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Pika's Artwork

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by 4pikachu4, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Well, I opened up my old art topic and realized that no one has commented in it for almost a year now, so I locked it up and threw away the key, and decided to start a newer, perhaps better, art thread.

    If anyone sees any of thes pictures anywhere but here and deviantART (4pikachu4), please let me know. People may only use my artwork with permission.


    Got the scanner. :)It makes my pic look suuuper pixelated though, why is that?
    The image looks suuuuper huge on my image hoster, so I hope it doesn't turn out that way on here.
    It is my take on YRP, the Amano style picture. The little picture above the Final Fantasy logo-font-thingie. I made it into my style, and rearranged the girls so that they would fit on a game cover I am currently making. First with pencil, then with Sharpie for the thick lines, ball point pen for the thin ones. No idea how long it took. The original draft (pencil) took me about 3-4 hours, just guessing.

  2. I'm not sure why your scanner pixellized your art though...because of the pixellization it looks as though it could be passed off as Pixel Art. So I'll rate it as Pixel Art. x3 Hope you don't mind.

    Anywhoo, I absolutely adore the poses and how the three work together. Payne looks like she's about to step on Yuna though. It took me a little bit to find Yuna's other leg. xD; I ADORE Riku's pose to bits and it's glad to see someone know putting her in some suggestive pose due to her outfit.

    If you have a Digital Camera, try taking a picture of this just so we can see the difference, m'kay? I'd love to see the non scanner-pixellated version.​
  3. Excellent job if may say so, Pika. You must have one doozy of a scanner if it can turn this thing into Pixel art. Anyway, the poses are nicely illustrated and the anatomy is retained, so there's no real harm done.It's an awesome pic as Paine and Rikku's details are well captured and the poses are fantastic. I think Yuna's skirt could use a tad more detail though, but that's just an incentive. All in all, a great job. Hope you can continue to develop. :3
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Cool. More Pika artwork ^^

    Those three... I'm kinda amused to see them in the first post of this thread. Ignoring the scanner issues, the detail in the picture is rather nice, and the poses all look good.

    I'm curious about what you meant here. Are you just trying to make fan box art, or do you actually have a fan project going involving the characters?

    Looking forward to more pics, Pika ^^
  5. Okie dokie, a picture? Can't say that it does it too much justice, since I want to post the full color version later, I took a picture of the original sketch of pencil, which I then traced, which is the one that I scanned.


    Hope that this one doesn't turn out that huge too.

    Thank you for the compliments. Pix, I know that the leg is hidden, lol, I just wasn't really sure where to put it or how to make the skirt flow. I had to make Paine, Yuna, and Rikku overlap each other because there is only so much space on a game cover, haha. That's why it sort of looks awkward in places.
    RX, I was going to do more detail on the skirt, I was just a little worried about how it would turn out when I went over it in pen, so I am trying to detail it completely with my colored pencils.
    Linkachu, I'm not making a fan game. xD I bought a used version of the game because the one that I bought before has a scratch on it. The used game came with a blank cover, so I decided that it would look nicer if I did something for it.

    Thanks for the comments, I'll try to get more art up soon.​
  6. Loving the sketches Pika. They look very nice.

    I'm no artist, so I really can't help on drawing advice, but I can tel that Yuna's pistol doesn't look quite right to me. It may be me but the handle is either at too much of a slant or the back of the barrel, where the hammer is located, is a tad to round.

    Otherwise, it looks fine. I can't wait to see the finished product.
  7. Thanks Jet, yeah, I'm not much of a ... gun drawer ... I just kinda winged-it, so it doesn't really look that realistically awesome, but I thought it would do.

    So, just to put something, I was gonna do either a drawing or a pixel art of my Sonic OC, but yanno, since I felt artsy and stuff, I decided to make a base for the Sonic character in pixel art form first. I suppose all of you have permission to use the base, so long that you ask first and credit it to me, 4pikachu4.

    Yup. There it is. I'm not sure how I'mma go about editting it into my character though, lol. It might take some time.

  8. Good job in the base, Pika. Its very...basic. (words fail me.) What I mean is that it lacks any sign of variation or uniqueness, hence it is a perfect generic base. The pose from the head down to the torso is excellent and well crafted, but the legs suddenly become straight and lack any form of depth or feeling, even for a generic base. Maybe add some joints to the knee, but other than that, it's a grat character base for female Sonic OCs.
  9. Whoops, sorry guys. I usually take a really long time to load new things, huh? Sorry for the wait.

    Ah, yes, I thought the same thing. I think I will try adding some sort of anatomy to the legs. Thanks for that, RX.

    So, I downloaded GIMP to give this ID thing a try I saw on dA because of RX's artwork. If you want to see the final thingy, the link is on the bottom of the post.. Vagrant, FTW!

    My first digital artwork as far as coloring goes, so critique is strongly appreciated and welcomed.


    Lineart done in MS Paint. All coloring done on the GIMP. Used only a mouse.
    I realize that a lot of it is flat, but I thought it was okay for a first try. I seriously need to get on some tutorials, or something. After reading something on dA, I realize that I have a lot of practice and work ahead of me, especially if I plan on using a mouse my whole life. The skin is darker than intended, and I know that the shading on the main jacket and hair is hideous. yes, one eye is blue and one eye is brown, in case anyone is unsure if that was intentional. D:

    Anyways, as mentioned before, critique welcomed.

  10. Great to see you back, Pika!

    Wow, this was done with only a mouse? I like it. It looks smooth, elegant, and rather realistic.

    The differently colored eyes are a nice touch. They give it originality.

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