he buzzes around Ava, trying to tell her about his feelings, but can never get anything across while he's moving so fast.

    "Geez, what's his problem?"

    A girl that had been walking toward the entrance of the school, sighing, looked over to another girl that walked away from a group of mainly boys. Brow furrowed, she took a step toward her, before noticing that she was on her phone. I'll leave her be, I guess, she thought, looking back to the group behind her. Nothing much seemed to be happening over there, so she walked over, only stopping once she stood a few feet away, eyes wide at the strange sight. What are those? she wondered, head tilting slightly. Taking one more step, she finally spoke. "Uh, hi there. What happened with her, and what is on your shoulder?" she asked, pointing to the wyvern on one of the boy's shoulders. "I'm, uh... I'm Ava, by the way. Avalonia. Just curious about all this. I'm kinda new here, so..." explained Avalonia, introducing herself awkwardly as she did so.
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  7. Kaitlyn watched as Astral walked off, away from a male. "Jeez. Who peed in her cereal?" She sighed. She stood up, Vixen smiled. "Tell me, how you're sleeping easy! How you're only thinking of yourself!" Vixy smiled, humming along to the tune. Kaitlyn smirked. "Looks like it got to you two." She smiled, dashing off.
  8. ((I can relate, Ringmaster. By the by, this is one of my darker characters, but I haven't used him in a while and don't want to become out of practice. I'll just tone down the backstory and all that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ))

    Name: Armello Ryder-Canst
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    History: You wouldn't need to be Sherlock Holmes to detect the boy's obviously dark past. As a boy, he was kept as a slave in Mexico. He only escaped when Mexican authorities were involved after neighbours called in, worried about how thin and sickly the boy appeared when he peered through their windows. He spent many of his later years in various mental health clinics, too unwell to be assimilated with foster homes and adoption centres. Eventually, they transferred him across the border under the thought that a change in scenery might do him well. Fortunately, it acutely shifted his mood. He's currently been living in America for 9 years and is slowly integrating into society.
    Personality: Odd, reserved, and jittery. Armello seems to think the world is against him and is often caught in midday delusions, which causes him to mistakenly block out other people. He is rather intelligent and academically developed, but has a hard time projecting his thoughts into words. He can be very gentle and caring, which is mostly seen through his love for gardening. Armello has severe Restless Leg Syndrome and can never quite sit still.
    Appearance: Honduran. His dark hair is tied back in a bun, equally dark eyes dull and hollow. He has a kind of undead look to him and a pair of thin-rimmed glasses rest on the crooked bridge of him nose at all times. He wears baggy clothes, such as university hoodies and sports jerseys, jeans, and yellow rubber boots.

    Name: Jethro
    Gender: Male
    Animal: Tree Pangolin
    Looks: No abnormalities
    Personality: Protective over his human reciprocal and acts as a conscience for him. He, too, is very skittish, but is able to fake confidence for Armello's sake. Jethro is immensely pacifistic and weak.

    Armello travelled oppressively, his bag brimming with textbooks, crumpled paper, and stray pencils he had collected during the school year. Clinging to his arm was his scaled companion, constantly squirming in his grip in an attempt to find some comfort in his desolately cold counterpart. Armello balanced the bag evenly on his shoulder blades and adjusted his arm, which Jethro gratefully clambered up to its peak - his shoulder. Eventually, the creature settled himself in the boy's hood and rested there lazily. Armello paused and shifted his weight, spotting several different students with a diversity of different animals despite pets being outlawed on premises.
    "Reality check," Armello muttered. This was the code he and Jethro shared when Armello was in need of help on deciphering fiction from reality. Of course, a talking pangolin that had perceived itself from an electronic application perhaps was not the finest consultant on the topic, but he hadn't let Armello down as of yet.
    A disgruntled Jethro stretched himself out and peered over Armello's shoulder. "What is it, boss?"
    "Those students all have animals with them, right?" he asked with a hint of hesitation. He knew he didn't have a reason to, however, since the pangolin never judged him too heavily for his inquisitions.
    The creature sniffed at the air for no more than two seconds before chirping a "Yessir!" and returning to his post within the boy's hood.
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  9. Jeff watched as the music was shut off, then the girl left without even noticing him. He shrugged and pulled out his phone, checking if Telesto was hungry. He fed the fox and exited the app, smiling down at him when he sat at the edge of the screen, tail wagging happily as he licked his lips. "Alright, just wait, I'll let you out as soon as I find a hiding place where we can relax" Jeff whispered to him. "Climb a tree, it's been awhile since you did that" Telesto whispered back. "Jeff shook his head "No, I need a hiding spot where I can easily get down from" He muttered, looking up from his screen and scoping the area, soon coming to see a boy with a Wyvern on his shoulder. "Oh well, there's another one Telesto" Jeff said, turning his phone off and putting it back in his pocket.
  10. The bell rang, Astral groaned and walked inside. After having to deal with a boy who turned off her music player, she was in an aggressive mood. She looked at her phone, Akora was staring at her with puppy eyes. Astral smiled. Tapping on the food button, a bowl of meat appeared in front of Akora, he happily ate the food. Walking into class, she didn't bother to read the timetable the teacher gave her, sitting at the back of the class, Astral put on earphones and listened to music.
  11. Tyler grimaced as a girl approached him." Get lost." He walked off." That was a bit rude Tyler. The least could have said was that we were busy." Tyler raised an eyebrow and shrugged." We have class now." He walked in, collected his timetable and sat at the back corner, away from everyone.
  12. Form:
    Name: Chloe
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 16
    History: She is the second oldest in a set of quadruplets, but they were sent to different schools by her father for unknown reasons.
    Personality: Kind of an introvert, doesn't interact with others much, loves reading, is smart-ish
    Appearance: Turquoise eyes, chin-length black hair, gray hoodie, jeans, turquoise sneakers

    Now you need a Pixel Animal!
    Name: Midalo
    Gender: Boy
    Animal: baby cheetah
    Looks: Nothing unusual, really, except he has blue eyes
    Personality: Loyal, slightly overprotective sometimes
    Chloe walked to her Geography class, still reading while walking. Midalo protested by making her phone vibrate continuously inside her pocket. "Alright, please stop. Here's your food." She clicked on a button that dropped some food into the screen.
    "OMG, look at all those nerds, talking to their phones!"
    A tall blonde girl with blue eyes started mocking her. It didn't take an advanced psychologist to recognize her as a popular girl. Chloe walked right past her, totally ignoring her, but at the back of the classroom, some other students' pets were starting to get restless.
  13. Kaitlyn pressed a small button on her screen, it was a Steak. A Giant Steak appeared above Vixy. Her mouth wattered, Kaitlyn giggled. "Here ya go." She smiled, dropping the Steak, then Vixy ennillated. She was full. "Heheh, couldent help your self huh?" She teaswd. "Well I need to eat alot since I'm Pregnant!" Vixy frowned. Kaitlyn's eyes widened. "Your Pregnant?!" Kaitlyn yelled. "No." Vixy teased. Kaitlyn sighed, turning her phone off.
  14. Armello silently removed the pangolin from his hood and slid him into his pocket to keep a better understanding of what he was doing and to keep him hidden. He was suspicious of the exotic animals spread out across the student body, but knew better than to make assumptions. Still, he dithered in the courtyard, glancing about the kids anxiously.
    "You alright, boss?" Jethro asked, snapping Armello from his daze.
    "I'm fine," Armello assured him and forced himself to trek ahead.
  15. Jeff huffed quietly as the bell rang. He quickly made it to class and sat down at a seat at the back, the one next to the boy with the Wyvern. Not really wanting to talk to him, Jeff pulled out his phone to see space piano opened and Telesto hopping on the black keys. 'I should get more games for him, he at least played every game once' Jeff thought, putting his earphones is and listening to music with Telesto.
  16. Holding her hands up confusedly, brow furrowed and a frown on her face, Ava watched the boy walk away. "Well, pardon me!" she called to him, hearing the bell ring. "Great," she now whispered to herself, "another new school, and I'm gonna be late to my first class. Just what I need right now!" Getting aggravated, she stomped off in the direction of the building, her rucksack bouncing behind her as she went. What class do I even have, anyway? Ava wondered, pulling her schedule out of her bag's side compartment and looking in the first little box, her walking speed increasing. Ew. She grimaced at the words.

    Avalonia walked through the front doors, looking around the lobby of the school while she headed toward the hallway her class was down. For some reason or other, her phone seemed to be emitting some kind of buzzing noise, but she did nothing to investigate it and merely walked on, arriving at her class. Taking a seat in the middle of everyone, Ava noticed that the people from before were in the same class as her. Maybe now she'd get answers? Well, now probably was not the best time to ask, anyway, so she sat quietly, taking out her binder and a pencil and setting them on the desk, propping her folded arms over her things and placing her chin on top.
  17. Kaitlyn rushed to the classroom, quickly sitting in her seat. She pulled her phone out, finding Vixy looking at her Photos. Most of them were Selfies with her and Diamond. "Man, I could of sworn I was in these." Vixy frowned. Kaitlyn knew not to talk, so instead she pulled out the notepad app on her phone. She typed in words.

    "Vixy, you can't be in photos, your part of the phone we took a picture with, it would be impossible to take a picture with you, unless it's from someone else's phone, then yea." Kaitlyn typed.

    Vixy sighed. "Well can you atleast send Foxy over? It's lonely here." She frowned. "Fine." She sighed. She pulled up an app, Face Time. She called then Diamond. Diamond replied. "Yea Kaitlyn?" He asked. A Red Fox stood in the corner, a hook and eyepatch. He simply waved to Vixy. "Just leave the Chat on, its for Vixy." Kaitlyn sighed, placing the phone in a small pocket in her skirt. It was pitch black for Diamond, all visible was Vixy. Diamond sighed, placing the phone in his pocket, all was left was the two Pixel Animals. They simply talked while Kaitlyn resumee to real life.

    Diamond sat in front of Kaitlyn. He turned around, giving her a sacastic stare. She smirked. "Hey Diamond." She smiled, as they waited for a teacher.
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  18. Armello smoothed back his hair as he entered the classroom, brushing a few stray hairs behind his ear. He sat heavily at a desk situated in the third row so that he wouldn't be noticeable, but still able to observe the lesson without obstruction. It wasn't until he let his eyes wander the classroom that he realized that the students from earlier, all of which had somehow stowed their familiars away on such short notice, shared the class with him. His suspicions only grew into a heavier weight on his mind.
    He gently rested his forehead on the desk, which would've been an innocent enough gesture to any onlookers.
    "Jethro," he whispered urgently.
    There was the sound of a groggy yawn followed by, "Boss?"
    "You're sure about that reality check?" he asked, peering around discreetly to make sure nobody thought he was talking to himself. He was already reputable for his slew of disorders and didn't want to give his fellowmen fuel for the fire.
    Jethro poked his miniscule snout from his pocket and peered up at him confusedly. "Would I ever lie to you, boss?"
    Armello frowned. "I... suppose not."
    The meager creature accepted this answer and returned to the safety of his pocket.
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