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One Shot - Clash on the Big Bridge

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Yoshimitsu, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    The second of my Yoshi/Vincent fight One-Shots. As you can clearly read, it's inspired by Clash On The Big Bridge by the Black Mages. This takes place mid-battle, where the fight is starting to heat up.

    Clash on the Big Bridge

    The fight was getting out of control. Their battlefield was no longer limited to just an empty wasteland. They had managed to fight nearly everywhere. The intensity was incredible, and because of how rapidly they had to move their location was changing with similar speed. A trail of destruction was being left behind them, buildings, forests, fields, oceans, all suffering the brunt of the fight. And even knowing this, Yoshimitsu not once tried to stop it. This fight would affect the world with the outcome, so a bit of damage here and there was the last thing on his mind.

    They landed again, this time on a big bridge. Yoshimitsu neither knew nor cared where. It was completely devoid of life, but considering the time of night it was not surprising. Yoshimitsu weaved around Vincent as he continued to attack ceaselessly. Despite Vincent's undeniable strength, the fight was not one-sided. Yoshimitsu matched the brute force with incredible skill, managing to avoid the brunt of attacks and move away unscathed. Inversely, though, Vincent knew Yoshimitsu's fighting style well enough to defend. Both of them jumped back simultaneously and fired beams at each other, Vincent's black and blue, Yoshimitsu's yellow and white. They met directly in the middle of the two with cataclysmic force. Neither fighter was going to show the slightest sign of weakness.

    Suddenly, a bolt of lightning crashed directly at the impact point, causing both beams to dissipate into nothing. As the dust settled, Yoshimitsu saw an all too familar figure. White hair, white shirt, light jeans. A sword in either hand, and one floating behind him. Tec. Vincent's alter-ego. Yoshimitsu knew why he had come. Suddenly, the fight had turned into a three-way free-for-all.

    "Tec, get out of here!" Yoshimitsu yelled, gripping the Bahamut Blade tightly in his hand.

    "You again? Finally time to die?" Vincent snapped.

    "Let's end this," Tech stated.

    Yoshimitsu raised his palm to his forehead and snapped it down quickly, a mask forming there. This one was white, covering half of his face with a mouth guard underneath that shielded his lower face. Two eyes, one above the other, both blue with a white pupil. Yoshimitsu's light mask. Before either Vincent or Tec had a chance to move, he shot at Tec, the Bahamut Blade igniting with blue and gold flames. With a mighty swing, he brought the sword crashing down at Tec from above. The white-haired teenager brought two of his swords up to defend, but before he could counter attack Vincent fired another beam at both of them. Yoshimitsu kicked off Tec's shoulder and out of the beam's way. Tech's floating sword swiped the air, cutting the beam cleanly in two.

    Vincent took charge of the battle, his sword igniting with black flames. With a powerful swing, he released a wave of black and blue flames, then shot at Yoshimitsu. With a quick spin, he brought his sword swinging round at Yoshimitsu's head. Tec released his own wave of flames, white ones, that met the black flames with equall force. Yoshimitsu quickly raised his own sword in defense, blocking the powerful slash, then pointed his palm at Vincent's face and exploded an orb of light blue, yellow and white that threw the dark haired teenager back. With an elegant spin, he slashed the air and released a wave of gold and blue flames at Tec, hoping to push him back. Tec's third, hovering sword slashed through those as well. Yoshimitsu gritted his teeth. This fight was just getting started.
  2. As I said in chat: Cute, but without rhym nor reason for it.

    It's very short, covering but single moments in what you've said has been a long fight. I would like to see more, but when you write it seem to be few and far between. Perhaps a greater explanation of Tec would be nice; I know what you said of him, but it isn't everyday an alter-ego manifests itself externally.

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