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One, Two, Three, Show Time!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Dakota's Jinx, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. "Use Psychic to stop the shadow/energy ball! Then separate it into smaller balls and form it into a heart!" A female voice demanded. "Gar!" Gardevoir listened to her trainer. "Now use Aqua Jet Floatzel!" The weasel like pokemon suddenly was coated in water as it shot off into the air, going through the middle of the heart, making sparkles dazzle his Aqua Jet as he hit the opponent's pokemon straight on, defeating them. "And the winner of this contest is Dakota!" The announcer spoke.

    Dakota was healing her pokemon at a nearby pokemon center. Ignoring the stares she got. She played with her curly red hair and her green eyes stared at the counter as she waited. Once she received her pokemon she thanked the Nurse Joy and left. She traveled a few routes out of the Sinnoh Town and rested at a nearby apple tree. She let out all her pokemon, watching them play. She had a Gardevoir, Floatzel, Leafeon, Luxray, Altaria, and a Blaziken.

    The red-head closed her green gaze, slightly dozing off. But was awakened when she felt something sit next to her. She realized it was her Blaziken. She smiled slightly and laid her head down on his arm. Dozing back off.
  2. ((OOC: Ok sorry, I know I'm in like almost every Roleplay you're in and it may seem clingy but you know Contests are my forté, I can't resist :'|;_; ))

    Not to far off from Dakotas resting location, Platinum and two pokemon infront of his panting.

    "One last run through guys!" He called out to the Beautifly, looking like it was going to drop from the sky, and a Cyndaquil, who's flames were not bursting from its back, showing tiredness.

    Still, both pokemon looked determined. Each of the, got in a stance, all tired expressions vanishing.

    "Cyndaquil, Swift! Beautifly, use Silverwind!"

    Both pokemon did so. Cyndaquil took a very rapid spin, releasing the stars diagonally into the air. Beautifully chirped its name, before quickly batting it's beautiful wings, releasing multiple wind blades, which cut into the stars, multiplying them by a ton.

    "Alright Gust, Beautifly! Ember on your part, Cyndaquil!"

    Beautifly continued maneuvering her wings, a wind kicking up, causing the stars to circle her like a disc. Cyndaquil then released the small flames, which caught on the stars, making each light up with a bright red silhouette, circling around Beautifly. Each star then vanished, leaving orange sparkles behind them as they disappeared.
    The two pokemon then layed down, panting, but a pleasure inside of them.

    "Yes! You two were absolutely amazing!" Platinum called, exhaustedly running up to them both, gently stroking them both, and feeding them Pokeblocks in reward.

    "You guys have a rest, you did amazing. We have this next Contest in the bag." He complimented, before returning the butterfly and shrew pokemon into their pokeballs.
  3. [ Haha, nah it's fine cx ]

    Dakota's pokemon stopped playing to watch Platinum and two of his pokemon practice. Blaziken was watching while letting Dakota sleep. But it didn't last long when Luxray was talking her team mate and trainer. Then electric pokemon pounced and Blaziken moved out of the way before he was also pounced on.

    "Agh!" Dakota gasped at the sudden weight of her pokemon. She looked at Luxray who was smiling down on her. "Lux! Luuxxxx, Luxray!" It cheered. Dakota rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile, she pushed the electric pokemon off of her. "Haha, very funny." She said sarcastically.
  4. Platinum perked his head up, his Glaceon doing the same beside them. They had heard some shouting and laughter nearby. The ice type's ears flickered. Platinum looked around until he saw a tree, and someone laying there with Pokemon smothering them.

    He smiled seeing the playful pokemon, and saw that the person had pushed their Luxaray off of her, revealing her face. Platinum's eyes widened. It was her! It was that girl who just won the Contest, in which he didn't advance to the final round in. Bitterness but a moment of awe-struck hit him. He had to go introduce himself to her.

    The white haired boy picked himself up, and made his way over to the tree, his Glaceon walking at his side. Eventually he approached the tree, seeing a Blaziken as well, making him slightly nervous at the intimidating pokemon.

    "H-Hey there. Sorry to just approach you and seem like a creep, but I'm Platinum. I was in the recent Contest, the one you just won..." He continued.

    "I am a Coordinator as well, and just wanted to congratulate you! You did great with your Pokemon."

    His Glaceon barked in happy congratulations as well.
  5. (Same thing that Platinum said Lol)

    The Umbreon jumped out of the bushes he was hiding in.

    He growled loudly hoping he might scare them.
  6. Dakota looked up at the stranger. "Oh...hello," she said quietly. She pushed some of her hair out of her green eyes and rubbed Luxray's head. "Thank you." The red-head eyed him, trying to remember who he was. But she doesn't recognize him. She didn't expect him to realize who she was. She was Top Coordinator in Hoen, her home region. But decided she would travel and compete in Sinnoh.

    Dakota notice the Umbreon and saw Blaziken spin around and glare at the wild pokemon. He tensed and started towards the dark eeveelution. "Blaziken," she warned. The fire starter froze in his tracks and backed away. He stood behind his trainer and looked down. Not wanting to be scolded by her. Dakota was the only person that really scared him. But she's had him since he was a little Torchic.

    [ It's no problem at all cx
    I may have Dakota be nicer in this role-play though. ]
  7. The Umbreon Giggled loudly as he used mist, then used double team.

    Thousands of solid Umbreon clones crowded the forest, rings glowing.

    He giggled again as he made a few of the clones playfully swarm the trainers.

    ( in this Rp Dusk, the Umbreon, is going to be quite a trickster)
  8. Dakota stayed relax while her pokemon tensed. "Easy everyone, the Umbreon is just being an annoyance." She said quietly but smoothly. She yawned and stretched her arms out. She felt her pokemon inch closer to her.
  9. Platinum continued speaking with Dakota, until he noticed a wild Umbreon, as strange and almost impossible it was to find a wild Umbreon. His Glaceon quickly tensed, and shot out Ice Shards at the counter Eeveelution, but it then used mist, causing Glaceon to lose aim and miss her target.

    "Glaceon..." He calmly spoke to his pokemon after Dakota had had her Blaziken stand down.

    "Well it doesn't seem to be harmful." The white haired coordinator shrugged, figuring if they acted casual, and not really caring about the Umbreon it's tricks would cease.

    "So," Platinum continued. "How long have you been into Coordinating? How many Contests have you done?" He asked.

    The last thing Platinum wanted was to seem pushy, but Dakota did look familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Was it that he saw her in other Contests as well? All of them were televised, maybe he saw her in one he didn't compete in? He was confused, but wanted to figure it out.
  10. He smirked as all of his clones used Attract on his Glaceon.

    He smirked, and his clones followed suite, watching the dazed Glaceon mischievously.
  11. "Leaf..." Leafeon murmured to Luxray. Dakota looked at the two pokemon with challenging eyes which shut them up quickly. She then turned her gaze back to Platinum. "Several years, mostly in Hoenn." The red-head picked at blades of grass. Debating whether or not to tell him that she was Top Coordinator. "I was Top Coordinator in Hoenn," she said quietly. Hoping she didn't sound stuck up.
  12. It then chimed in Platinum's mind. As soon as Dakota said it.

    "That's it!" He quickly chirped, but managed to calm down, a bit embarrassed at his sudden jump.

    He had seen her in television many times and saw her final battle and win the Hoenn Grand Festival. The boy couldn't believe he was actually talking to a victor holding the title he wanted so badly to win in Sinnoh.

    "w-woah....yeah, I remember you! I cry ally saw your match on TV." The 14 year old spoke to her, too excited to noticed his in love Glaceon.

    "W-would you mind if I ask to see your Ribbons? If you saved any?" Platinum asked.

    He knew you got an additional golden cup along with the final Grand Festival Ribbon, and was anxious to see it.
  13. The clones walked over and nudged up against her silently.

    The real Umbreon was using charm up in a tree, watching the clones below.

    This was. Starting to get boring.
  14. Dakota blinked and noticed Glaceon. Oblivious, not good. She thought but snapped her attention back to Platinum. Dakota looked through her bag and found the case that held her ribbons from Hoenn, including the Grand Festival one. She handed the case over to him. The 15 year old noticed Gardevoir's eyes trained on the other Coordinator. He's not going to steal them...she told her psychic pokemon in her head, and if he did choose too, that would be a stupid mistake.
  15. Platinum had noticed one of the clones touching Glaceon.

    He knelt down, stroking his ice type gently before returning her to her pokeball, just in case the Umbreon tried anything.

    Platinum then thanked Dakota before holding the ribbon case, opening it with shiny eyes. He viewed over the wonderful ribbons. The white haired boy knew Sinnoh's were better decorated, but her ribbons - including the larger Grand Festival one, were breathtaking for him.

    "W-wow!" He said, pulling out his own customer designed case, a dark-ish blue color.

    "I only have one so far." He said, opening his case, showing one ribbon in the right upper corner - the Jubilifee Ribbon.

    Platinum then closed Dakota's case, handing it back to her, bowing slightly.

    "I hope to have that many some day...I guessing you are aiming to become Top Coordinator here in Sinnoh, too?"
  16. The Umbreons groaned, rolling there eyes as they poofed into clouds of smoke.

    The real Umbreon lay up in the tree studieing the two trainers.
  17. ((OOC: mind if I join?))

    Suddenly, A teenager in a white lab coat, turquoise boots and a blue fedora accidently interrupted the conversation and bumped into them. His fedora fell, revealing his face. He really didn't want to be seen because he was a famous scientist and coordinator and he wanted zero fan girls and boys to interupt his pretty good day.

    "Huh? Oh Im so sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you. I was zoning out. My apologies." Izerack said as his partner Manectric appeared behind him, Jumping up and down as if he said hi.
  18. The Umbreon shot the Manectrike with a shadow ball mischief lay.
  19. The Manectric looked like he wanted to retaliate, but that face faded really quickly. "Don't worry little guy we're not bad! Just roaming around. Hey maybe you and Flash, my Manectric can play or get along or something." Izerack said as he tossed a soccer ball for the two pokemon to play with.
  20. The Umbreon turned his head away in disgust.
  21. "I-" Dakota was interrupted by someone else. She looked at him and slightly grinned. "Well you look familiar," she knew who he was. Her green eyes gleamed with amusement as she took her case back in her bag. She returned all her pokemon.

    She was a well known Coordinator throughout the Coordinator world, but since she kept herself quiet she wasn't noticed much. She put her pokeballs into her bag as well. Dakota pushed some of her red hair out of her face as she stood up.
  22. Umbreon was so bored he started playing with his own tail.
  23. Platinum had caught on to who the man was as well. He remembered seeing the man in a few Contests.

    Platinum nodded.

    "It's alright, stranger." He joked.

    The white haired coordinator figured Izerack didn't want to be bothered, so he didn't bug him, regardless of the questions he had.
  24. Izerack smiled, not surprised they recognized so easily after all, everyone did.

    "Ah how kind of you to notice! Anyway so you know where a small practice battle feild is? I wanna test out my thoughts on my Manectric and Helioisk new appeal combos for the next pokemon contest." Izerack said as Manectric jumped up and down and Helioisk popped out of its pokeball and greeted them by saying "helio helio!"

    "Flash if my Manectric, my partner pokemon and this is solar, my Helioisk." Izerack said as he introduced the two electric types and they both said "hello" in jumping up and down gestures.
  25. The Umbreon bored flicked an attract at the Heliolisk, hoping to at least confuse it.
  26. The attract didn't work at all because Helioisk isn't intrested in anyone but his partners. He glanced a "jerk" look at the Umbreon and looked away from him, playing with Manectric. He didn't like Umbreon so much now. He was tempted to use Parabolic charge on him as well as use dragon tail.
  27. The Umbreon laughed as he watched the Heloilisk become frustrated.

    He used swagger and walked up to him again.
  28. Helioisk knew fighting wasn't going to help, but he really wanted to give him a signal, so he ran up to him in a flash and used the exactly move, flash, blinding umbreon and Helioisk fell on the floor, laughing as the Umbreon blinked a million times and started walking aimlessly bumping into walls.
  29. The Umbreon laughed at the duped pokemon.

    His clone poofed off after running into a tree.

    He snickered quietly at the tricked pokemon.
  30. Helioisk then realized it was a clone, so he gave up and he decided to try and become friends. He snagged a bag of pokefood and two bowls then he poured some food in both bowls and he passed one bowl to Umbreon Helioisk could tell this was Umbreon's favorite
  31. The Umbreon sniffed it cautiosly.

    The last time he had been given food, it had been poisoined.

    He took a cautious bite staring at the Heliolisk.
  32. Helioisk nodded in reassurance to let him know it was ok. He also demonstrated this by munching down on his first and in a matter of seconds he finished the food, stuffed.
  33. Dakota picked her bag up and swung it on her shoulder. "Well it was nice talking, I should be heading to Alamos Town anyway." She said quietly, gave a smile and began walking away. She put her hand in her bag, swishing it around slightly before grabbing a map. "Hmm..." she looked at it as she walked. Dakota was careful not to run into anyone or anything.
  34. Platinum wished Dakota a farewell, well more of a see you later.

    "Goodbye! I'm heading in that direction, I'll see you in the next Contest, if you decide to show!" He then turned to Izerack.

    "Goodbye as well, I hope to see you around again too."

    Platinum slightly bowed, before heading off in a different direction to Alamos. He heard something of a Contesrs being held there, or somewhere near there, so he took a more private route to get a bit of training done on the way.
  35. Once she finally understood how to get there she put her map away and continued walking. After a few hours of traveling she found a clearing and decided to practice for the next contest. She set her bag out and took two pokeballs out. "Come on out Blaziken and Luxray!" She tossed the two balls out. They stood at attention but once her Luxray realized they were just practicing she tackled Dakota. "Agh!" The coordinator yelped as her gleam eye pokemon loved on her. She shoved the electric type off and glared. "No time to play Luxray!" Luxray sighed and trotted back over to the fire starter.

    "Ember Blaziken!" The green-eyed trainer watched as the fiery specks went into the air. "Now Iron Tail Luxray." She commanded which the electric pokemon complied. She used the attack and hit the ember head on. Which made them explode into fiery sparks.

    "Fire Spin while standing still!" Blaziken was suddenly engulfed by flames and he spun in a quick circle while standing in the same place. "Luxray, use Thunderbolt!"

    "Luuux!" Luxray cried out as she shot the attack at Blaziken, which it was sucked into the flames. "Luxray use Hyper Beam and shoot it to the sky!" The electric pokemon listened to her trainer. "Blaziken, get out of the Fire Spin/Thunderbolt and use Fire Punch on the Hyper Beam!"

    "Blaze!" The fire starter shot itself up into the air, still covered in thunder and flames but flames seemed to surround one of his fists' more. He punched Luxray's beam and it shattered into electric and fiery sparks with a golden-ish gleam to them. Blaziken did a flip before landing next to Luxray.

    Dakota clapped a proud look on her face, her fire and electric type pokemon bowed. "Very good! And quick enough for a contest!"
  36. The Umbreon darted up into a tree after finishing the meal, and set off for Alamos Gym, where he lived,
  37. Platinum could hear and see the attacks in the air from the route he was on. He was impressed, and definitely knew he had to step his game up. The blue eyed coordinator decided to send a message back.

    As a grin grew on his face, Platinum took out two pokeballs, pressing the center of each with both of his thumbs, holding the pokeballs out infront of him - a Breloom and Gallade appearing. The white haired boy nodded to each pokemon, and they knew they were going to practice.

    "Breloom, Solar Beam up! Gallade, charge up Signal Beam as well!"

    The Grass and Fighting Type's mouth opened, white light charging up from the sun, while Gallade's chest center began glowing as well. Finally, Breloom released the large white beam into the air.

    "GA-LLADE!" Gallade grunted, leaping high into the air, above the Solar Beam.

    He aimed down, releasing the multi-colored beam down at Breloom's attack. The two beams clashed, separating across the sky like a sparkling coat of rain, and slowly descended into the grass.

    "Yes!" Platinum called, pleased and complimenting his pokemon.

    Now the only issue, was which two pokemon would he use for the Contest in Alamos?
  38. Izerack couldn't decide either.

    "Manectric,helioisk! Lets do this! Helioisk parabolic charge into the air and manectric charge in to it!" Izerack said as Helioisk charge a big electric ball into the sky and Manectric jumped into it. Now manectric had comeplete control over the parabolic charge.

    "Helioisk, flash on Manectric" Helioisk sent a beam if light towards Manectric , who was in the parabolic charge, but the flash made the ball completely white. Izerack nodded at Helioisk and as if Helioisk understood, he hit the white ball with a dragon tail, sending it up in the air, and came crashing down like a shooting star, causing a short power outage for a while in the area.
  39. Dakota noticed Platinum's reply. She smiled. This contest is going to be fun. She returned Luxray and Blaziken. The red head continued her journey to Alamos.

    Once she got there she talked to a few people before heading over to her sister's house, in which she was welcomed with big arms. Dakota's sister is Val, a look alike copy of her coordinator sister. She just has shorter hair and is older. They talked and then Dakota disappeared into the shower.
  40. The Ukbreon pried up the loose floor board in the Contest Showhouse, to enter his little hidden nest.

    He snuggled up with some berries and a blanket over him, and listened to the footsteps.

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