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Open Paper Mario: Crafty Adventure

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Blotch'd, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    The Heroes Rejoiced as they set of the fireworks. They have saved Peach yet again from a black painted Bowser! Mario, however, wasn't as happy...He had lost Huey and they never will return. Peach tried to comfort him, but it had no avail. Neither with Luigi, Toad, Or even a call from Kirsti. He was just too blue to be cheered up. Bowser, seeing this when he tried to steal Peach, tried to comfort him himself but he horribly failed at it. Another Villain had seen the perfect opportunity and struck, stealing Peach. This had caused Mario to try and stop the enemy, but never had the chance. The Villain had wiped his memory clean! "Does this mean I have to travel with you two IDIOTS..." Bowser complained. "Uggggghhh...Fine! But were still enemy's!" Bowser said, crossing his arms.
    -Must have a 'Basic' understanding of Paper Mario
    -Site rules
    -Oc's are allowed
    -No cussing. Mario or others would never cuss here.
    -Don't just choose a character you don't understand.
    -I am NOT afraid to remove people from this roleplay (Even if I'm no admin, I still have rights to wipe people from THIS roleplay.)
    -Have some fun!

    (Uncompleted) Chapter 1: Prologue.
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 2: The Oak Tree Of Life.
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 3: 'Heat' of The Moment.
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 4: Creepy Crawlies.
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 5: Deeper into the Forest.
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 6: Swimming with The Fishes.
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 7: Was it Bowser all along?
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 8: Finding the True lair.
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 9: Swept off your feet.
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 10: Infiltration and Frustration.
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 11: The Final Turn.
    (Uncompleted) Chapter 12: Denouement of Ages.
    (Optional) (Uncompleted) Chapter 13: Little Extra Trouble.
    (Optional) (Uncompleted) Chapter 14: Well, Things Didn't Change Much!
    (Optional) (Uncompleted) Chapter 15: The Sweet Nectar of Peace.
    @The Golden Dragonite
    Bowser: @Ghostly Jazz Hand's
    Lady Bow:
    'Yoshi' (Called Apples):
    @The Golden Dragonite
    Admiral Bobbery:
    Ms. Mows:


    Legendary Captain:
    Toad Captain:
    Toad Professor:
    The Mustard Cafe Chef:
    Tangerino Grill Chef:
    @Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Unicycle Shy Guys:
    Dino Rhinos:
    Trampoline Shy Guys:
    Juggler Bro's:
    Circus Bro's:

    Larry Koopa:
    Morton Koopa:
    Wendy Koopa:
    Iggy Koopa:
    Lemmy Koopa:
    Ludwig Koopa:
    @Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    @Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    -Oc Sheet-
    Species: (Goomba, Koopa, Boo, ect...)
    Attacks: (Up to 6, if a Mario partner or common enemy. Up to 11, if a Boss. )
    Second battle or further (If your character appears more than once in battle):
    Occupation: (Bowser Minion, Mario Partner, Boss, ect...)
    -Mario Partners-
    Partner One:
    Partner Two:
    Partner Three:
    Partner Four:
    Partner Five: Pep (@Ghostly Jazz Hand's)
    Partner Six:
    Partner Seven:
    Partner Eight:
    Partner Nine:
    (Optional) Partner Ten:
    Boss 1:
    Boss 2 (Particularly something to do with a forest.):
    Boss 3 (Particularly a Pokey or something else in a desert):
    Boss 4 (A Bug of some sort):
    Boss 5 (No restrictions, beside something fairly creepy):
    Boss 6 (No restrictions):
    Boss 7: Bowser, The Past Enemy (@Ghostly Jazz Hand's)
    Boss 8 (No restrictions):
    Boss 9 (Something to do with a alien of sorts):
    Boss 10 (Commander of the Shadow Coop):
    Boss 11: Shadinji, The Unknown Ninji (@Ghostly Jazz Hand's)
    Boss 12: Shadinji, The Cyanide of Revenge (@Ghostly Jazz Hand's)
    Boss 13: Kamek, Same Old Koopa troublemaker (@Ghostly Jazz Hand's)
    Boss 14: Bowser, Leader of the Koopa Army (@Ghostly Jazz Hand's)
    Boss 15 (No restrictions):
    Name: Shadinji (Sha-din-ji)
    Nicknames: "What's-His-Face" -By Bowser, "Shadon" -By Kamek, "Mr. S" -By Himself.
    Species: Ninji (Nobody knows this, however.)
    Age: 43
    Personality: Shadinji acts very cruel and harsh, often insulting his own army. He is surprisingly patient, however, and mature. He's great at flying around, as he uses a Wing suit to do this. He's very good at art, too.
    Appearance: Shadinji wears a black cloak, in which gives him powers to shoot projectiles and move things with powers. Under the cloak, he wears his ninja outfit, which has little holds between the arms and legs. This allows him to glide. he is also shown on a tiny hovering platform in which he uses to move around easily.
    -Flying Fiasco:
    He flies up, before charging down toward his enemy.
    -Purple Fire: Shadinji makes a pose in the shape of a 'X' before clapping his hands together to make sparks of purple fire shoot at his opponent.
    -Ultra Ninja Star: Shadinji makes many ninja stars, before throwing them all at his opponents.
    -Bad Painting: He flies up, grabbing a few paint brushes. He dips them into the bucket of a bucket guy, before flinging a random color of paint at his opponent.
    -Paint Rain: Grabbing a few paint can's, he swings them around, making it rain paint.
    -Army: Makes his army attack you.
    -Roll call: Summon a random variety of slurp guy.
    -Katana Clearing: Shadonija grabs some display swords from the mantels, throwing them.
    -Souring Problems: Flying up, they clap shooting fire from above.
    -Harvesting Holler: They spin around, sucking the paint from others to restore his.
    -Deadly Shadow Stars: They make ninja stars, and clap their hands together. this causes the stars to catch on fire. They throw them at their opponents.
    Second Battle:
    -Cold Chaos:
    Flying up, He dashes at his enemy's.
    -Shadow Fire: He makes a 'X' pose, before clapping his hands. This creates fire that shoots itself at opponents.
    -Ninja Star Meteor: Making many ninja stars, he forms a giant ball of them, throwing them at his opponents.
    -Cold Paintings: Dipping his brushes into black paint, he launches the paint on the brush at his foes.
    -Pain Rain: Instead of paint, he Throws around scissors. This causes their foes to be sliced and diced, unless they can dodge or block it somehow.
    -Army's call: Calls his army. When they arrive, the army runs over opponents.
    -Roll Call Advanced: Summons Ninji's, and throws them like Ninja stars.
    -Harvest Holler: They harvest the paint of nearby opponents, fueling his own energy with it.
    -Bonfire: Creates a fire around the fighting area, limiting movement of everyone on the battlefield
    -Phantom Hand: With his shadow fire, he creates hands made of fire, therefor extending his range of attacks along with the power of attacks.
    -Swooping Swivel: Summoning Alot of Paragoomba's, The Paragoomba's and Shadinji swoop in on the enemies and try to slash them by dropping Ninja stars on their enemies.
    Occupation: Leader of the Shadow Coop
    Other: N/A

    Name: Pep
    Nickname: "Peprsi" -Bowser (Reference to Pepsi), "Peppy Fool" -Shadinji, "Upbeat" -Kamek
    Species: Shadow Siren
    Age: 4
    Personality: Pep is very Peppy and happy, and always acts this way. They specialize is earth related powers, and is considered the second weakest of the Shadow Sirens. She speaks in rhymes, and enjoys reading books.
    Appearance: She has Deep Coffee colored hair tied in a bun using a hazel brown bow and wears a white witch hat with milk chocolate colored stripes. She has a wood brown mask covering their eyes. They have pink rosy cheeks and often have a small little smile. They're very slim, and is about the height of Mario. They have a backpack, but it's often portrayed to only have magic books, wands, and chocolate bars.
    -Rough punch: Pep hits a enemy with a punch as hard as a rock.
    -Chocolate Party: Takes out some chocolate and gives them to other party members.
    -Corrosion Erosion: They drag metal from the ground, and throw it their enemy's.
    -Trance Dance: They dance, causing enemy's who look become confused.
    -Veil: Using her species ability, they drag Mario into the shadows for a short while.
    -Molar Knock-out: Punching enemy's with the force of a boulder, she can send little enemy's FLYING.
    Occupation: Former Shadow Siren member/Mario's 5th partner.
    Other: Has a strong sense of smell.
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    Hmm.... Can I take Luigi and Yoshi (Who'll I'll call Apples :p)?
  3. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

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