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Ask to Join Part the Job

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Starry Phantump, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Sign ups/discussion -

    Deep into the vacuum of space, a fairly small planet was home to some of the universes strongest forces, the galactic patrol, a small army of strong fighters who keep the universe free from criminals and wrongdowers...

    A pair of glass sliding doors separated as a young Saiyan stepped out of them, another person followed behind the girl, even though the girl was fairly short, the one behind her was even more so "calm down Jaco, I didn't mean to kill the guy, he was just allot weaker then us" the girl said in a stubborn tone "why would you attack him like that anyway, he was a mere jewel their, you had no reason for such force!" The smaller individual shouted in anger. "Me and my team aren't a part of your patrol, we don't follow your rules" she replied "while you aren't official officers in the galactic patrol your are still very much ascossiated with it, and so as long as this crazy spree of criminals is going on and your being payed by us, you will follow our rules!! And where is your team anyway!" Jaco yelled jumping up in the air knco out of rage "grr...fine, we'll try to not be as forceful as we were, ya happy?" Kora answered with a sigh before leaving Jaco and climbing into a large ship, it looked like most of the other galactic patrol ships, except much larger and haveing a coat of red instead of purple...
  2. Meanwhile, Someone was lying on the ground not so far away. He weard a black Robe and mask on his face, like he was trying to hide something. His name was Avalanche, when He arrived to Galactic patrol planet. He noticed that almost everyone was staring at him, some of them looked angry, others was scared, few of them was just suprised. When He met with someone that could let him be in the patrol, He heard that it would be better if He didn't walked around without hiding himself. Right now, when He was just looking at the sky. After the while he stood up and headed to the big galactic patrol ship "Well, I schould return now" He whispered to himself.
  3. While all of this was going on, a namekian was watering a small garden on planet Octo. They called him "Asoax, the namekian who fused with god." Well, the people from universe 16 called him that before its destruction. Asoax was not from this universe, and because of that he doesn't know a lot about universe 7 or its rules, but their is one thing he's sure about, and that's protecting those who cannot protect themselves. After he finished fixing up his garden, he left the building and into the open where he heard Kora and Jaco arguing. "I wonder if we have a new assignment." he said to himself.
  4. Kora peeked her head outside the ship and looked around to see both Avalanche and Asoax "I thought you guys were in the ship already? Nevermind that, hurry inside the ship, we have a new assignment, this is a good one to!" She shouted to the two befrbe stepping back inside with a smirk on her face.
  5. He arrived in his Small Patrol ship, Docking it near what Looked to be the mother ship. As he docked it, he came in time to hear Kora tell the other two to head inside. He took that as a new job, and walked past Kora.
    "Lets see how this job will go, Eh?" He said, as he walked inside the ship. He had seen the inside many times, but it always amazed him on how big Ships could get with the right people on the job.
    "Hey, Kora, we have an A.I., Right?"
  6. Avalanche came inside to the ship without saying anything, as always. When He thought about that He isn't allowed to show himself, even to his team. It isn't that, he care about this, if they know how He looks or not. It's just his disguise that prevents him from fighting. When He was inside, Avalanche quickly said "I hope this job will be a bigger challenge than previous one" and he took sat on his seat.
  7. Asoax stepped into the ship saying, "Use a sufficient amount of force this time, no more, no less." He hoped this next mission would be over soon, for he was wanting to watch his brand new bleeding hearts grow. But he knew this mission wasn't going to be long, "The galactic patrol thinks we can't handle tough missions." he said to himself, quietly.
  8. Kora scratched her head in response to Nitro "Hmm... wouldn't you be our A.I. #29 since you are a robot and all, right?" She chuckled. Okay! is everyone here. If so then I've got us a new job to do! Over in the milky way galaxy a band of space pirates, called the Galaxy soldiers, led by the infamous Bojack...Jaco has giving us orders to kill them if they fight back" Kora made her way to the front of the ship "Asoax, your the pilot right?"
  9. "Oh, Yeah. Forgot about that. Ehehe...." He said, scratching the back of his head.
    "Bojack? You mean that green steroids man? This should be interesting to say the least" As he said that, he moved over to a room, and Hooked himself up to the ship.

    "Hey, Testing, 123, This working?" He said, his voice being centered around the entrance.
  10. "Yeah, I can pilot this ship, I just need to know two things. One, where are we going? And two, the more important question, why are we going after Bojack? I thought we went after petty thieves." Asoax said, walking towards the pilot seat.
  11. "What really!?" Kora laughed at Nitro's voice echoing through the ship "I was just joking" she laughed a bit more before calming down, she then turned to Asoax "you think I would let Jaco give us jobs like that, for right now, we're some of the strongest the patrol has right now, at least the ones at the base. But Bojack and his men are really strong, so no slacking or we could end up on their kill count." Kora said before taking a seat near a small cabinet, she opened the cabinet and pulled out several bracelets, she tossed each of them one and put one around her arm "Jaco gave these to me when he recruited us, Bojacks men have very deadly wires that can kill quickly, these will shock the wires and keep them from constricting you."

    Kora in fact was a kid, but she was still the leader, so even if her stubborn personality got in the way, she would always put her team first...
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  12. "I don't see a point, why I have to wear them but alright..." said Avalanche. It seemed that he wasn't listening careful and he took one of the Braclets. "I'm going to take a nap, wake me up when we will reach our destination" He said and he returned to his seat after some time he started to sleep.
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  13. "Uhm...I knew you were joking...Definitely. But, Uhh.. The bracelets will help in NOT die? Sounds interesting." He said, as he put the bracelet on his wrist.
    "Ooo, now I feel all tingly." He joked, flickering the Light on and Off for a second. "In all seriousness, they SHOCK the wires? Sounds like they are some sort of Emergency Generator."
  14. "How much power can these things generate?" Asoax asked looking at the device before finally putting it on. "Kinda tight. Do they have one in a large?" He asked.
  15. Kora looked at Nitro "well in all honesty I don't know how they work very well, but I think it makes the wires loose tension when the shock goes through it, so they can't bind you or stuff like that, and that's the only size, sorry Asoax" Kora said before taking a seat again "well, anyways, lets get moving, if we dontd waste any time we should be able to find them on Pluto" Kora shouted proudly at her crew, signaling Asoax to start the ship.
  16. Asoax began laughing, "It's about damn time we got ourselves a REAL mission." He put the band on his arm and walked to the cockpit. He sat down, started up the ship, and began flying towards Pluto. 40 minutes passed. "This is your captain speaking, we will arrive on Pluto within 20 minutes."
  17. Avalanche woke up becouse of Asoax and he started to look around. When he reminded himself, where he is and what he was doing. He came to Asoax "Hey, Can you repeat, when we will we reach this planet. (...) sorry for the troblue, I may be a bit Impatient today"
  18. "Oh, Avalanche, you snuck up on me. I said the ship will reach Pluto in 20 minutes. Hope that's not a problem." Asoax said putting the ship back on auto pilot. "Hey Avalanche, since you're here, what are your thoughts on Bojack and the Galaxy Soldiers. Do you think they'll resist arrest?" Asoax asked.
  19. Kora was sitting down in a chair with her eyes closed, she was thinking about how they would deal with Bojack and his men if they fought back "given their merciless crimes, they would probably attempt to kill on site...and their all quite strong as well.... Maybe we should seperate them, if each one of us can beat one of them...we could ambush Bojack and take him down..." Kora smiled and opened her eyes. She stood up and made her way to the cockpit, he found both Asoax (obviously) and Avalanche there "Asoax, once we get to Pluto, try to find a secretive spot, we're going use surprise against the Galaxy soldiers!" She said bluntly before exiting the cockpit...
  20. Nitro was laying down with his eyes closed, trying to find any data on Bojack and his thugs, when he heard Kora yell from the cockpit.
    "I guess she found a way first. No biggie, we should be able to beat them, easily. We have a Saiyan, a Namekian, and whatever Avalanche is." He said, opening his eyes while sitting up. He hooked himself up to the ship again, checking the ships systems.
  21. "I don't think that they will go to an arrest if we will just ask them, Asoax. Still we schouldn't worry too much, as we probably are strong enough to win (...) Sayians, I will never understand them... Plan seems to be good but, I don't know. It's better to be too much careful and live than not be careful and die meaningless death... " Avalanche said, He was still looking through the window and he saw a little points in the cosmos. "Hey, Asoax. Are we close to Pluto? "
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  22. "I hope these 'Galaxy Soldiers' are actually worth the trouble." Asoax said. Asoax got up from his seat and walked around the crew, checking to see if everyone was alright. Asoax walked back to his seat and looked out the window. "Land ho!" Exclaimed Asoax as Pluto came into view. "Everyone grab your stuff and prepare to land." He said preparing the ship's landing gear.
  23. Avalanche came for something, that could be useful, He ended up only with a scouter that was send with him to his planet. "Well, It looks that this is my all stuff". Avalanche put on his scouter, trying not to be seen and he prepared himself to land. "Okay, I'm ready"
  24. Kora stood still as the ship landed on the Icy rocks that littered Pluto. She walked over to one of the walls and pressed a button, a panel of the floor nearby dropped into a small set of stairs to the ground of Pluto. Kora was about to step down but stopped abruptly "Damn, I almost forgot the earpieces!" She quickly made her way to a small table and grabbed two small machines. She made her way to the cockpit and tossed one of the earpiece to Asoax "we can't forget these, Avanche should have one of these in his scouter, and #29 already had one with him, but you and me still need em. We'll use these to keep in contact with each other once we separate Bojacks men" Kora then returned to the stairs and jumped down "let's go everyone" Kora said
  25. "Everyone, listen up. I ran some background checks on Bojack and his crew on the way over here and have devised a plan. Bojack's men like to fight in partners, so most likely they're split up as Bujin and Zangya, and Bido and Kogu. Me and Kora will take on Bujin and Zangya. Avalanche and Nitro, you two can fight Bido and Kogu. Everyone will meet up back at the ship after your done with your fight, understood? Of course I'm also open to any and all other battle strategies. So, with that being said, any objections?" Asoax asked.
  26. He unhooked himself as the ship landed on Pluto.
    "No objections here, Kogu sounds like my type of guy." He said, walking over to the Exit to the ship.
    " Shall I test the Ear-pieces? Would be a shame if they turned out to be busted." He rolled his sleeve up to press something on his wrist, as a compartment opened up on his chest. He reached in, grabbing a box, closing the compartment.
    "Damn, forgot to leave this. One second!" He exclaimed, rushing to the system room, placing the box on a small deak.
  27. Avalanche left the ship and he didn't wait for Nitro and he turned on his scouter " 30° in the left, two people. Another two 60°, right... The closest ones are those in the left, So I will go there. I won't attack them until Nitro or someone else will help me. People in the left are 25 km away, those in right, 42 km" Avalanche said, He used Scouter to send a message to everyone with earpieces, then he headed to the left.
  28. Kora nodded her head "Sounds good" she replied to both Asoax, and Avalanche who had just left "alright, let's head off to the coordinates Avalanche gave us Asoax. #29, make sure to catch up with Avalanche!" Kora shouted into the ship before signaling to Asoax and fliyin off...
  29. He waved over to Kora before running off to catch up to Avalanche. "Yeah, wouldn't want him to get all the Fun. Hey, Wait up!" He said, Flying over to catch up with Avalanche.
    "What plan of attack do we have? Heading in there guns blazing will surely be a death wish. We both see that, right?"
  30. "I guess we're off then." Asoax grabbed an earpiece and put it on while running out of the ship. "Let's just hope they're split up like I think they are." Asoax chased after Kora. "Wait up for me! Does God not have time to meditate?!"
  31. "First, we need to take care of them with 2v1 or 1v1. I think that the first one will be too hard to achieve so... We need to take them away from each other as far as possible. They probably know how to fight in their group better than us, if one of us defeat his opponent. First, He needs to Immobilize his target, then he can join to the other one. When we will finish our work, we will take them with us to our ship and meet with Kora and Asoax" said Avalanche "If you will think that you won't beat him alone then just try to hold on until I or someone else will help you, if you will be in situation to fight with 2 opponents then you have to retreat" Avalanche told to #29, then he stopped "Alright, we are here, something around 320 meters in front of us. Two people, are you ready?"
  32. "heh, why do I get the feeling your referencing something...any ways we should come across Bojack's goons soon, and it sure is strange, their already split up despite them being very focused on teamwork" Kora flew and siddesud felt a spike in energy around her "they must be nearby, get ready Asoax!" Kora got into a battle stance, and looked around her for anything suspicious.
  33. "Wait, Kora, don't you find it a bit suspicious that they're split up, almost like...." Asoax looked at the area around him. "Like they were expecting us! Move!" Asoax shoved Kora away from him and as soon as he did wires appeared almost out of nowhere. "Arggh, damn, I knew we should've planned better."
  34. "Huh?" Kora was caught off guard, she was pushed away by Asoax and wires appeared behind them "Damn, well there goes our surprise attack" she put her hand up to the earpiece "#29, Avalanche, they were expecting us, be on guard!" She said her eyes scanning around her lookinr for the blue figures that they were after "there!" She shot a ki blast towards one of them but it was swiped away and the figure charged her. It threw a fist as he charged, Kora managed to catch the fist and grab the other "gah, you must be bujin right, Hi there, Im Kora" she said griningr before banging her head into his and kicking Bujin away "Heh, nice to meet you" Bujin replied, his face bearing a eagar grin...
  35. 2 sec after Avalanche received a message from Kora, Bido rushed at him and tried to punch him from his back. Avalanche blocked punch with his tail but he was pushed by his opponent "I will see you soon, #29. Have fun" Bido was pushing him a bit longer then Avalanche quickly turned around and punched him at his face. "My name is Avalanche" He told to Bido "And I'm..."
    "I don't care, who you are. You are one of our targets, so I must just punch you really, really hard. Hard enough for you to don't move any longer" Bido rushed at him a bit angry. They started to exchange blow with each other, Avalanche had hard time. Even if Bido was a bit weaker than he thought, his Clothes that He used to disguise him, wasn't helping him. He kicked Bido away and he removed the disguise. "Oh, so you are one of..." started Bido, but Avalanche, who was faster now kicked him once again "Let us just end this, I have to help some friends and I don't have time for one annoying guy. You aren't weak, but not strong enough for me to care talking to you" and the batlle continued.
  36. He stopped close behind Avalanche. "Yeah, I'm Ready." He said, putting gloves on. "I call Kogu. He wont know what hit them. You can take Bido, Right?" He asked, tapping the side of his head, receiving the message. After that, Kogu appeared behind him, going for a Punch. Nitro barely dodged the attack, jumping back to make some Room.
    "Kogu, eh? Something tells me that you like to play dirty." Nitro said, as Kogu started to take his blade out.
    "And you seem like a bucket of bolts to guess that."
    "Then you would be correct. Android #29, The android that will put in your grave."
    After a few exchanges in words, the two charged at each other, Exchanging blows, and Nitro trying desperately to dodge the blade.
  37. Now that Bujin was fighting Kora, the strings loosened. Asoax stretched his finger and touched the band on his arm, making electricity crackle and pop, disabling the strings. "That's a cheap strategy, catching your opponents like flies in a spider's web." Asoax stretched his arm out to grab the person, but they jumped from their hiding spot. "If that over there is Bujin, you must be Zangya, if I'm not mistaken." "That is my name." Zangya replied. "But let's stop being formal and get to fighting already." "Of course." Asoax said. Asoax dashed towards Zangya but she moved out of the way. He then stretched his arm out and she caught it. Then Asoax stretched his neck towards her and fired a beam from his mouth, hitting her directly. "Bullseye!" Asoax yelled before the smoke dissipated revealing that there wasn't a single scratch on her.
  38. Kora leaped back, she glanced beside her to see Bujin trying to catch her off guard, she quickly turned around and landed a heavy kick to the side of his face, sending him flying into a large rock "how'd you like that Mr.Turbin" she luaghed "Asoax how are you hold-" she couldn't finish her sentence before a sharp pain coursed through her "gah!!" She screamed in pain, Bujin snuk behind her and stabbed her back with his hand, nearly stabbing through Kora's body. Kora reched behind her and grabbed Bujin, she then threw him over her head . But he was able to recover before colliding with anything "D-dammit" she groaned in pain, a small trail of blood lesking from her mouth "this isnt a great way to start off a battle" she charged at Bujin, he charged as well. The two colided with a shockwave echoing through the battle, kora quickly slammed her fist into the pirates gut, before kicking him away. Then without hesitation she charged up a ki blast with a shape similiar to thst of a disk and threw it at Bujin, bearly missing the him...
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  39. "Kora!" Asoax shouted. Zangya began to praise Bujin for his attack. "So, Zangya, you and Bujin like to paralyze your prey, eh? Well, you aren't the only ones with shocking moves." Asoax slammed his hands together and began charging. Asoax slowly pulled his palms away from one another and orange electricity crackled and popped from his hands. "Paralyzing Jab!" Asoax dashed towards Zangya while she was distracted with Bujin. Asoax slammed his fist into her gut. "How does this energy make you feel? Scared? Immobilized?" "Why can't I move!?!?" Zangya cried out. "If you like your teammate so much, why don't you go help him?" Asoax said while throwing Zangya into Bujin." Kora are you ok?"
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  40. He had dodged the sword well enough to where he decided to try his luck at Disarming him. He shot a small beam at Kogu's hand, but the Sword had blocked it, shooting it at the ground, and kicking dust up. Kogu took this time to Stab #29. #29 wiped the dust from his eyes, and was struck with pain as the Sword lodged itself inside him. Nitro Powered the general area that was stabbed, and forced electricity through the blade, shocking Kogu in the Process. He pulled back, dislodging the Sword from his stomach. He held his stomach, looking up at Kogu, who's sword had a Mix of Blood and Oil on it.
    "Son of a..." #29 grunted, as he looked at the bracelet he had on.

    "Of course!" He thought, as he shot a blast to the ground, kicking up dust once again. This time, to plug the Bracelet into him.

    The dust settled, as Kogu looked straight at #29, who was charging a Blast.
    #29 shot an energy wave, as Kogu Almost-Effortlessly, as #29 Punched the Energy wave.
    "Wild Blast!" #29 yelled, as the Energy wave became more powerful. Kogu had been using most of his energy to block it, which gave Nitro the perfect distraction for the time being.
    "You're Done! Hiyagh!" #29 yelled, as he punched Kogu at full power. It didn't do as much as he thought, but it was good enough.
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