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Ask to Join Our Kingdoms - Medieval Pokemon Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mr. Machiavellian, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Discussion + Signups thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/our-...leplay-discussion-sign-ups.21127/#post-772067

    ueen Farah had woken up that morning to the sun peering into her bedroom, shining directly onto the woman’s face, awakening her from her light slumber. She stretched, got out of her bed, and walked up to the window. Farah opened her window, seeing bird Pokemon peacefully flying around. She knew that peace wouldn’t be there for long, so she took a moment to savor it, gazing out the opened window with her hands cupping her face and her elbows on the sill. When Farah closed the window, she had found her red and gold dress and changed into that, walking down the long hallway and down the stairway.
  2. Towards the western edge of Delphinium Town, two brothers rested on the grass, each facing the sky.
    "When do we start towards Geranium? We need a good amount of money this time around, there isnt much at the house." Said the younger of the two brothers, Corvin. He had this calm aura that reflected on his Carracosta basking in the sun nearby.
    "Speaking about that. I have an opportunity we can't turn down. It'll be tough." Replied Drey, the older of the two misfits.
    "When has that ever stopped us?" Corvin grinned. "We could use the excitement."
    "Good, I'm gonna need your help. Rumor is, Goldenrod merchants dont have much backup supplies that we have a surplus of. We could make a lot of money." Drey sat up and began to think about the good money.
    "But isn't Goldenrod in Larkspur territory? You know tensions are high, and the last thing we need is to get on anyones bad side." Corvin showed a very rare face of worry.
    Drey helped him up. "Tensions are high, but this is a simple haulof a wagon with supplies. We aren't killing, stealing, or burning. We should be fine."
    "Famous last words, but if you think its safe, lets do it."Corvin and Drey smiled at each other, and began preparing for a trip.
  3. "Please find them in a timely fashion, Elo. I can't have much delay in these circumstances, as you are likely well aware."

    "Sharp, sharp."

    The armor - clad Pokemon bound away, leaping through the corpse littered battlefield. Laust Graversen stepped cautiously behind him, staring quizzically at the provided portrait of the target. A sudden chill washed over him, and suddenly floating to his side was Vidar, the trustworthy Cryogonal. Laust put a hand on the jittery creature, calming it, though putting a freezing cold onto his hand. It was a sensation the man was used to, though, and so he continued observing, before stuffing away the mock picture. He stared across the field.

    It already stunk of rotting flesh, the bodies strewn across the field, small stories of the final stands of men dotted with impunity along the rolling hills. Pikes and shields rose from punctured skin, where long dried blood gave way to expose fragments of bone. A shame, the consequences of war.

    The call from Elo came, beckoning Laust over to his position, where he stood next to the limp cadaver of a man, trampled into the ground, horror planted onto the decaying face. Sickening. Regardless, Laust reached down, rummaging through the sling pack that the warrior possessed - clearly an officer, judging by the adornments that they bore before such a horrific demise. The face was nearly unrecognizable following the cruelties of death. Finding the letter, the Hyacinthian tactician stood, satisfied. The rolling hills and peaks surrounding the battlefield taunted him, away from the conflict.

    A fateful position. One that I have not, and will never be allowed.

    He sighed, wandering back to his observation post, placing himself back among the two guards he had been assigned.

    "Did you find it, sir?"
    The young corporal inquired, shifting the weight of his spear on his shoulder.

    "I believe so. Once I have finished by preliminary investigation of the contents, I do believe we should make a hasty departure back to Crocus. Howard -"
    Laust gestured to his sole assigned courier - "Return to the standing Captain at Crocus and inform them of our return. We have acquired the actionable intelligence, and he should prepare the appropriate accommodations for the arising scenario."

    "Right away, Lieutenant!"

    The courier rushed off back towards the sun, already composing a formal letter to the higher command.

    Laust opened the letter bearing the transaction information, gingerly peering at the contents.

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  4. Johnathan grinned as he looked in the mirror. He donned his Jester’s cap, made sure he had his... weapon, and walked out into the hall. He would have to commence his duties as court jester by annoying the first person he met. He laughed to himself and strode down the hall. His... weapon... was tucked up his sleeve, just in case. He considered getting some throwing stars, just so he had a ranged weapon. But he didn’t have time. He had to cause all the chaos he could...
  5. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    After walking down the staircase in a ladylike manner, Farah turned down the hallway and began to walk to her throne room, shoes clicking against the floor. She saw someone familiar and began speeding up. “Ah, Jonathan, is that you?” She asked, ready to grab the dagger off of the holster on her thigh, just in case it wasn’t. Farah’s Pokemon were in the room up ahead, and she really didn’t want to keep them waiting on her.
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  6. Johnathan turned around, grinning.

    “Good morning, my lady.”

    He began thinking of pranks that wouldn’t be too overboard. But, he didn’t think of anything in time before he lost comedic timing. Well, I suppose I lost the game...
  7. The minutes seemed to stretch into hours, the seconds ticking by listlessly as Laust observed the ground. It was quite flat, with surrounding higher terrain for possible bowman support or other ranged weaponry, perhaps utility mechanisms such as catapults or trebuchets. Of course, he had already been attempting to insert modifications to allow siege equipment to have a wider purpose, though he would have to reserve that to a later date. He kept the letter closed, now, managing to stave off his curiosity - of course, the contents had only been described as "intelligence", the vague bane of every tactician's existence. Perhaps if he climbed far enough through the militaristic hierarchy it would not be so flagrantly annoying, though even then he was already aging. A grimace, Laust showing discontent visually, even though he contained his thoughts purely to his mind. The two guardsmen were speaking of matters that did not concern the Lieutenant, and so he drew a leather bound journal, and began to scribble notations of the strategic positions before him. The sun was rising slowly, it's resolute form coming to fruition in the midday sky.

    "Sir, I do believe it is time to get going. Our man has likely already informed the Captain." The corporal noted, the two soldiers beginning to gather their gear for the trek back ahead of them.

    "That certainly would be a wise course of action. Finish gathering your things, and we will move at once."

    The observational team gathered up the odds and ends of the post, and with one last look from Laust to the mangled battlefield, set off on the dirty packed road, returning to the relative safety of Crocus Town.
  8. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Right in front of his Queen room, Noah was waiting for his Queen to awake so she can start her duties as the kingdom ruler. "If she doesn't wake up soon I'm going to have to go in there and get her ready myself." Noah thought to himself as a sighed, he began to knock on his Queen door. "My queen, you have an important day ahead of you I must urge you to get ready for today please." Noah said as he waited for a response.

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