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Ask to Join Party at the Mysterious Mansion of Wonders Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Captain Cardboard, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. The Cromwell Mansion has stood at the edge of Normalville for as long as anyone can remember. Barely obscured by the nearby forest, the children and younger members of Normalville have always felt a strange, mysterious aura from that house. But, even stranger then that feeling you get when you walk by it is the fact that the adults of the town act like it doesn't exist. In fact, upon one's 19th birthday, it's as if the Cromwell Mansion simply ceased to exist. Or was treated as nothing more then a children's imaginary game. Research into the mansion's history show no records of it ever being built... then again, the town's more ancient records were lost to a fire long ago.

    One day, various children and younger members of Normalville receive a message. Some by a text from an unknown number. Some from an email from an unknown sender. Some from a paper that seemed to have magically appeared in their things or in their room. The message read as follows...

    Greetings, curious one!

    You are hereby invited to a feast and party located at none other than the Cromwell Mansion. We sincerely hope you will join us, as this will be one of the few times our door will be open to guests. This is not a formal event, so please come dressed in your everyday clothes. Once again, we sincerely hope you will join us!

    This RP will be focusing on the kids and teens that decided to attempt to attend the party, and the mysterious things they find at Cromwell Mansion...


    Now, on to what our heroes don't know! So, I've been reading a lot of SCP stuff and watching a lot of Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, and the X Files. So, this RP is going to have a lot of strange things going on in it. Cromwell Mansion is, well, let's just say a hotspot for unexplained activities. The Mansion itself is bigger on the inside, becoming extremely mazelike. It is very difficult to find your way out once you've entered. On the ground floor, the unexplained activities are relatively harmless. Among other things (which you are free to make up as we go), some examples are old radios that play music on their own and seem to be sentient, a dining room where the food magically refills itself, and other unnatural phenomenon. But as you go higher up in the mansion, the more dangerous the phenomenon you encounter will become. And if you somehow find a way to go downstairs in the mansion, well... let's just say one would have a terrible time.

    Character sheet:
    Age: (18 or younger)

    I like to keep it simple. So, uh.. just pay attention to the charm rules and we should be fine I guess. I'm being pretty open with this whole activity.
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  2. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    i've been looking for this quite a while

    Character sheet:
    Name: Alix Zircon
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Alix has long black hair with dark blue eyes, she wears a simple white t-shirt, with grey jeans, and black sandals.
  3. Looks good! Accepted. I'll have the RP up soon.
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  4. This looks interesting. I might actually get myself to be slightly more active again. Here we go:

    Name: Marc Bonerian
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Marc has clear light blue eyes; shaggy, collar-length, light auburn hair and white skin. He wears a red hoodie accompanied by a black shirt reading 'Wonder' in white, grey-blue jeans and simple trainers. He has an average height, size and weight for his age.
  5. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

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  6. @Captain Cardboard , is this an original idea? It's brilliant! I must ask, however, am I allowed more than one character? I only want 2, of course.
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  7. Thanks! And if you want to have more then one character, that's fine with me. Also, I forgot to add this earlier, but if you guys want to make some of the weird things that inhabit the Mansion, feel free to!
  8. Name: Carter Press
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Carter is a fairly tall individual, usually a head or so taller than other boys his age. His lanky body sports a fair share of muscle, none from actually working out, and definition. The young male has olive colored skin with the occasional freckle to bring life to the pale canvas. His face is sharp and acute, with thin cheeks and a sharp jaw line. Carter's eyes are slender, stormy blue in coloring which matched the aqua studs in both of his ears. Carter's hair is curly and blonde, creating waves of curls that would likely look more messy if it weren't cut so close to his head and gelled back. He wears a navy blue tank top, it's loose in all parts except the shoulders and it sports a small pocket on the left breast. He also attires white-wash skinny jeans that are ripped in both knees and a pair of slender black tennis shoes.

    Iris McClint
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Iris has very fair skin, almost white in the sunlight. Her short and stocky body is dusted by all shapes and sizes of freckles, a give away to her Scottish descent. The young girl is a little on the plump side, but most would just call her curvy. Her face is round and bright, covered in light freckles to bring out her pale, plump lips and large eyes. Iris' eyes are wide, with barley visible lashes, and deep brown- standing out form the rest of her fair body. Her hair is long and red, with highlights of orange and strawberry blonde- it reaches about mid back and splays at the ends. Her locks are slightly frizzy, and obviously not well cared for- but thick and pretty and their own ways. Iris wears a black crop-top with the words "Not Today" across the stomach in white, as well as a high waisted skirt that reaches just below her knees and display a soft purple color. Iris wears black high-top tennis shoes to top it off.
  9. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    that's the first time i ever saw someone use that word in a month
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  10. heyo! really love the creativity put into this idea. how could i say no to a mysterious mansion on the edge of the woods?

    Name: Leora "Leo" Stewart
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Rather slim by nature, Leo doesn't bear many curves. She stands around 5'4 at most, just a tad shorter than average for her age group.
    She has somewhat fair skin, usually tattered with little scrapes and bruises here and there. Her hair stops at her shoulders, curling down in light brown waves that certainly aren't maintained the best, thus a bit frizzy and maybe a bit tangled. She has a rounder face, and soft hazel eyes that always seem to portray her mood wrong. Her legs are rather long and somewhat lanky, and she lacks most curves around her chest and hips. A notable feature on her face is the small, faint scar on the right of her upper lip, usually unnoticeable at a glance but not difficult to see upon further inspection. Her clothes are fairly standard, although obviously some thought was put into her outfit. A simply graphic tee tucked into a pair of torn, light wash shorts, secured snugly with a simple brown belt. The only jewelry present is a small golden anklet, just above a pair of simple black sneakers.
    (will probably draw her eventually, 'cause apparently i cannot make a single character without giving people a visual reference.)
  11. random question that doesn’t really matter much but im curious anyways;
    what time of year is it for the children of normalville?
    i pictured it to be a brisk autumn evening, but then i started thinking about the losers club and it being summer vacation and that sounded cool, too. any determined setting at the moment ?
  12. The setting is in late summer!
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  13. alrighty! thank you : D
    I’ll probably wait for another reply or maybe two, and then mine’ll be up as well!
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  14. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Yare yare daze...

    Name: Gart Towers
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Gart has moss eyes, short brown hair, a gray sweater with black stripes, and white sweatpants. He's an average size and height.
  15. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo


    imagine a room full of porcelain dolls, that when you don't look at them, they will try to kill you, but if you look at them, they will stop:D:D:D
  16. ooooo, weeping angel dolls!!!!
    i’ll probably storm up some room ideas later, too. : D
  17. @JesusoChristo Sounds like a good idea for a room! It'll probably be on the third or fourth floor though...

    @dratz Approved!
  18. Alright! The gates to the Mansion are now closed! So if you want to join, feel free to make a... "resident" of the mansion. Preferably something that lived on either the ground floor, first floor, or basement. So something mystical or unnatural, but nothing that's really out to kill our young crew of adventurers.
  19. @wintersolstice sorry, I probably should have been a bit more precise with my description of the music. The music is coming from the ground floor, not the upper floors.
  20. ah, my bad!! editing that right now. sorry ;w;
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