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DPPt/HGSS Open Challenges

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Andrew, May 31, 2007.

  1. Listen up...... I'm fairly new to this site but not new to pokemon battles. However, I can't seem to find enough active competitors willing to have just and all out no restrictions battle.

    Everyone just whines of how they hate legendaries online, think their the very best and are overly concerned with taking a loss that they'd rather run from the match.

    Well if u dont fall under either of those categories, im callin you out


    believe it

  2. There's a reason why people refuse to face legends.... It's called their stats.
  3. Yeah, a team of Arceus with each a different type armed with a variety of moves isn't an appealing prospect.
  4. Yeah and a team of deoxys would be pretty cool...for you, we might not land a hit on you!!
  5. Ehh, I'll think about battling you. Legendarys are wrather uber ya know so meh.
  6. I will fight you. I have faced an entire team of legendaries (two of those being Arcues and Darkrai) and won.
  7. i simply wanna ask out of curiosity

    is there at least a reason you have to have all legendaries,one that isn't related to them just being powerful?
  8. Some Ledgendaries are Un fair but pokemon like Jarichi Mew Celibi and Manaphy arn` t very strong ledgendaries any way Ill fight you
  9. Jirachi can probably be deadly with enough speed and good flinch moves/status moves

    Mew is completly unpredictable,having nearly any moveset available to it and work well

    Celebi i've heard can be one of the cheapest leechers

    Manaphy i havnt heard

    not complaining,but they are decent legendaries

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