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Open Ozalia Reigon Disscution

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by GameBug03, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Hey i was thinking and i realized that i really hadn't made any Rps of my own so i thought it would be fun to construct my own Pokemon RP region the Ozalia Region (so not based of Australia...). in this region People get there starters from Professor Palm these starters are: Chimchar, Froakie and Rowlet (don't worry if you don't get your favorite starter you can catch them in the RP). this will be an RP where the RP'rs are starting there Pokemon journey and don't have any Pokemon apart from there starters (unless they have other roles). Most the battling will be done on Pokemon Showdown as it is easier then putting it in the RP. I will probably Start the RP when there are 5 people signed up and close it from the public when there are around 10-14 so it doesn't get crowded so get here quick!!!
    there are 8 gyms 4 elite four members and a champion as normal
    The Sequence will be: beat the eight gyms, defeat the elite four, compete in the Tournament where the Rp'rs fight until there is only one left undefeated then the winner of the tournament will face the Champion (Warning there is also stuff in between e.g. Rival battles and Evil team battles)

    Role list:

    Giles (Normal Type)
    Icra (Ice type)
    Sparks (electric)
    Dane (steel)
    Finn (water)
    Wylie (Ghost)-I Didn't
    Oliver (ground)
    Lycra (fairy)
    Elite four:
    Hayden (Flying)
    Lyndell (Bug)
    Liam (Fighting)
    Cassie (Rock)
    Darcy (poison)
    Evil Team:
    Team prizim

    Character Bios

    My Bio
    Name: Leo Gaia
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Green hair, yellow eyes, he wears grey T-shirt, a red and wight checkered Shirt, beige shorts, brown boots and a fedora.
    Personality: he is very sensitive and cares very much for his Pokemon he can be very serious when he needs to be.

    Starter: Chimchar
    Nickname: Blaze
    Gender: Male
    Appearance, has blue flames instead of red ones
    Personality: hot headed and always ready for anything

    i will try make a map of the region so everyone knows what it looks like

    Plz tell me your ideas so i can make the RP better
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  2. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    What will the story be behind the champion. Why is she specialising in poison type?
  3. Darcy was born in the Ozalia region while the region was still being developed there fore there wasn't a Pokemon league. Darcy left the Ozalia reigon to become stronger with her roselia and salandit, Darcy traveled to the kanto reigon and met Koga who taught Darcy the art of the ninja and poison type Pokemon after her training with Koga she got word that the Ozalia reigon had built a Pokemon league so she left kanto to conquer it and become champion
  4. This RP seems nice, here's my form!
    Name: Juri
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5'07" feet tall. Wears a black tank top with purple highlights and purple sweatpants. Has a fox tattoo on her back. Wears finger-less MMA gloves. Paints her fingernails pink. Has long black hair, but keeps it in a bun that is tied with a long pink ribbon. Has purple eyes.
    Personality: She enjoys Pokemon battles because of all the intensity. She knows how to act in the right moment. Is very serious about what she does, and will be intimidating if she needs to be. If her friends are ever in danger, she would do anything to help them.
    Starter: Fennekin
    Nickname: Blaze
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: It's a shiny (hope that's OK, if not i'll change it) and it wears a red bandanna.
    Personality: Likes to set things on fire, which is a reason why Juri chose it. It like's to be groomed. Doesn't want to be near anyone, except for Juri.

    And what about having the evil team be known as, Team Anarchy.
  5. Name: Souji
    Appearance:blue shirt, gray pants,black vest,red eyes

    Starter: popplio
    Appearance:normal but have one mystic water
    Personality:easy to get angry, timid

    the evil team can be team prism and want to catch necrozma
  6. I didn't and mysticumbreon are both accepted!!!
    The evil team ideas are great I'll think about it ok
  7. So I have a question about the Pokemon League, are you @GameBug03 going to be all of those characters or will you let other role-players choose to be who they want? If so can I be Wylie?
  8. Theres no way I can be that many players that's way too hard but there is a 4 character limit ok
  9. So have you decided on what the evil team's name? and also you misspelled discussion.
  10. I think team prizim (just sounds more like a Pokemon evil team) and about the spelling well there's not much I can do about it now but thanks for pointing it out
  11. But I can edit the title of my rp
  12. I'll see what I can do later
  13. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Can I be Giles, Icra, Oliver and Cassie please? Are we allowed to make the teams and I can't tell what gender some of them are could you please tell me?
  14. Ok well Giles and Oliver are male and icra and cassie are girls, and what teams are you talking about???
  15. I think he means the Gym Leader's Pokemon team
  16. Ohh yea you can chose the teams
  17. What is the level range for Wylie?
  18. if you can be another charachter I will be sparks too
  19. Here's my team for Wylie
    Lv. 43
    Ability: Levitate
    Moveset: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Giga Drain, Shadow Ball
    Lv. 42
    Ability: Stance Change
    Moveset: Sacred Sword, King's Shield, Shadow Ball, Toxic
    Ability: Flame Body
    Moveset: Will-O-Wisp, Hex, Overheat, Shadow Ball

    And is Wylie a male or female?

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  20. Gym leaders only have three Pokemon so if you could get rid of one of them and Wylie is male but fine otherwise
  21. You should change your, evil team not decided, to team prism already

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