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Panzer Jaeger's emporium of fan sprite art (Requests open!)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Panzer Jaeger, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Trainer sprites, all done from scratch...

    [​IMG] Blood Angels Space Marine (Fixed!)
    [​IMG] A Borderlands Psycho
    [​IMG] Vaas
    [​IMG] Giantdad from Dark Souls.
    [​IMG] Here's a 80x100 version of it where his sword is fully shown...

    You may use my sprites in anyway you like! So long you credit me...

    I am taking requests but bear in mind that such requests will take a considerably long time to be answered due to my busy life...

    Anyways, some rules of requests:
    - I mainly do sprites from scratch but if you want me to use a base, please specify what base you want me to use...
    - If you want me to do an OC or sorts, please PM me details of what you want.
    - I have the right to decline requests in certain circumstances :(
    - Lastly, DON'T RUSH ME FOR WORK!! >:D (in all seriousness, I really have a busy life)
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  2. Something new...
    It's Isaac Clark from dead space!
  3. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    Your second sprite from the top isn't there...
    And I have an order.
    But it's an OC. PMing details.
  4. Oh, my bad... Anyways, fixed it!
  5. Here,s your request, Stormfang! Hope you like it...
  6. New Sprites y'all!
    [​IMG] Mordecai and rigby from Regular Show

    [​IMG] It's good ol Pyramid Head from Silent Hill
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  7. Although not fan art, its an original robot I made...

    Anyways, Stormfang, here's your latest request... Enjoy! Sorry for the long wait... Busy times...
  8. It's a Paladin from the Brotherhood of Steel (Fallout 3)
  9. Could you make a llama? With a laser gun on his back?

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