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Ask to Join Our Kingdoms - Medieval Pokemon Roleplay (Discussion + Sign-ups)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mr. Machiavellian, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Roleplay Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/our-kingdoms-medieval-pokemon-roleplay.21133/

    Welcome to the world of Pokemon. But, this isn’t the usual Pokemon story.

    We go back many, many years from the present day, and here we are- medieval times. Now, at the time here, three kingdoms, Larkspur, the witty and clever, Hyacinth, the cunning and sly, and Calendula, the fierce and valiant, are at war with one another, and the warriors are using Pokémon to brawl with, along with swords, spears, and any of the sort. They are tremendously dark times for the Pokemon world.

    Here are a few rules.
    -If you swear, don’t go farther than the word damn.
    -If you don’t like violence and you’re sensitive, I advise you not to join even though there won’t be senseless bloodshed here or gore, but still.
    -If there’s any romance, do not go too far.
    -PM me if you want to be a ruler. If you apply as a ruler without contacting me beforehand, very slim chance you’ll get the spot.
    -There is no character limit, but please don’t go overboard.
    -Please decide who will win a little fight beforehand if you and another character start clashing.
    -The roleplay won’t start until I get all the rulers in.

    Let’s talk about the kingdoms before getting into anything serious, shall we? Let’s start with our intelligent Larkspur.
    Larkspur is a castle that’s located way east of all of the bloodshed. The castle blends in with its forestry surroundings, with vines growing on it and being generally covered by greenery. This place has very clever inhabitants and it is most far in medicine and discoveries in general. There are four towns around the castle, quite inhabited. This kingdom is ruled by Queen Farah.

    Next, we have Hyacinth, the so very mendacious kingdom that is located a nice distance southwest from the main battlefields. The castle is the smallest one by far, and it’s a dark-looking place with moss covering the stones that make up the castle, and dying plants in the garden, quite a sad place if I do say so myself. There is just one huge town Hyacinth. Lady Hilda rules this kingdom.

    Lastly, Calendula, the most courageous of all of the other kingdoms. They are the closest kingdom to the battlefields, located north of all the fights. The castle is huge, and it’s completely clean from all the vines and moss that may grow on it. It has a nice outdoor garden, but the garden is quite small compared to the other kingdom’s gardens, but it is very lively and supports wild Pokemon well. It has three decent sized towns here. Unfortunately, there is no ruler so someone better sign up quick.

    Here is the sign-up sheet you’ll need to fill out.

    Full Name:
    Occupation: (servant, merchant, warrior, etc.)
    Appearance: (no need to go too in depth.)
    Pokemon Team:
    Theme Song: (completely optional, just for fun.)
    Quote: (again, optional)

    Here is my character.

    Full Name: Farah Bennett
    Alias: Queen Farah
    Age: 26
    Occupation: Queen
    Kingdom: Larkspur
    Appearance: Farah has dark brown hair that goes to her chest that stays down. She has emerald green eyes that look beautiful when light reflects onto them. Farah wears a crown that have precious gems all over it, and she also wears a locket that has “F” engraved into it given to her by her parents. Usually, Farah wears a crimson red dress with gold coloring here and there, and there is a lot of that color at the bottom of the dress. Farah’s dress covers her shoes, which are leather.
    Pokemon Team: Aegislash (Dagger), Skarmory (Ore), Mightyena (Goldie, Shiny)
    Weapon(s): Farah has a dagger latched onto a piece of leather leg armor, just in case.
    Theme Song: Demons - Imagine Dragons
    Quote: n/a

    Welcome to Our Kingdoms!
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  2. I've always adored darker Pokemon, and especially medieval settings!

    Full Name: Corvin Coldwater
    Alias: C, or just simply Coldwater
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Caravan Guard between towns, but aspiring Warrior/Knight
    Kingdom: Calendula
    Appearance: Very pale with short brown hair, Tall and lean, and wears a light leather armor. If not armored, usually wears basic clothing, tunic with pants and his leather shoes.
    Pokemon Team: Carracosta and Shelmet
    Weapon(s): A one handed sword with the initials 'H.C.' engraved. On the blade near the Hilt.

    Full Name: Drey Coldwater
    Alias: Drey, or DC
    Occupation: Caravan Worker, wanting to be a Warrior
    Kingdom: Calendula
    Appearance: Similar to his brother, as far as height and looks, but is missing his ring finger on his left hand. He is skinnier, and wears similar armor to Corvin.
    Pokemon Team: Ditto, Aggron and Butterfree
    Weapon(s): a well crafted bow, along with a dagger on his hip for close quarter combat.

    Can I also get the names of the towns?
  3. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Full Name: Sybil Rivina
    Alias: The Witch of Larkspur
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Librarian (she is only accused of being a witch)
    Kingdom: Larkspur
    Appearance: Sybil has blue eyes and a birthmark on her right cheek. She has long brown hair that is kept down. She is pale. She has a blue dress with a with tunic underneath. She wears brown, tradtional medieval woman's shoes. She stands at about 4'5
    Pokemon Team: M Xatu (Seer), F Meowstic (Ridra), F Ribombee (Fay)
    Theme Song: Heartache (Toby Fox)

    And my accepted character
    Full Name: Hilda Hyrthy
    Alias: Lady Hilda
    Age: 36
    Occupation: Lady (leader)
    Kingdom: Hyacinth
    Appearance: Hilda has pale skin and emerald green eyes. She has long, black hair that is kept in a bun at the back of her head. At the front, there is a silver crown. She has thin lips. She wears a green dress with silver highlights. There is a silver necklace around her neck that ends with a silver locket with an emerald in the middle.
    Pokemon Team: M Hydregion (Drake), F Sableye (Gem), M Toxicroak (Derith)
    Theme Song: Meglo Strikes Back (Toby Fox)
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  4. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Everyone is accepted! Here are the town names.

    Larkspur Towns: Aconite Town, Goldenrod Town, Celosia Town, and Comfrey Town

    Hyacinth Towns: Crocus Town

    Calendula Towns: Caladium Town, Delphinium Town, Geranium Town
  5. Full Name: Laust Graversen
    Alias: Laust prefers the formalities, and in his eyes, the dignities of simply being called by his level of authority, followed by his given last name.
    Age: 33
    Occupation: Forward Battlefield Tactician (Lieutenant)
    Kingdom: Hyacinth
    Appearance: Laust is quite conscious about his oncoming age, despite his generally younger appearance for a man approaching their middle years. His eyes are set in his head like brown tinted onyx stones, stalwart and unmoved. His lips are thin and constantly locked into a contemplative grimace, while his skin can be described as consistently pale and smooth. His hair is a dark brown, with some bare strands of white beginning to appear in small pockets. His musculature is that of a shoulder, trained and deliberate.
    Pokemon Team: M Bisharp (Elo), M Cryogonal (Vidar)
    Weapon(s): Laust carries a single ornately adorned curved blade, a Scimitar that has been passed through the Graversen military family for ages. It is quite ancient, and he cares for the weapon deeply. He is also in possession of a standard hand crossbow for desperate measures.
    Theme Song: Last Dying Breath - Sabaton (Technically WWI, but I think the bleak yet noble general theme fits this darker setting well.)
    Quote: "The art of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his." - George Patton

    (By all means, tell me of any inconsistencies in this character.)
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  6. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    it’s awesome! accepted
  7. Question, at what point will the RP thread be released?
  8. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    after one or two more people join, it’d really help if somebody mentioned a couple people! :)
  9. Full name: Johnathan Elija Vincent Irving Larington (usually just called Jonathan)

    Alias: Fool

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Court Jester

    Kingdom: Larkspur

    Appearance: Pale skinned and tall. Wears a purple jester’s outfit, but when forced to battle wields a small sickle or scythe hidden up his sleeve.

    Pokémon Team : Mr. Mime (M)

    Weapons: Scythe-Sicle thingy

    Theme Song: The World Revolving (Toby Fox)

    Quote: “Chaos! Chaos!”

    “I can do anything!”
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  10. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    accepted! i’ll make the thread soon. but still, it’d be appreciated if you mentioned a few people :)
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  11. Though you probably will, link it here so we'll have easy access to it.
  12. Hey.... so.... Johnathan is a court Jester... so who wants the jester?
  13. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Full Name: Noah chastiefol
    Alias: Noah
    Age: 26
    Occupation: royal guardsman
    Kingdom: Hyacinth
    Appearance: Noah stands at 6 feet tall and is pale skinned with bright blue eyes. He has short dirty white hair, followed by a full set of light black armor and underneath is a normal set of leather clothing.
    Pokemon Team: F Gardevoir (Moon), M donphan (Manny), M Salamence (Icarus)
    Weapon(s): a Long broad spear with the blade made up of a mysterious black metal
    (The black metal does not give me advantage in battle)
  14. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    accepted, sorry it took a bit!
  15. I’m tempted to make up to three characters; all of which come from Calendula and one of them being it’s ruler.
  16. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    maybe not ruler, i already had two people that asked. also, the other kingdoms can also have another ruler, or a to-be ruler, you can be one of those.
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  17. Ah, my bad! If they called dibs, then so be it, I missed a few parts in the rules because I was in the middle of work the last time I read them, I had another look and yes I comply with it, I'll still make two of my characters (Just not the ruler one of course)

    (...And I need to think on what Pokemon to have as a couple of my favorites have been taken lol. I know I could always have another, but I like to try and be more unique.)
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  18. Full Name: Eve Maddox
    Alias: Noctem
    Age: 19
    Occupation: She's a high-ranked warrior/soldier, mainly focusing on tactical strategies.
    Kingdom: Larkspur
    Appearance: She has long brown hair and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'9. When on duty as a warrior, she wears simple silver armor, but typically she wears a simple blue tunic, white pants, and leather shoes. She is of caucasian descent and has a slim but athletic build.
    Pokemon Team: Female Gardevoir (Nicknamed Clarity), Female Umbreon (Nicknamed Moonlight), Male Luxray (Nicknamed Bolt), Female Gothitelle (Nicknamed Gaia)
    Weapon(s): She carries a silver sword with an ornate hilt across her back, a bow and quiver on her hip, and several tactical odds and ends (poison powder, sleep powder, etc).
    Theme Song: The Arena (Lindsey Stirling).
    Personality: Not revealing it yet! (Anyone in the Rust Order RP will know, this is basically a human version of Eve from there)
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  19. Full Name: Leonardo Brando
    Alias: Leo, Leonardo the Cutter.
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Warrior (Former mercenary)
    Kingdom: Larkspur
    Appearance: Stands at 5'11" with skin between Pale and Fair, Medium smooth yet slightly spiked Dark Blonde hair and Dark Purple eyes. His attire mainly consists of standard Silver armor with runes lining the edges, under that is a simple Black tunic and pants of the same color, above all this is an ankle long Brown coat with beige fur linings along the bottom, neck and sleeves. He carries his sword scabbard on his back.
    Pokemon Team: Dragonite, Arcanine, Gallade and Zoroark.
    Weapon(s): His first weapon is a one handed Dao sword with Red cloth that tightly wraps around the hilt and guard, some of it tailing off the pommel. He hides several daggers in his coat, two big ones in case he doesn't have his sword whilst the rest are throwing knives.
    Theme Song: Shagaru Magala (Monster Hunter 4)
  20. I have a doubt, what if someone from for example Calendula has an intelligent personality @A_Dude?
  21. @Salted_Apples , excessive use of color tags is against the rules... just so you know.
  22. Really? I'm just using it to emphasize dialogue. Could you link me to where that's stated?
  23. I dont remember exactly where it is, but I’ve seen plenty of people get in trouble for it. I’ll see if I can find it, though.
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  25. I've changed it to conform with the rules. Must have overlooked it while reading them, thanks for the heads up.
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  26. No problem. :)
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  27. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    they can have an intelligent personality of course, but not overboard, like a well-educated Larkspur character for example.
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  28. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

  29. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    accepted as well!
  30. Yeah, but if someone from Calendula isn't brave and never would be, what happen with he/she?
  31. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    it depends on the rulers thoughts on the person, they could banish them for not matching their expectations, they could try to help them, it depends really.
  32. So are we waiting for some kind of event to continue posting? Just wondering, seeing as the post activity hasn't really progressed at all.
  33. I just dont want ti get ahead of myself. Im waiting on everyone else
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  34. I can post in a little bit. But first, I need to know if Johnathan can be Farah’s Court Jester.
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  35. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    oop sorry, yeah
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  36. If you want a brief description of Johnathan, just look up Jevil. That is the approximate appearance. But his face just has makeup. That is Jevil’s actual face as far as I know.
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  37. Perhaps Laust could be intercepted on his way back to the outpost at the town, and could develop some character there with another person? It would give a good introductory opportunity.
  38. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    i kind of dislike this roleplay already, know it’s so early but i dunno.

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