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One last time!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by RLRL, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. I started a playthrough of Alpha sapphire yesterday, I realised I still haven't used all the megas introduced, and that there's still a few gen 6 pokémon I've completely ignored. Got me to thinking.

    We have just over a month until the release of sun and moon. Most of us have multiple games, and have completely exhausted the story mode of all gen 6 titles, but I think if we're all playing as a community, maybe even throwing around some eggs or doing secret bases or something, it'l be a good exercise to get us all ramped up and rearing to go for sun and moon.

    Personally, I'm trying to use pokémon I've never used, like mega medicham and slowbro, but I'm also trying to make sure i'm being as thorough as humanly possible at every step of the way, it's very easy to leave out optional areas or even just missing random secrets.

    One problem that I personally have with a lot of gen 6 games is a similar gripe I had with gen 4 until platinum came around. They gave us these wonderful megas, but made the pokémon unavailable until post-game (in a lot of cases), omega ruby and alpha sapphire are particularly bad for this as mega pigeot, beedrill, and slowbro, are all unavailable until stupidly late game, if we'd had a Z then I reckon we'd have had a slight variation to the kalos pokedex, alas it was never meant to be =( Still my original point being, I would happily play through with these pokémon on my team as well as others I've been meaning to use or even re-use.

    So who's up for a last hurrah while gen 6 is still the most current gen? Within 2 months the graphics will look weird, the sprites will be unimpressive, but mostly, you'll have pokémon you can never imagine yourself without, and kalos/hoenn will be relegated to something that was. I'm up for themed teams, egg roulettes, wonder trade shenanigans, and all variations of play. I'm all for making some simple competitions e.g compete for fastest time, highest/lowest level team beating the elite 4 etc.
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  2. I'd be so down for this. Perhaps we could have a point system, eg the fastest completion time gets +5, or for filling up certain amounts of the pokedex, beating certain bosses etc. That way we can have a bunch of smaller challenges plus an overall one. Obviously some of them we'd count up at the end of the time period, which I'm assuming would be just before Sun and Moon come out. Anyway just a thought.
  3. A way of doing it I was thinking of, would be to set up "checkpoints" in the game, where we review and discuss things we're doing etc.
    X Y had such a rich start to the game, there's a good 6 hours of play time between the first and second badges. Where the available pokémon are so plentiful it means there is a lot of variation possible between teams, even if for example we set checkpoints being
    - Reach lumiose city
    - obtain pokéflute
    - beat cyllage city gym
    - Rival battle Shalour city

    If anything we can be competitive with each of the checkpoints, but also it'l help keep us motivated to play, I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Lumiose Badlands are where I start to lose interest in XY, it becomes a massive chore at that point, I'm not entirely sure why.

    Does anyone fancy any shiny challenges? I played through once sweet scenting hordes to get a shiny pokémon from each route where hordes were available, it was fun though eventually I lost interest (took me over 100 hours just to get to the 8th gym, and I still don't have a shiny carbink) I really like chain fishing, and know there's loads of water pokémon I've never used. Would anyone be up for all having a token shiny pokémon that we've chain fished to obtain? It'd almost be like a teamwork thing?

    Team-wise I'm looking over the kalos pokédex, though there is a part of me thinking it might be fun to breed pokémon not native to kalos and play with a team of those, it'd be quite fun, almost like actually travelling to kalos from another region =) Then again, I'm also open to doing an ORAS play through, even both perhaps, I'm easy =)
  4. Checkpoints sound fine too, I think I just took the competitive idea and ran with it a bit too far. But yeah they'd work fine too. I find that the gap between the first and second gym to be quite the slog, so having checkpoints beyond 'beat x gym' as you've suggested is probably a good idea.

    I'd personally pass on a shiny challenge though - Sun and Moon come out only a few days after my exams finish, and I just don't think I have the time to sink into shiny hunting. I still think its a cool idea though.

    I'd probably wind up doing a playthrough of XY just because I don't want to overwrite my OR save right now. It would certainly be the most fun to play with non natives I think, or at least late game exclusives. I've looked over the Pokedex as well and there's a few Pokemon that stand out that I'd want to use - definitely Politoed and Abomasnow, and maybe Drapion or Granbull. But it would really depend upon the availability.
  5. I'm down with this idea. I gave my copy of X to a friend of mine so he can play through it, so I only have my copy of Alpha Sapphire.

    Oh, yeah. I haven't gotten very many shinies since I got the Charm. I do not want to deal with that, lol.
  6. Glad to hear I'm making sense, don't feel like you went over the top with the points system, I can just see people cheating if we do points haha. I'm glad you're on the same wavelength as me though.

    Anyway, I got distracted, Let's do this! Start tomorrow night/monday? I'll hash out the checkpoints in the next 24 hours, but let's give ourselves one last smash at this gen! =D
  7. Sounds good to me - I just started mine now. I guess I'll write up what happens when you get the checkpoints up :)

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